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Infinity Blade
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Castles of Mad King Ludwig
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The Witch With No Name HD
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The Witch With No Name is an artful blend of story and games *** Featured in the book "iPad Apps for Kids" (part of the "For Dummies" books series) *** --------- * : (94/100) Editor's fav * USA Today (4/4): This is a magical romp, full of witchy fun. * : A spotless production for a beautiful story app that will allow our little ones hours of fun and interactivity. Worth every penny! * "The Witch With No Name easily earns our recommendation!" * iPhoneFootPrint: "This interactive ebook is totally worth its price if you are planning to get something that you want your kids to enjoy." * iHeartThisApp : "The Witch With No Name is an awesome interactive story." --------- In this original 3D tale, you will experience the curious adventure of a witch who lost her name. This morning, she received a helpful package : the latest “U-see-all” crystal ball With the reader's active participation and thanks to her domesticated bat advices, she'll go on a quest to get her name back. Your child will be able to read and play around at the same time : * Assemble jigsaw puzzle * Go and tidy up the goblin's room * Pick up a nose hair from a giant * Collect fireflies * Create the magical potion * And many other surprises ! “The Witch With No Name” will appeal to kids aged from 4 to 10 Pick up the difficulty level depending on your child age The little bat will help and guide you through the adventure. Experience a unique use of the camera, microphone, compass and gyroscope, for the first time all used in a story. Share a magic moment with your child, on tablet or smartphone. A major surprise awaits you at the end of the book... Features : * 20 interactive pages in 3D * 9 different games * 2 levels of difficulty according to age * Voices and text both in English and French * 20 minutes to share and enjoy with the family * 2 reading modes : "Read To Me" or "Read By Myself" * 4 challenges to help unlock a « surprise » game * Marvelously illustrated, with funny and colorful characters. * Extended Reading with the discovery of numerous interactive elements * Original scores for your listening pleasure ------ Bonus: download games, paper cut-outs and coloring pages from our site : ------ ---------------------------------------- Discover our applications : Interactive stories for kids aged 4 to 10: - The Witch With No Name - The Little Witch at School - Is the Witch in Love? - The Witch and the Christmas Spirit - Peepo and the Unfinished Story - Alizay, Pirate Girl - Prehistoic Mystery - Victor's cold! (2 to 5) Edutainment apps for under 7 year-olds: - Cricket Kids: Opposites - Cricket Kids: School Day - Cricket Kids: Christmas Presents ---------------------------------------- About Slim Cricket: Slim Cricket develops original apps to help kids' imaginations flourish. The apps are fully interactive to up the fun factor. We use tablet and smartphone technology to add a dash of magic (camera, mike, gyroscope, etc.) Our apps contain no commercials, and internal parental controls are in place to prevent your child from making a purchase. Keep up-to-date with the latest Slim Cricket happenings at: * Website: * Facebook : * Twitter : @SlimCricketBook If you have any issues with the app, please contact us at or check our FAQs: ---------------------------------------- If there is no sound, uncheck the "Mute" setting on your device: - Go to "Settings", then "General", - In the "Use side switch to" section, make sure that "Mute" is selected, - Then press the button next to Volume Control Button and the little red dot should disappear. ----------------------------------------

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Asia Wisdom Collection  - Universal App
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Learn about Zen, Buddhism, Tao and the samurai spirit, from fundamental works of Eastern wisdom: Art of War, The Tao Teh King, Book of Five Rings, Gateless Gate, Confucian Analects and more rare masterpieces in a unique reader with a text-to-speech voice option. SALE: $0.99 instead of $2.99 for a LIMITED time RAVING REVIEWS: "One of the best eastern philosophy compilations for iPhone/iPad by far. Such a great collection that could cost a lot of money but doesn't. If you are thinking about getting this then do it " "Excellent beginning for understanding the culture." "The best translations and most beautiful texts." "A real gem for lovers of the Asian spiritual traditions!" AWESOME CONTENTS: * "The Art of War" by Sun Tzu - the most famous strategy and military work in history * "Book of Five Rings" by samurai warrior Miyamoto Musashi - a legendary classic on strategy and sword fighting written in the 17th century * "The Tao Teh King" - or the Tao and Its Characteristics by Lao-Tse - fundamental to the Taoist school of Chinese philosophy, written cca 6th century BC * "Confucian Analects" - a collection of sayings written down by Confucius' students in the period approximately seventy years after his death (ca. 479 BCE - 221 BCE), the representative work of Confucianism which continues to have a tremendous influence on East Asian thought and values * "Zen for Americans" - Soyen Shaku - a book of essays by a zen buddhist who visited the United States at the beginning of 20th century, instructing the western reader to the basic concepts, principles and theories of Zen Buddhism. * "Gateless Gate" - a fundamental Zen Buddhism work by the Chinese Zen master Wumen Hui-k'ai (Japanese: Mumon Ekai), published in 1228 and including 48 fundamental Chan(Zen) koans. * "The Book of Tea" - Kakuzo Okakura (1906) - The aesthetics of the Japanese Tea Ceremony, and its connection to the Japanese world-view as a whole. An exotic and instructive work discussing Asian philosophies in the context of the famous Tea Ceremony. * "Bushido - the Soul of Japan" by Inazo Nitobe * "Manual of Zen Buddhism" by Daisetz Teitaro Suzuki * "The Gospel of Buddha" by Paul Carus