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Color by number ◦◦◦
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Infant Zoo: Sounds For Baby
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LightApp: Photo Selfie Editor
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Certa CE
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ALL CERTS IN ONE PLACE Certa keeps all things related to licenses and certifications completely organized. Extremely helpful for realtors, nurses, personal trainers, utility operators, or anyone that needs to manage licenses or certifications. NEVER MISS A DUE DATE Certa makes it easy to see when expiration is getting close by notifying you well in advance. This eliminates the stress of rushing, paying late fees, and risking lapse penalties. CONTINUING EDUCATION ANYWHERE Certa offers CE courses in select real estate markets, with nursing and healthcare coming soon. We provide access to world-class content, offering the best courses, videos, and nearby classes & events. Certificates are automatically sent upon completion. STUDY FOR CERTS Certa connects to comprehensive study materials which are designed to pass certification and license exams. Flash cards and practice tests are available to give future professionals an edge.

Ver 8.0.4
Awesome Voice Recorder PRO AVR
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■■■ #Rank 1 Business app in 35 Countries ■■■ ■■■ #Rank 5 Business app in 85 Countries ■■■ AVR is the best voice recording application with a cool interface and perfect functionality for business people, reporters, tutors, audio experts, sound engineers, school personnel, university students and those who need to manage voice memos. Support for Apple Watch Available on both iPhone and iPad. ■ Main functions - Direct recording MP3, WAV, M4A audio format - High quality audio recording - Unlimited recording time - Background recording (you can use other apps while recording & secret recording is possible) - Wave display for recording status - Various audio quality options (11,025KHz, 22,050KHz, 44,100KHz,48,000KHz) - Mono/stereo recording - Records playable in various media - Restart voice recordings after phone call pause (Up to 3 minutes recording pause) - Add description to voice records - Fast and easy to use - Display recording file size - Safe stop for low battery and storage space - Bluetooth support - Supported audio formats (MP3,WAV,M4A,M4R) - 5 microphone designs. (Professional,Classic,Studio,Studio Pro) - App colour Themes (Dark / Light) - Added music library import function - Create a ringtone - File creation function with noise reduction - Sorting file function - Earphone remote control playback - Waveform pinch to zoom , Swipe to scroll ,Tap to set cursor ■ Powerful file Sharing & Management - Transfer files using iTunes - iCloud Drive , Dropbox , Box , GoogleDrive , OneDrive , SoundCloud - Email - AirDrop - Wi-Fi file management (upload,download,edit...) - File sharing / send files in another app “Open in” ■ Folder management You can create folders to save and control files Creating/editing/deleting/changing/moving ■ Repeated, slow or fast play You play repeatedly, slow or fast. Replay,Rewind,Forward / 0.1x ~ Play Fine-tune the playback speed ■ Trim&cut audio records You can trim&cut the voice records as you want. You can use the left/right pointers to trim&cut the voice records and save it (mp3,wav,m4a,m4r) ■ Audio visualisation Voice records are visualised so that you can easily identify voice sections Sound visualization ■ Sound tag You can play immediately by adding several tags to one audio file at selected time Play at the location of tag ■ Sound file combination You can create one new file out of several audio file. Create a file by setting play sequence of several files ■ Noise Reduction Noise Reduction can reduce constant background sounds

Ver 1.1
CAR Tool
7 day(s) ago
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You can manage complaints, audits, meetings and many improvement actions on one app. Nonconformities and Corrective actions need to be carried out effectively for improvement. Deviations occur in every running systems. When recorded according to standards, hundreds of records are created. Controlling, recording and turning off the action turns into chaos. It is an easy and useful application. You can manage complaints, audits, meetings and many improvement actions on one this app. You can record data on this app and manage actions on site easily on each device. RECORD in place SHARE it by responsible FOLLOW open CAR's in time VERIFY actions on site ANALYZE and improve system at all time Priority and status can be followed

Ver 9.2.2
7 day(s) ago
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İyileştirme için tüm yönetim sistemlerinde kullanılan bir araçtır. Uygunsuzlukları ve aksiyonları daha hızlı ve etkin takip edebilmeniz için tasarlanmıştır. Yönetim sistemleri dijital çözümler olmadan işleyemez hale geldi. Daha etkin sistem yönetimlerine yeni, değişen, gelişen ve ekonomik olarak zora giren iş dünyasında daha fazla ihtiyaç var. Uygunsuzluklar ve Düzeltici faaliyetler iyileştirme için etkin yürütülmesi gerekir. Çalışan sistemlerde sapmalar olur. Standartlara göre kaydedildiğinde yüzlerce kayıt oluşur. Sahada kontrol etmek, kaydetmek ve aksiyonu kapatmak kaosa dönüşür. Kolay ve faydalı bir uygulamadır. Müşteri şikayetleri, tetkikler, toplantı ve aksiyonlarını bu uygulama ile yönetebilirsiniz. Kayıtlarınızı bu uygulamada kaydedip, aksiyonları sahada kolayca istediğiniz cihazda takip edebilirsiniz.

Ver 1.9.5
Graphic Studio - Logo Creator
8 day(s) ago
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Create professional graphic designs with this app! Logo Creator and Design Maker Professional for Presentations, Business cards, Invitations and Icon Designer Some of the reviews: “Nice app works great and easy to use after you work with it a few times” – RW Enterprises “Lots of features and it is user friendly, I enjoy the many different creative inspirations. Giving me ideas for future projects.” – CountryFairy “Perfection” – Islandboi246 SOME OF THE FEATURES: - Edit all images - Multiple images in one image - layer system - Premade Backgrounds/Graphics - Premade Vectors - Every part of image is made of Layers - Integrated Maps – Import standard / hybrid / satellite map of desired location on your graphics - Adjust Transparency of every layer / image / vector - Import images from Photo Library, Camera or import Maps (type addresses) - Export graphic designs to PDF or PNG formats or other apps - Save images to app Project library and continue to work at many designs / projects at once. - Share or save your logos via Facebook, Twitter, Email, Dropbox, PDF Reader or any other PDF or PNG app - Integrated huge library of logos and fonts - Huge palette of every color available - Thousands of possible combinations - Universal: iPod, iPhone and iPad app All royalty free for personal or commercial use. Do whatever you want to do with designs/flyers/graphics made in our app!