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myBeautyCache Makeup Organizer

Version: 7.1.2
Category: Lifestyle
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Price: $4.99

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myBeautyCache can help you to:

? Stop buying duplicate products

? Keep a list of products you need to purchase

? Keep track of when you opened your products and when they expire

? Keep a list of the products you use in your Beauty Routine

? Share individual products or your list of Favorite Products, Beauty Routine, and more with your friends

? Keep track of your purchases to see how much money you spend on products



Keep a detailed inventory of your Makeup and Beauty Products, including separate sections for Expired Products, a "Product Archive" to put products you no longer use, and a "Don't Buy List" to put products you purchased and never want to buy again.

With the Beauty Routines, you can keep a list of the products you use in your daily regime (you can email your beauty routine to friends)

Keep a list of your favorite products (you can email the list to friends)

Use the Makeup Bag to keep a list of products that you take with you when you travel. Use the checkmarks to keep track of the items you have packed

Keep track of the Makeup and Beauty Products that you need to purchase

Use the Purchase Report to find out how much money you spend on Beauty Products and Makeup. You can sort the report by Store, Brand, Month, and Year

View statistics on the products you added to the app, including, the number of products you added and the value. How many products are opened and unopened and how many items are on your Shopping List

Add your own Beauty Routines, Brands, Color Family, Categories, and Stores. You can also keep notes on your favorite Brands, Color Family, and Stores.

Although myBeautyCache is available for the iPhone and iPad, it does not sync data between devices.


Please feel free to contact me at with any questions or visit the website at

If you own the app, you can contact me through the "Options & Support" Section by selecting 'Email Developer'.
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