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Crusade Of Destiny
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Faceit: Guess Me, Food, Age
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Pronto — Timer App
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Mileage Log+ : Trip Log & Mileage Tracker
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Thank you for making Mileage Log+, the leading Mileage Tracking App. Celebrate with us and SAVE 70% - normally $9.99 / NOW $2.99!!! Mileage Log+ is THE essential app for tracking and logging mileage. Use Mileage Log+ for tax deductions, expense tracking, reimbursement and logging business trips. 5 Star Reviews: "Tried a few, like this one the best. Seems head and shoulders above the others" "I've tried several different mileage and odometer apps. This app really has the flexibility to make things as simple or as complex as you need them ... Highly recommended! Turn your miles into MONEY in 2017! IRS deduction rate is 53.5? per qualifying mile. Don't miss your chance to claim for business, charity or medical drives. A 10-mile trip can earn you $5.35! Features: • Designed with IRS compliance in mind • Excel-compatible email reports (PDF and CSV attachment) • Frequent trips enable quick entry • iCloud sync/backup • Easily sort, filter, and search trips • Predictive text fields and data entry shortcuts • Customizable categories make it easy to group trips