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Paddle Logger

Version: 2018.1
Category: Health & Fitness
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Paddle Logger has been developed for all watermen and women. It provides the functionality you need to record your journeys and track your goals, wrapped up in a beautiful, simple, accessible piece of software.

At it's core the app is a tracker and digital logbook designed for use on the water, without intruding on your time on the water.

In no time at all you can get to the water, set up and be on it by following three simple steps:

- Start the app
- Press the big circle
- Paddle

It is super accessible:

Whether you want to record your first time on the water or you are in training for an event, Paddle Logger is for you. Whatever your craft - SUP, Kayak, Canoe, Prone Paddleboard. You can even use it sailing or swimming!

Join thousands of athletes and adventurers all over the world tracking their journeys with Paddle Logger!

It has been designed to cater for all your tracking needs without being overcomplicated or confusing, leaving you more time to concentrate and enjoy being on the water.

- Track your journeys using the GPS in devices you already own.
- Set the adjustable delay, allowing you to safely stow your device before getting on the water and protecting your phone.
- Incorporating Apple Watch, you now no longer need to take your phone on the water to record journeys (However we advise taking your phone in a waterproof case - even the most experienced paddlers can get into difficulty.)
- Using the watch enjoy integration with Healthkit and the Health App, this means that your activity on the water also counts towards filling your Health Rings !
- View your trip details in the Digital Logbook. Edit trip notes about your journey and share the trip map and data to any Social Media, including deep integration with Facebook.
- Drop pins while out on the water and then view stats for different legs of your trip on the trip map or in the trip details.
- On the Trip Map, visually see how your speed changes across your journey
- Take selfies and photos of your adventures? View them in the Trip Photo Gallery, want to add images after you have finished your journey. Simply press the camera in the gallery to choose from the Camera or Photos app to add new images.

I hope you enjoy using Paddle Logger and getting out on the water and have fun paddling! Share your adventure on Social Media with #paddlelogger to get your trip featured globally!

**It is imperative that before heading out for the first time on the water with the watch, you must first do a dummy trip on your phone. Otherwise the trips will not be saved to your digital logbook!**

(We recommend purchasing a quality waterproof case so you do not end up damaging your phone)

NB: remember - while we have tried our utmost to allow great battery life with the app running (we have regularly managed 8hrs+ paddle time) continued use of GPS in the background can dramatically decrease battery life of both the Apple Watch and iPhone!
Well it's that time of year again.

New iOS12 WatchOS5 along with brand new devices. So we have given Paddle Logger a shake up!
Visually you will find small tweaks and evolutions as well as a new and improved Trip Details Screen as part of the Digital Logbook.
We have also done a heap of work behind the scenes to provide support for the latest gear and make the product more stable.

For us, winter is coming, but it shouldn't stop you from getting out there, we will be paddling as much as possible - see you on the water!