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Data Manager for Fitbit

Version: 2.10
Category: Health & Fitness
6 day(s) ago
Price: $4.99

Based on 332 reviews. (332 reviews)
Sync Fitbit data to Apple Health App, and visualize data in an innovative way!

* Sync data to HealthKit
* Works with ALL Fitbit trackers
* Track and visualize your health related data like sleep, body fat percentage, weight, steps, distance, active time, calories, flights of stairs climbed.
* Support iPad and iPhone
* Get statistics like how many miles you've run this year, or how many hours you slept on an average day
* Easily update your weight data

HealthKit (aka Health App) Integration:
Data Manager for Fitbit syncs your personal health data to Apple HealthKit, where your data is securely stored:

- Sleep Analysis
- Body Fat Percentage
- Weight
- Active Calories
- Steps
- Walking + Running Distance
- Stairs Climbed

More wonderful features are to come, and we're collecting feedbacks!

Running designed by Anthony Lui from The Noun Project.
List designed by Iruel Io from the Noun Project.
Moon designed by P.J. Onori from The Noun Project.
Star designed by Ema Dimitrova from the Noun Project.
The best Fitbit data viewer just got better!
- Bug fixes