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Instrument Rating Test Prep

Version: 5.0
Category: Education
6 day(s) ago
Price: $99.99

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Whether you just started flying instruments and want to save some money on ground school, or you are at the point where the FAA knowledge test is knocking at the door, our Instrument Pilot Written Preparation Course is just what you've been looking for.

With over fourteen hours of fun and interactive learning, our digital classroom is something you are going to for use for the rest of your flying life. Our courses do not focus on question and answer memorization; we teach you the material so you can understand and use it. We’ll help you conquer the FAA knowledge test, once and for all.

We guarantee that you’ll never throw our software away because it won't just help you pass the written, it will make you a better and safer pilot. Five years from now, you may have forgotten how to use a VOR because you have been flying with GPS only. Just open up our software, choose VOR Navigation from the menu, and everything will be refreshed in no time.

Our course allows you to either navigate all thirteen chapters in order, or choose the ones you need. Each chapter presents the material with audio, images, videos and animations to truly help you understand the material thoroughly, using our simple-to-use methods to make learning easy and effective. At the end of each chapter, a ten question quiz will help you determine whether you adequately understood the material presented, or if you need additional studying.

When you are done viewing the materials, you can take as many practice exams as you want to make sure you are ready for the real thing. Using sample FAA questions, our practice tests are just like the real thing and even emulate the layout of some the FAA’s testing programs. As soon as you pass the final test, we’ll send you an endorsement for the actual exam. It’s that simple.

Let us help you put the Instrument Pilot Written Test behind you, so you can get back to flying.
The big changes are a much more streamlined and professional interface with the addition of a feature many of you have been asking us to implement for some time: a timeline scroll bar to help you navigate through the content and an additional, convenient, 20 second rewind button (just in case you missed that earlier game changing tip).
Additionally content has been added/removed to match changes made by the FAA to the supplement book and exam.
Finally all of the latest known FAA questions have been included (approximately 800 brand new questions) while the old, obsolete, questions have been eliminated.
No surprises during the real test!