Swift Miles - Mileage Tracker
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Bluetooth Finder : Lost Device
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In With Fit
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Sketch Ideas
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You live in France and own a 800 g or over drone? This Quiz application will help you to revise the theory requested to be a well-informed remote drone pilot. This education game presents 185 questions and only concerns the French regulatory system, as long as it remains applicable. DrooniKoo® is also available for iPad, MacOs or Apple TV Life is beautiful from the sky! Fly safely.

Ver 7.0.2
Earth 3D - World Atlas
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This interactive 3D globe features wonders of the world, political and physical maps, and weather. Discover a lot of fascinating facts and useful information about our planet! Original and colorful graphics, user-friendly interface and accurate information – this is what Earth 3D - World Atlas is all about! FEATURES: • Relief model of the Earth • World political and physical maps • Day/night cycle with city lights • Time zones • More than 2,600 geographic objects • More than 500 wonders of the world • More than 2,100 photos • Human World add-on
 • Animal World add-on
 • Plant World add-on • Sky Map add-on • Full description of any object or point on the surface • 15x zoom • Global weather • Demo mode with an original music track • No Internet connection required (except for the weather) And much more! New data is constantly being added, so please expect further updates!

Ver 6.7.2
iTooch 2nd Grade
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With more than 4,500 exercises, iTooch 2nd Grade is a new and fun way of practicing and learning Math and Language Arts for 2nd Graders. It is, by far, the largest collection of educational activities based on the US National Common Core Standards on the App Store. Used by more than 5,000,000 users, iTooch apps provide comprehensive learning solutions which help parents, teachers and students to identify and address learning needs in a fun and motivating way. == ELIGIBLE FOR THE APPLE VOLUME PURCHASE PROGRAM == iTooch 2nd Grade content can be evaluated before purchase by downloading the iTooch Elementary School App, which provides free access to an extract of the same content. VPP offers discounts to schools for volume purchases (min. 20 apps) == UNIQUE SET OF FEATURES == ‣ A clear, simple and colorful interface to engage children to learn with fun ‣ Speech synthesis to help young users in reading and text comprehension ‣ Multi-player management ‣ Font size adjustment to suit everyone’s needs ‣ An embedded calculator ‣ A virtual blackboard ‣ A lesson summary attached to each chapter ‣ In-app feedback to send suggestions to the author == PARENTS AND KIDS LOVE OUR APPS == ‣ "This app has been everything I was looking for. Multiple question types including decimal points and word problems. The ability to test the learning. And here's the kicker: it is so much fun, I had to pull my 5th grader off of it after 2 hours!" ‣ "My son is home schooled plus goes to a charter school. This program makes it easy to supplement his schoolwork without buying a lot of books or printing worksheets. I recommend it for all parents who are committed to their children's education." == WHAT TEACHERS HAVE SAID == ‣ "I just downloaded your apps. Wow. They are amazing. I have been using the iPad for over a year in my class and I have to say that this is one if the best apps I have seen in a long time." ‣ "A terrific app that covers a lot of ground concept-wise. This app combines a no-frills approach to content while still providing the user with an exciting learning experience. The mascot is adorable and keeps kids on task with lots of encouragement and there is a lesson summary available when needed." == OUR APPLICATION CONTAINS == ‣ 2 titles: Mathematics, Language Arts ‣ 40-60 chapters per title with lessons, examples, and figures. ‣ 1,500-2,500 questions per title with clues, detailed explanations and images. iTooch 2nd Grade is by far the most comprehensive educative tool on the App Store for students in 2nd Grade. Discover our apps for 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade, 4th Grade, 5th Grade, 6th Grade, 7th Grade and 8th Grade to practice Language Arts, Math and Science. iTooch apps comply with the US National Common Core standards for K1, K2, K3, K4, K5, K6, K7 and K8. == CONTACT == ‣ Facebook: ‣ Twitter: @itooch ‣ Website:

Ver 1.6
Aviation Made Easy
3 day(s) ago
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When it comes to aviation, there is so much knowledge to learn and retain! Wouldn’t it be great to have a simple to use app that can access the most essential pilot information from FAA publications, Regulations and Advisory Circulars, all on your iPhone/iPad? Well, you’ve found it! We like to “Keep It Simple”! You’re getting the facts in plain English with the most user friendly interface of any pilot app. Whether you’re a Student Pilot needing to brush up for an FAA Oral Exam, an Airline Pilot reviewing key topics for your next job interview or just an aviation enthusiast, this is an invaluable resource!

Ver 2.36.2
Remote Pilot FAA Test Prep
4 day(s) ago
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The #1 test prep for the FAA Drone Exam. This app provides test preparation for the initial and re-certification FAA remote pilot exams, consisting of over 430 questions, including actual FAA questions. This app does not include any training content, but does provide explanations for all answers. We offer two apps to prepare for the FAA drone exam: ◗ Remote Pilot Test Prep (this app) - Practice questions to prepare for the exam ◗ Remote Pilot Ground School - A complete training course plus practice questions This app does not include any training content, and requires knowledge of drone operations and FAA drone regulations. While it is possible to learn the material by "getting the answers wrong," and memorizing the correct answer, if you are new to drone flying, we recommend our Remote Pilot Ground School app, which includes a complete course covering every area tested on the exam. If you are undecided on which app is the right app for your needs, you can purchase this app and later upgrade to the complete Ground School via in-app purchase by tapping the Store menu option. ◖◖CONFIGURE CUSTOM SESSIONS◗◗ Use Study Mode to create question sessions based on topics, session size, and your overall mastery. Filters allow you to include or exclude questions based on mastery and other question characteristics. Use Exam Mode to take simulated FAA drone exams administered in a timed environment under the same rules as the real FAA drone exam. ◖◖REPORTS AND STATISTICS◗◗ Gauge your progress and readiness to take the drone exam. Create and send reports of your exam history to anyone. ◖◖RECURRENT TRAINING◗◗ Your access never expires. You can use this app to prepare for the recurrent FAA drone exam, which is required every two years to continue exercising the privileges of your FAA drone license. ◖◖OTHER FEATURES◗◗ Drone subject matter is categorized into discrete topics, enabling focused study sessions and better insight into weak areas. View definitions of key terms and acronyms in answer explanations Explanations consisting of text, graphic, applicable regulation, or a combination thereof. Multi-tasking support allows you to use FlightReady side by side with any FAA drone references. Proficiency is tracked using a proprietary algorithm that assigns a mastery level to each question. Know when you are ready for the drone exam when most questions reach the highest mastery level. Figures and charts are presented in the same screen so that you can view both the question and the figure. We use the actual figures in the FAA's knowledge test supplement for the remote pilot exam. Quickly create new sessions from missed questions, or review missed questions and explanations. Swipe left in the question view to reveal question list showing progress, marked questions, and more. ◖◖ SUBJECT MATTER COVERED◗◗ ▸ Airspace ▸ Emergency Procedures ▸ Human Factors ▸ Loading ▸ Drone Maintenance ▸ Drone Operations ▸ Drone Performance ▸ Drone Pilot Certification ▸ Drone Regulations ▸ Weather Services ▸ Weather Theory An FAA remote pilot license is required to operate drones commercially. FlightReady has trained tens of thousands of drone pilots, and offers the most complete drone subject matter coverage. Our test prep and training courses are the key to success on the FAA drone exam.

Ver 2.36.2
Remote Pilot Ground School
4 day(s) ago
$79.99 -> $49.99
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The #1 ground school course for the FAA Drone Exam. Over 20,000 pilots have relied on FlightReady to train and prepare for the FAA exams. If you plan to operate a drone commercially, you must obtain an FAA Remote Pilot certificate by passing the FAA. Many test takers fail the FAA drone exam on the first try, and must pay $150 to take the exam again. This app includes a complete training course that covers every area tested on the FAA drone exam. This course is all you need to prepare for the FAA Remote Pilot exam even if you have zero drone experience. After you complete the course you can review all completed lessons and access all lesson questions. Also included is a recurrent training course that can be taken every two yeas to prepare for the FAA recertification exam.  Unlike other drone course providers, we do not limit your access to one year, and all future updates are free. You can also take the recurrent course every two years without paying any additional fees. All course content was created by FAA-certified flight instructors. ◖◖LEARN◗◗ Ten hours of lesson content (based on average completion time), covering all areas tested by the FAA on the Remote Pilot exam. ▸ Weather Formation ▸ Hazardous Weather ▸ Principles of Flight ▸ Aerodynamics for UA Pilots ▸ Airspace for UA Pilots ▸ Special Use Airspace ▸ Remote Pilot Certification ▸ Fitness for Flight ▸ Aeronautical Decision Making ▸ Airworthiness ▸ Obtaining Weather Information ▸ Loading and Performance ▸ Aeronautical Charts ▸ Flight Rules (UAS) ▸ Operation Near Airports ▸ Operational Hazards and Emergencies ◖◖PREPARE◗◗ After completing the course, prepare for the FAA exam with over 400 practice questions, including official FAA questions. FlightReady identifies your weakest areas to focus your efforts, rather than wasting time answering questions you've already mastered. ▸ Create a practice session targeting only those questions that you miss most often ▸ View definitions of key terms and acronyms in lessons and answer explanations ▸ Create new session from all missed questions in the previous session ▸ Create custom study sessions that include or exclude questions that require referencing figures, the use of a flight computer, or that have already been answered. Great for iPhones and on the go studying. ▸ Mark questions for later review within a session ▸ View definitions of key terms and acronyms ▸ Flashcards ▸ Simulated FAA exams administered under the same rules as the real exam ▸ Detailed explanations, many with high resolution images ▸ Full text of applicable regulations where applicable ▸ Regular question bank updates ◖◖REPORTS AND STATISTICS◗◗ Proficiency is tracked using a proprietary algorithm that assigns a mastery level to each question, which helps your avoid wasting time re-answering mastered questions. Our statistics include: ▸ Average score on all simulated FAA exams. ▸ Mastery of the overall question bank ▸ Weakest subject areas ▸ Lesson completion status and quiz scores ▸ Total time spent in course Reports can be shared via email, iMessage, and more. ◖◖OTHER FEATURES◗◗ ▸ Multi-tasking support allows you to use FlightReady side by side with other apps ▸ Key terms are defined in the lesson by tapping on the term ▸ Sync your data across all of your iOS devices ▸ Take the course in Guided or Review Mode. In Guided Mode, you will be taken through each lesson in sequence, and required to complete each and every activity, knowledge check, and quiz. Review Mode allows you to complete lessons out of order, or skip lessons entirely. ▸ Lifetime question bank updates are included An FAA remote pilot license is required to operate drones commercially. FlightReady has trained tens of thousands of drone pilots, and offers the most complete drone subject matter coverage. Our test prep and training courses are the key to success on the FAA drone exam.

Ver 3.0.1
Spanish School Bus, Ed Edition
5 day(s) ago
$9.99 -> $4.99
Based on 111 reviews. (111 reviews)
• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • NEW VERSION NOW WITH MUSIC FROM LATIN GRAMMY WINNER AS FEATURED IN PARENTS LATINA MAGAZINE Quickly learn basic Spanish vocabulary with exciting, colorful, and addictive game play through Spanish School Bus for Kids! Inspired by Award-winning instructor Yvette Montalvo and her Montessori-based approach, this app is perfect to help young learners expand their world knowledge while strengthening their Spanish vocabulary. Complete the entire curriculum to earn a Certificate of Completion, while unlocking fun-filled achievements along the way! This product goes well beyond the instruction of basic vocabulary, and aims to inspire a passion for the beautiful Spanish language through introduction of historical figures, landmarks, and catchy songs that kids and parents alike can sing along to. Relevant to any beginning Spanish audience, with special emphasis on accelerating language learning potential in children from Pre-K to 6th grade, this app puts your child on the fast-track to becoming bilingual. After completing the Vocab Course, try the Verbs Course for middle school students and above. Give the Spanish School Bus a try, and see why Parents Latina Magazine has named the Spanish School Bus platform one of the top 5 apps to learn Spanish!!! • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • APP FEATURES: • For Beginning Learners, achieve mastery of 300 of the most commonly used nouns, verbs, and adjectives while having a blast doing it! • For Intermediate Learners, the Verbs Course offers a special emphasis on learning verb tenses that correspond to an Intro to Spanish level course at the middle, high, or college level. • 150+ levels including basic vocab topics such as Numbers, Colors, Animals, Food, and more; and a verb topics like AR, ER, and IR verbs in the Present and Past Tense. • Addictive game play consisting of four modes: Learning and Memorization, Quick Choice, Matching, and Piñata Mode! • 54 unlockable achievements to track your progress, each including interesting and relevant Fun Facts about Spanish and Latin American culture, along with national treasures and iconic animals. 
 • 12 engaging and educational Spanish music videos, which can be enjoyed on your iPad or iPhone, or shared via Apple TV in a classroom setting! • Certificate of Completion for advancing through all the levels! Perfect for complimenting existing classroom curriculum or home-school programs. • Verb conjugation tool to look-up the most common verbs and how to apply them. • Two-player mode to allow more than one user on a single app install. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • ABOUT CHUNGABOO AND INSTRUCTOR YVETTE MONTALVO: Chungaboo is family-owned children’s publishing company based in Austin, Texas. We pride ourselves on delivering meaningful and educational content for children to expand their knowledge, imagination, and passion for learning. We are committed to providing high quality products for families looking to learn together. Spanish School Bus for Kids was developed with 20+ years of teaching insight from certified Montessori instructor Yvette Montalvo, Director of Mariposas Spanish School in Austin, Texas. Professora Montalvo is a native of the southern US and Monterrey, Mexico. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Website Product Feedback and Support: Privacy Policy: Protecting your private information is our priority. To read our App Privacy Policy, please go to

Ver 4.0
787 Flow Trainer
6 day(s) ago
$10.99 -> $7.99
Not rated
The 787 Flow Trainer is made with love from me to you. Why did I create this app? I don´t think you need to flip a switch to practice flows, it´s just taking a lot of time, flow training should go quick! It´s loaded with everything from normal procedures, preflight to secure, memory items, maneuvers and limitations. Why I think experienced 787 pilots can use this tool as well? Before the SIM session, it´s amazing to have the flight deck layout in front of you to increase the feeling of reality, speed up your SIM study and reduce mind drifting. The 787 Flow Trainer is working just as good with your iPhone as with your iPad. Fly safe!

Ver 2.1
IET Wiring Regulation 18th Ed
7 day(s) ago
$5.99 -> $4.99
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The IET and C&G Wiring Practise app has been designed with one purpose in mind: to help you become a certified electrician. The questions from the app are very similar to the ones from the 18th Edition of the IET Regulations – C&G 2382. Pick a set study time and exam preparation every day and. This app will enable you to practice without an internet connection, wherever you are. Remember that the key to retaining information and passing the exam is repetition and consistency. This mobile application contains the following features: -100 Practise Test available -IET Wiring Exam Framework -The Question of the Day -Exam Countdown -Instant feedback on every question answered -Study specific Sections -Access to Progress Report -Retake past questions answered wrong - The tests are available for printing and email. This app was designed by a qualified teacher and a great team of developers who are dedicated to helping you pass this test. We are looking forward to your feedback and suggestions.

Ver 3.7
My Geography
8 day(s) ago
$3.99 -> $1.99
Based on 157 reviews. (157 reviews)
The simplest and the fastest way to learn geography. Use the unique homework mode to accelerate your learning. Why not get started right away? Maps included: ---------------------------- * USA Capitals States States nicknames State flags Cities * Europe Countries Capitals Flags Major rivers * North America Countries Flags * South America Countries Capitals Flags * Asia Countries Capitals Flags * Africa Countries Capitals Flags * World Oceans Seas * Australia States Territories Cities * England Counties * China Regions * Canada Provinces/Territories Capitals Coat of arms Cities Lakes and rivers * Mexico States * France Cities Regions Departements * Germany Bundesländer Hauptstädten Landeswappen * Spain Provinces Regions This fun and engaging app will teach you geography by letting you touch, pan and zoom all the gorgeous maps from around the world. Much thought and care has been put into the application to be educational but also fun to use. The app has three modes: Exam: Here you will be asked to locate and tap on the state, capital, region or country displayed, you get a score based on how many tries it takes you to get it right - Good luck! Learn/Practice: Here you see the map and learn its content. Hide all regions and tap on each one to reveal it during practice. Homework: Here you can customize what pars of a map you would like to add to your homework. The homework can then be run with only those regions included. This provides an excellent way of learning fast.