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HomeWave is a fully customizable remote control app for use with MiCasaVerde's Vera home control system (Z-Wave), and also compatible with OpenLuup. The control panel presents a clean, simple interface aimed at end users who are not familiar with Z-Wave or Vera, but who simply want to turn on the lights or adjust the heating.

HomeWave will work on your LAN as well as remotely via the MIOS / GetVera gateway service. Most popular Z-wave devices are supported.

Note that HomeWave (unlike other Z-Wave apps) does not display all your Z-Wave devices by default! When you first launch the app, you'll start with a clean slate; you will have to manually add those Z-Wave devices you wish to control from the app.

- Works with all Vera models
- Standard switches, dimmers, sensors (motion, smoke etc), thermostats, locks (opening/closing)
- CT30 and Nest Thermostat plugin
- Virtual switch and combination switch plugin.
- Stand-alone energy meters
- Cameras
- Alarm Zones (tripped / status and arming/disarming)
- Philips Hue and MiLight / Easybulb lamps
- Locks (opening and closing, setting PINs)
- Plant Link
- Sonos and Kodi plugins.

Most plugins with a user interface specific to that device (as opposed to the device interfaces as found in Vera) will most likely not work or have limited functionality only.
- Support for AltUI Workflows. A new Workflow control lets you monitor the state of a workflow and optionally trigger a transition.
- Changes iPhone X title bar and Home bar, additional fixes to a number of screens
- Fixes crash when saving control panel
- Today widget now has "show more" button if taller than default size
- Added option to reverse buttons on window covering / blind control