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Version: 2.0
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Wikero brings Wikipedia to life on an iPad! It was born out of two opposite emotions: we loved wikipedia, but hated the way it looked and felt on an iPad. So we went about creating an ideal Wikipedia app. Wikero has:

- Easy to read 3 column pages
Each wikipedia page is formatted in a crisp and clean 3 column layout to give it a magazine-like feel

- Integration with major events
Wikero keeps track of major events and provides news and wikipedia articles related to those

- Curated content and featured articles
Wikero users are treated to curated content across four categories (Current events, entertainment, science and sports) and featured content that consists of the best articles on Wikipedia

- Article recommendations
Wikero suggest readers related articles based on what they're reading

- Offline viewing
Articles on Wikero can be downloaded for reading later

- Integration with Safari
You can access Wikipedia articles in Wikero's crisp format directly from Safari
Wikero 2.0 completely reimagines the Wikipedia experience. Major new features include:
- Find out what's going on in the world, read about it, and get Wikipedia article recommendations for it
- Get curated content for major events across current affairs, entertainment, sports and science
- Get article recommendations based on articles you are reading
- Open aritcles in Wikero's elegant format directly from Safari
- Download articles to read later, even when you don't have an internet connection
- Change the size of the font to make it suitable to your eyes