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dB meter - noise measure
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Version: 1.7.5
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This app is very useful when using the Personal Hotspot function of your iPhone or iPad. While sharing the connection, you can check the battery level and phone network status of the main iPhone or iPad, from the iOS device or computer that is connected to it.

*In order to check from a computer, please access from a browser (url: ).

How to use it:
1. Configure Personal Hotspot in your iPhone or iPad, and connect it to the secondary iOS device that will be using the Internet.

2. Install and start PHi on both devices, and slide the bar on the bottom to the appropriate option as follows:
Slide the bar on the main iPhone or iPad to SERVER.
** Do not close app. Do not lock iPhone.

Tap once the power button on the middle of the screen.
Set the other iOS device as CLIENT.
To refresh the data on the screen, tap the button that has the round arrow icon.
minor bug fixes.