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Loving U - Diary / Anniversary

Version: 1.8
Category: Lifestyle
4 day(s) ago
Price: $1.99

Based on 100 reviews. (100 reviews)
? Featured on the App Store “Apps for Couples”

Do you have a loved one?

What happened to dating today?

Write a story with loved one in 'Loving U'


-Date Diary & Anniversary-

Write your beautiful love story
Remember our Anniversary
Simple& Beautiful Calendar


Couple mini profile
Quick dial (Phone, Message, E-Mail)
The days we met (Days or Years, Months, Days)
Met days show on icon badge


Passcode protection
Backup & Restore with Dropbox
Date Calculator
Love Quotes
Share (Facebook, Twitter, Message, E-Mail)
- Support for iOS 12
- Support for iPhone XS, XS Max & XR