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iLovecraft Collection Vol. 1
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iPoe Vol. 3  – Edgar Allan Poe
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iPoe Vol. 2 - Edgar Allan Poe
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Ver 5.07
Extreme Calendar
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One of the most powerful calendars on iOS. Advanced views with plenty of options all designed for speed and flexibility. You wont get this much information at a glance from any other calendar, and adding events in-line allows you to get in and out and on with your busy day. Based on Extreme Agenda, it gives you the powerful calendar based views you want at a low price, and allows you to purchase the other features of the full Organizer once you need them. Features Include: Great Calendaring • Powerful views including Year, Month, Week, Upcoming Agenda List, and Day. • Pull Birthdays and Anniversaries from your contacts with pictures. • Advanced repeating event options. • Move/Copy Events • Military time, ISO week, and week start options. • Uses and expands on your native calendar data. • Sync like you would with the default calendar(Google, iCloud, Exchange). • Next month preview option on Month View • Uses time bars and icons to keep you informed at a glance • Put event text right on calendar • Filter events based on iCal calendars. • Almost 200 professional icons to mark your events • Natural Language Entry • Event Templates • Email Events • Drag-n-Drop Events Power and Flexibility • Universal Support • TextExpander Support • Portrait and Landscape Support. • Retina and iPhone 5 Display Support. • Background and color theme choices. • Help System • Easily upgraded to Extreme Agenda Planner --------------------------------------- InApp Purchase When you are ready to upgrade just pay the difference and your Extreme Calendar becomes Extreme Agenda. Doing so adds powerful contact, task, note, and list views along with search, weather, private filtering, a status coloring choice, and over 800 more icons. And it adds categories for coloring, icons, and advanced filtering. Otherwise if you want it all now, look for 'Extreme Agenda' in the AppStore. ------------------------------------- Interface You can tap-h-hold in the main calendar days and in the time area of the timeline day view for an 'add and paste' toolbar. Copy/Move, used with the paste, are in the toolbar on each event in timeline day. ------------------------------------- Tech Support / Reviews Please email us with feature suggestions, bug reports, or you can't figure something out instead of using the reviews if you are rating low, its not good practice to get what you want. Or find Extreme Agenda on Facebook or give @birdsoft a shout out on Twitter and let us know there! We address most problems reported right away if they really are problems and will help you find a solution. We also list known problems on our site and how they are being resolved. If you like the app and it works fine for you and/or we worked to get in the features you requested please leave a review to let people know. We're working hard to give you everything you want in a calendar. -------------------------- Get Organized. Go Extreme!

Ver 6.0.0
2 day(s) ago
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Based on 116 reviews. (116 reviews)
The location-aware time tracker with a focus on clean, ergonomic workflow for efficient tracking of your activities. "Hands down the best time tracking app for the iPhone (5 Stars) by Eddiela" "Best one (5 Stars) by mcomte" iPunchclock makes it easy to track the time you spend on different tasks. Whether you are a professional who bills by the hour, or just have a serious interest in tracking what you do, and when and where, to the second, iPunchclock is there for you. Thanks to the iPhone's awesome technology, iPunchclock is also location savvy, and along with the time and date, can store the longitude, latitude and altitude at which you start and stop on a particular task. iPunchclock can help everyone, from lawyers and independent contractors to scientists and backcountry marathon runners, track their activities with ease and precision. iPunchclock manages multiple independent 'timesheets'. Each timesheet is made up of any number of tasks you care to add. Each task contains a list of 'shifts'. Whenever you start working on that task, just tap start, and iPunchclock opens a new shift, recording the exact time and place. Multitaskers rejoice, your iPunchclock can hold as many simultaneously active tasks as you need, across any number of timesheets. In addition to the task descriptions, each shift can carry its own comment. Once you have accumulated a mass of data defining your activities, you can export them via email or directly to a browser via WiFi or upload to the cloud. Because you can add or edit shifts in your timesheet at any time, iPunchclock can easily be used to create a timesheet at day's end, rather than logging activities as they occur. iPunchclock is designed for efficiency, and will wake up ready to start or stop your most recent task at a touch. Features: Location-aware time sheets, mark your 4-dimensional coordinates! Multiple concurrent shifts in multiple tasks in multiple timesheets Export timesheets, reports, summaries, or single tasks to Google Drive, Dropbox, or email in standard CSV or TSV format Dropbox Sync: keep live cloud-based versions of your timesheets that update as needed whenever a connection is available Export preferences customize date formats and exported fields, allowing you to hide or include start/stop times start/stop dates or location information Timesheet templates allow you to set up tasks to automatically populate new timesheets Live times and totals, with optional hourly rate Flexibility with focus, no need to set up client databases, just time your stuff, whatever it may be Timesheet Archive function automatically splits timesheet for reporting ongoing projects without double billing or losing a second Backup and restore or share timesheets using Google Drive or Dropbox iTunes File Sharing for backup/restore and easy access to exported data Time span display preferences, hide seconds display hours and minutes or fractional hours (i.e. 3:30 or 3.5), Round times up to 5, 6, 10,15, 30 or 60 minute intervals at shift or task level. Friendly location-quality indicator instantly shows how accurate your position measurement will be Keeps timing all your tasks even when app is closed or iPhone is off Note: iPunchclock's location-based features depend on your device. For iPods without GPS, you must be content with old-fashioned 1D time tracking. 'Air Server' exports your data to any browser on your WIFI network, with no special software to install, even share with another iphone. Exports page for instant access to CSV, HTML, single-task and summary timesheet export Export preview, shows export data before you send it to google, mail or your desktop browser. Improved export report formatting, check samples on our website! In-app email with CSV/TSV and report attachments. Per-task pay rate option: override the pay rate for specific tasks. Lock time sheet: Archives and templates are automatically locked, to prevent inadvertent changes

Ver 1.0.0
DTS Receipt Manager
31 day(s) ago
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By using DTS Receipt Manager, you will no longer have to worry about your receipts getting lost or destroyed during your trip. You will be able to store, track, and categorize your receipts on your mobile device. Create PDF expense reports on your mobile device for your substantiating records and export them via email. Current Capabilities: - Capture images of receipts/ bills/ checks - Show locations of the entry - Easily create expense reports - Calculate your expenses - Preview chart summaries - Work online and offline - Save time and reduce expenses *This App requires access to the device camera/photo library in order to capture photos of your receipts*