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Devil Shard

Version: 1.1.0
Category: Games
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Price: $1.99

Based on 366 reviews. (366 reviews) 8/10 - "A brilliant and seamless combination of match-three, RPG, and turn-based combat that belies the simplicity of its excellent design"


Devil Shard is a retro style match-3 RPG. You play as a hero who needs to stop a war caused by the emperor. During the journey you will discover more than the truth and face a great evil.

- Combines RPG elements with match-3 rules puzzle game
- Easily plan your combos by swapping adjacent tiles even if they don't create a match 3
- Unlock and summon 9 powerful incarnations to fight for you
- 37 different enemies hoping to end your journey
- 32 equipment with different abilities to collect and upgrade
- 9 incarnations with unique abilities to unlock, upgrade and fight for you
- 8 stages to complete with stories to experience
- Unlock a hidden stage after finishing the story
- 36 achievements to conquer
- The hidden stage features: high scores, new loots, new bosses, a true ending, and 2 powerful incarnations


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