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Cuenca Tourist Guide
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Route - Delivery Tracker

Version: 2.9.19
Category: Navigation
6 day(s) ago
Price: $8.99

Based on 84 reviews. (84 reviews)
Route gives you unlimited route planning of up to 150 stops without any subscriptions.

Route takes the complexity out of delivering goods, garage sale hopping, running errands, route planning, and much more.

Search from businesses, add addresses from contacts, and add your current location as a destination. Sharing routes is easy via print or email. You can even perform turn-by-turn navigation using your favorite map apps.

One time purchase. No subscription required!

? Calculate shortest route between a series of addresses.
? Supports up to 150 destinations in a single route.
? Unlimited number of routes.
? Displays the driving directions between each stop.
? Displays the calculated route on the map.
? Ability to keep destinations in desired order.
? View previously created routes and save with custom names.
? Email the directions from a calculated route.
? Print the directions from a calculated route.
? Paste or type up to 150 addresses to be all added at once.
? Add previous destinations to route.
? Drop pins on the map for new destinations.
? Drag & Drop pins to adjust their positions by tapping them and dragging
? Launch the built-in Maps app for turn-by-turn navigation.

“I work for FedEx and use this app everyday. I love the ability to change the color of pins and the price is a one time low cost. Best routing app by a land slide! Thanks guys keep up the good work!” - Cyle12345

“I am an LTL driver and use this app to rout my pick ups in unfamiliar areas.So far it has worked great for me. very simple to use and calculates very fast!. I cant wait to see what else the developer comes up with. If you need a routing app This is the one! buy it!” - LTL guy

If you experience an issue with Route please contact customer support.
iOS 11 improvements & bug fixes.