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Find My Fitbit ++

Version: 1.8
Category: Health & Fitness
6 day(s) ago
Price: $4.99

Based on 232 reviews. (232 reviews)
Ever lost your Fitbit tracker and couldn’t find it? This app helps you locate your tracker quickly and easily, to save your precious time. Plus, it works not only with Fitbit, but with other trackers as well.

- Fitbit: Alta, Blaze, Flex, Charge, Surge, One, Zip, Force
- Misfit Shine
- Xiaomi Band
- Jawbone UP
- Withings Pulse
- All the other trackers that supports Bluetooth Low Energy connection

“Thank you. It does exactly what it describes, helps me find my Fitbit within 2 minutes. “

"It was hidden in plain sight but I didn't have time for this!!! Yah!!! I love it!!!"

“It first tells me whether my Fitbit is within the room or not; once I locate the room, walk around, it turns green to notify me that I’m getting close. Then I found my Flex, right under the coffee table!”

“Wish I had downloaded this app earlier, so I didn’t need to spend the whole week searching for it.”

As long as your fitness tracker still has a little power, it generates signal. This app listens to the strength of the signal, and helps you quickly locate the beaming wristband by using Low Pass Filtering and Maximum Likelihood algorithm.
The most accurate Fitbit Finder just got better!
- Bug fixes