Torque Race GT
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Chameleon Run
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360 VR Clown - 360 Virtual Reality App for Adults
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Ver 1.7
Moji Maker™
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***Enjoy 50% off for a limited time as part of the App Store Promotion!*** RATED #1 TOP PAID APP FOR 7 WEEKS STRAIGHT! THE #1 EMOJI APP IN THE WORLD! *NEW HOLIDAY UPDATE WITH DOZENS OF FREE DESIGNS Create your own custom emojis. Stop settling for the standard emojis to convey your emotions and create an UNLIMITED collection of personalized emojis with Moji Maker. Browse from thousands of hilarious designs and effortlessly put them together in our simple emoji builder. Sync directly to your keyboard for seamless use in Messages and most other apps. Regularly updated with free content. Features: -Brilliant high definition graphics, made from scratch -NEW animated emoji parts -Fully customizable; pinch to resize, move, layer, flip and more. -Install Messages app to sync directly to keyboard -Save to gallery & edit existing designs -Customize size you send at -Send multiple emojis at once Browse THOUSANDS of designs including: Yellow Smiley Faces, Poo, Alien, Animals and more shapes. Eyes, Eyebrows, Noses, Mouths, Hand, Hats, Glasses, Hair, Hats, Beards, Mustaches, Masks, Accessories and more. HOW TO INSTALL MESSAGES APP / KEYBOARD (iOS 10 and above only): -Open any iMessage -Tap App Store button (right of camera) -Tap App Store drawer (lower left) -Tap Store -Tap Manage -Switch "Moji Maker" to On *Moji Maker can now be accessed directly from the App Store button *emojis can now be sent without copy and paste *emojis can be placed into chats by dragging onto text bubble Follow @MojiMakerApp on Instagram and tag #mojimaker to be featured on our Instagram page! © Copyright 2016 AppMoji Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Ver 4.4
Wallz Wallpapers for iPhone & iPad
16 day(s) ago
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Wallz has the best Retina HD Wallpapers for iPhone 6s/6s Plus, iPad and iPad Pro with over 100,000 hd retina wallpapers or backgrounds. We have worked to improve the app by optimizing and improving your journey in finding the wallpaper that represents you and makes you feel unique. Wallpapers are added daily so you can have a huge variety from where to pick. New amazing wallpaper are added daily. Features: - New improved search engine will make it easy to find the wallpaper you want. - Home and lock screens wallpaper preview added to the app. - Google Admob was removed. - Optimization improvements were done so you can browse faster our wallpapers. - New control bar will help you decide what wallpaper is best for you. Note: For those who have problems saving images to your device, be sure to allow Photos access to the app from your settings by going to Settings>Privacy>Photos and turn the switch On for this app. If you like what we are doing with Wallz don't forget to leave a review Testimonials! "I usually have a very hard time finding good or decent wallpaper apps. But when I got this app I was very amazed. It has a lot of amazing wallpapers and it is very easy to download the wallpapers to your phone. I'm very impressed!" 5 Stars "Wallz has a picture for every type of person and taste. Great application found exactly what I was looking for."5 Stars "If you are looking for the amazing wallpaper for your new iPhone your search ends here...highly recommended and make sure you unlock the premium section to get rid of annoying ads" 5 Stars "This application is the one I loved the most. Have good stuff for us and quality of wallpapers are amazing. Download without second thought" 5 Stars

Ver 1.5
LiquiPad HD
19 day(s) ago
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LiquiPad HD is the ultimate visual toy. It turns the surface of your iPad into several different virtual liquids that respond to and interact with your touches. As relaxing as it is entertaining, LiquiPad HD is also a non-demanding way to keep your mind visually stimulated while listening to music, audiobooks, meetings, lectures, speeches, etc. And, of course, it's a great way to show off the power of your iPad. Use any of the 12 built-in themes, or use your own photos for limitless possibilities! "Visually Stunning, responsive, and extremely compelling" - Common Sense Media "If you want to melt and swirl, trip and travel in visual bliss you have come to the right spot. Awesome." - Jordan Rudess, Dream Theater, Creator of MorphWiz Using LiquiPad couldn't be simpler. Touch or slide your finger(s) across the screen to create and manipulate the waves. Or, tap the gear icon in the lower left to open the settings menu. Tip: If you would like to take a screenshot, you can do so by pressing the home and sleep buttons at the same time. The screen will flash, and the image is saved to your Photo Library. This works with every iPhone/iPad app. FEATURES: - Intelligent, speed-sensitive multi-touch support - 12 Beautiful Themes, with infinite themes possible using your own photo library - Control over liquid density - make it act like Water, Oil, Syrup, or Gel - Automatic Wave Generators, such as raindrops, for use as an animated photo display - Realistic Wave Propagation and Animation at 60 frames per second - Realistic Liquid sound effects

Ver 1.8.6
19 day(s) ago
$3.99 -> $2.99
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Voxel is a fun, easy-to-use 3D-pixel editor. It's like Minecraft without all the mining. Use it to create simple sculptures, 3D icons, game-levels, or just to doodle with blocks. Voxel now has 3D printing built-in! Order plastic and even metal prints of your models from directly within the app. Models are printed by Sculpteo and shipped directly to you. Simply tap in empty space to create the first block. From there you can attach new blocks to it by tapping any face. Or, toggle the grid guide to put blocks exactly where you want them. A color palette lets you change colors. Drag your finger on the selected block to rotate your view. Use a two-finger-swipe to rotate the view as well. Use the familiar two-finger pinch motion to zoom in or out -- or just hold your finger in one spot. Voxel is easy enough for kids to enjoy, but it is also designed for creative adults. Advanced users will appreciate Voxel's layering and animation tools. Upload your models to the online gallery! Now make models for use with Minecraft -- Voxel now imports/exports .binvox format! Check out the stop motion made by printing 8 frames of a voxel animation: