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Extreme Calendar
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Infinity Rocket AR
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Ver 5.07
Extreme Calendar
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Based on 110 reviews. (110 reviews)
One of the most powerful calendars on iOS. Advanced views with plenty of options all designed for speed and flexibility. You wont get this much information at a glance from any other calendar, and adding events in-line allows you to get in and out and on with your busy day. Based on Extreme Agenda, it gives you the powerful calendar based views you want at a low price, and allows you to purchase the other features of the full Organizer once you need them. Features Include: Great Calendaring • Powerful views including Year, Month, Week, Upcoming Agenda List, and Day. • Pull Birthdays and Anniversaries from your contacts with pictures. • Advanced repeating event options. • Move/Copy Events • Military time, ISO week, and week start options. • Uses and expands on your native calendar data. • Sync like you would with the default calendar(Google, iCloud, Exchange). • Next month preview option on Month View • Uses time bars and icons to keep you informed at a glance • Put event text right on calendar • Filter events based on iCal calendars. • Almost 200 professional icons to mark your events • Natural Language Entry • Event Templates • Email Events • Drag-n-Drop Events Power and Flexibility • Universal Support • TextExpander Support • Portrait and Landscape Support. • Retina and iPhone 5 Display Support. • Background and color theme choices. • Help System • Easily upgraded to Extreme Agenda Planner --------------------------------------- InApp Purchase When you are ready to upgrade just pay the difference and your Extreme Calendar becomes Extreme Agenda. Doing so adds powerful contact, task, note, and list views along with search, weather, private filtering, a status coloring choice, and over 800 more icons. And it adds categories for coloring, icons, and advanced filtering. Otherwise if you want it all now, look for 'Extreme Agenda' in the AppStore. ------------------------------------- Interface You can tap-h-hold in the main calendar days and in the time area of the timeline day view for an 'add and paste' toolbar. Copy/Move, used with the paste, are in the toolbar on each event in timeline day. ------------------------------------- Tech Support / Reviews Please email us with feature suggestions, bug reports, or you can't figure something out instead of using the reviews if you are rating low, its not good practice to get what you want. Or find Extreme Agenda on Facebook or give @birdsoft a shout out on Twitter and let us know there! We address most problems reported right away if they really are problems and will help you find a solution. We also list known problems on our site and how they are being resolved. If you like the app and it works fine for you and/or we worked to get in the features you requested please leave a review to let people know. We're working hard to give you everything you want in a calendar. -------------------------- Get Organized. Go Extreme!

Ver 7.0.2
3 day(s) ago
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Take notes with recorded audio using the best note taking app in the App Store! AudioNote combines the functionality of a notepad and voice recorder to create a powerful tool that will save you time while improving the quality of your notes. It’s the perfect app for students or business. By synchronizing notes and audio, AudioNote automatically indexes your meetings, lectures, interviews, or study sessions. Need to review the discussion about deliverables on your next project? Trying to remember what the professor had to say about a key point? With AudioNote there is no need to waste time searching through the entire recording to find out. Each note acts as a link directly to the point at which it was recorded, taking you instantly to what you want to hear. Didn't take any notes during the meeting? No problem, you can add them later. A fully functional note application, AudioNote also increases the value of your notes. Watch as your text, drawings, and photos highlight during playback, helping you to remember the context in which they were taken. With the convenience of the iPad or iPhone, you can use AudioNote anywhere: meetings, interviews, conferences, lectures, study sessions. Even use it to record memos to yourself as you jot down new ideas. Join the thousands of students, teachers, business executives, and other professionals who have already discovered what an indispensable tool AudioNote can be. Download it today! ************************************************** AudioNote Features: - Synchronized note and audio recording - Seek directly to audio by tapping notes - Highlighted notes during playback - Insert text, drawing, photo, & highlighter notes - Audio amplifier for recordings made in larger conference rooms - Import and take notes directly on PDF documents (iPad only) - Share with iCloud, Dropbox, over WiFi, or through iTunes - Desktop support: view your .audionote files on Mac or PC (see our website for more info) ************************************************** Featured in Gizmodo's "The Best Note Taking Apps": "AudioNote has one trick, and it's a doozy. Aside from functioning as a basic note-taking app, AudioNote can make sound recordings at the same time, and keep them synchronized, note by note, with the text. You can, in effect, relive a lecture or a meeting through sound and notes." ************************************************** What Customers Are Saying: "The best note taking application out there!" - Bill K. "I've been looking for a note taking program. Tried several. This is the best by far." - Steve S. "GREAT JOB, use this for all my meetings!" - Jason T. "This program is sooooooo useful. ... I would recommend this to ANY student for any lectures." ************************************************** Still not convinced? Try AudioNote LITE for free!

Ver 4.5.9
Pro Mirror Cast for RCA TV
49 day(s) ago
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Let's mirror from your phone to your RCA Smart TV. It's much easier than you think with our app. Stream to your RCA Smart TV from iOS devices. With the following steps: * Log in with your information * Create a broadcast to your RCA TV * Go to your upcoming broadcasts and stream * Open youtube app on your RCA TV * Look up your livestream ENJOY!!!