Where Shadows Slumber
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SUBURBIA City Building Board Game
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Sound Noise Reduction Removal
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Phase 4 Course For Bitwig2 202
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Filmbox: Smart Movie Manager

Version: 5.0
Category: Entertainment
5 day(s) ago
Price: $.99

Based on 179 reviews. (179 reviews)
Filmbox, Smart Database for Movies and TV Shows. Best way to create to-do list. A powerful organizer. Simple, fast and useful. With it's unique Roulette screen, choose what to watch with a finger slide or shake your phone. Let you discover trending shows, popular movies and more. Watch trailers and other related movies, see ratings from different sources, browse content's or cast's pictures and more.

- Simple but powerful and beautiful design
- Supports iOS 11
- iPhone XS support
- No accounts required
- Syncronization over iCloud
- Predefined lists for users
- Search by movie, tv show or cast
- Cast biography, filmography and photos
- Recommandations
- Reviews
- Unique Roulette View
- Rates from different sources
- Photos and artwork
- Trailers and other videos
- iTunes Store integration
- iOS 11 and iPhoneXS compability
- Complete overhaul for current engine. Using JSON model for faster and more reliable data.
- Faster startup, faster synchronization.
- New side menu. Added predefined lists to side menu.
- New predefined list, Trending.
- More trailers and videos.
- Videos are listed at content screen.
- Similar list changed with recommendations, for more accurate suggestions.
- Reviews support added.
- New gallery engine
- UI improvements, fixing graphical issues.
- Text improvements, fixing language issues.
- Fixed a bug where application crashes at start.
- Fixed a bug where application shows empty dialog.
- Fixed a bug where cast profile did not list tv shows.
- Fixed a bug where sometimes showing wrong poster.
- General bug fixes for better performance
- Performance improvements
- New app icon