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Speaky - Article Voice Reader

Version: 3.41
Category: Productivity
3 day(s) ago
Price: $4.99

Based on 369 reviews. (369 reviews)
Too busy to read articles from your favorite websites? Sit back, relax, and listen up as news from any website is magically read back at you with adjustable speeds and multiple accents.

How it works? Just link any article in Speaky. It will extract the main content, detect the language and read it out loud to you. You can retrieve content from your favorite websites or from the cloud.

"Articles in your Speaky queue play without an internet connection, so you can breeze through a New Yorker treatise as you ride the subway or catch up on world news on your next international flight." - New York Magazine

"Speaky is a handy tool that helps you multitask by listening instead of reading. Whether it’s an entertaining article on the Web or an important PDF for work, you can give your eyes a rest or just get more done with this intuitive voice reader." - AppAdvice

"The Pocket integration really makes it a lot easier to catch up on those articles you put off on reading." - Lifehacker
This update includes the following changes:
- Fixed performance issue with the icons picker
- Fixed an issue where portrait mode would not work on iPad
- Fixed an issue where PDFs would be added to the wrong list
- New manage option to disable custom order for lists after a manual reordering
- New tutorial to show how to fix pronunciation mistakes made by the player
- Today widget is back! Keep an eye on your Speaky queue right from notification center
- Apple Watch app is back! Control Speaky playback from your wrist thanks to the native watch app

What’s next?
In order to support new features, this update requires iOS 10 and Speaky will soon require iOS 11. I received a lot of feedback asking for new features and support of new technologies, so this is a required step to not have to maintain too many versions.

As always, Speaky never prompts you for a review because I don't want to interrupt you. I know that if you’re enjoying Speaky, you will take a minute to leave a review. They’re greatly appreciated and the 5 stars are really helpful. Don't forget that you can also leave a tip in the Tip Jar of the app, if you're feeling generous. Thank you for your support!