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At the core of any financial plan are four principles that should be considered. These principles are 1) how much you earn, 2) how much you pay in taxes, 3) how much you spend and 4) how much you save. TAXEFX was developed with these principles in mind to help users manage their financial lives.

TAXEFX includes tools to estimate the potential current year tax liability, create a personal or business budget, project income, perform what-if analysis to settle long or short term debt, project potential returns on investment and determine how long it will take to save for those special purchases. Finally TAXEFX provides a tool that allows the user to create a Personal Balance Sheet.

The final financial planning decision is always up to the user, however, those decisions are always easier with sufficient information. TAXEFX includes the tools to provide some of the best information you will need to make your important financial decisions.
* Updated tax tables for 2017 tax year.