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Ver 1.10
Apologetics For Kids!
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2.0 update! What's new?! -Audio for narrator and Gabe! Use the new narrator button to listen. -Mica got a facelift on a certain page (it was needed!) -Took out the harrowing robot tale in the middle of the book and moved it to the end to let the lesson flow better. -Some other minor corrections. -More to come in future updates...eventually :) 1.0 A simple introduction to Christian Apologetics for younger minds and their parents. Learn what Apologetics is all about and how you should be preparing yourself to answer anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you. Always be ready! You're never too young to get informed. Gabe didn't know that it was a commandment in the Bible to be ready to answer questions and give a defense of his Faith. His snarky robot Skepto isn't much help. See how he learns something that will change his life! The first Christian Apologetics APP for kids! Goofy antics and loaded with information and resources! - Create your own interactive book app at - Find more great books at