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Anchor Pointer: Parked Car Finder

Version: 2.3.3
Category: Navigation
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Price: $4.99

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Welcome to Anchor Pointer: location manager that help find your way.?? Hiking enthusiasts and outdoor lovers, car owners and travellers, hunters and fishermen use Anchor Pointer to save great locations and find their way back to it. It's designed to provide best experience when ordinary maps can’t help: big parks, unknown city areas, huge parking lots and more.??
“Anchor Pointer: The navigation app that Apple should buy.”, - Financial Review, May 2016.

- Don’t waste your time on a parking lot in an unknown city area. Anchor Pointer can save parked car location and help you to find it in a seconds.?

- Meet your friends and family members using compass when maps are useless. Crowded concert or a big park, you can locate your friend or a family member.?
- Save your hotel location in a foreign country and never forget the way back to it.??

- Most of the time you’re hiking or travel, you don’t need expensive professional gadgets. Instead, you can rely on this app, that’s always in your pocket.??

iCLOUD SYNC?- iCloud automatically syncs all your saved locations with your other devices.??

- Share your saved locations via email, Message, Twitter, Viber, Facebook and other popular services.
?- Or open it in Apple Maps or Google Maps.??

We hope you enjoy using Anchor Pointer, and we’re ready to support you when needed.
· Bug fixes and performance improvements.