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Graphics & Design
Ver 1.5
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TexCad is the tiniest app to design imaginative woven fabrics in minutes on your iPhone and iPad. Look before you Loom !! ================== Quickly create a collection of beautiful woven fabric designs using simple weaves and colors. The app contains a pre-fed library of the commonly used weaves and colors. Also included is a set of default designs that help you get hands on while discovering the power of this app.  TexCad with its ergonomic and user-friendly interface makes creativity a very enjoyable and addictive experience. The app is designed to be friendly to the designer, merchandiser, weaver and student alike. Knowledge of yarn parameters like counts and blends are not required. Auto-Design ========== Play on any given design using the power of Auto-design to create amazing new patterns and color-ways. The Auto feature gives you the option to create random warp and/or weft patterns. With the Auto Color option you can create amazing new color-ways from a given design.  Users will love this feature and enjoy creating stunning new designs in seconds by the touch of a button !! Fabric size ======== Fabric images are viewed in the required finished ends per inch( or cm) and picks per inch(or cm). The fabric images are realistic and in near actual size, based on the entered ends/inch (or cm) and picks/inch (or cm).  Design Communication ================== Communicate your design ideas to other TexCad users or to fabric and garment manufacturers, merchandisers or traders. Send and receive designs and their images to and from other TexCad users via email. The design file can be opened from within the email message and saved to your library.  All the design data on a device can be backed up to a desktop using iTunes. Fabric Effects =========== Variety of fabrics like yarn dyed stripes and checks with different structure effects can be displayed accurately. Effects like Melange, Indigo, Silk, Denim, and many Natural Spun effects are closely represented. Realistic weave effects are displayed in fabrics even when the same yarns are used in the warp and weft. The 'Spun' slider brings to life the displayed fabric, simulating effects of the yarn's natural unevenness. Pattern Editor =========== The Warp and Weft pattern is input using a text format. A pattern like 4A4B would represent 4 threads (ends or picks) of Color A followed by 4 threads of Color B, and so on. 8 colors are available in each the Warp and Weft respectively. A pattern can be a maximum of 1200 Ends and/or 1200 Picks; Ready Library Of Weaves And Colors ============================ The app contains a weave library of the most used standard weaves. To use a particular weave in your design just scroll to the weave and drag-drop its chip (image) on the fabric area.  The library contains a total of 80 weaves. The first 40 weaves are pre-fed and can not be edited. The remaining weaves (41-80) can be user-edited and saved to the library. The maximum size of a weave repeat is 40 ends x 40 picks. The app contains a color library containing 2000 editable colors (1900 pre-fed). To use a certain color in a pattern simply drag it from the color library and drop it at the color position in the warp or weft pattern. You have the option to 'reset' the colors to the default palette. Cloth Swatch and Card ================= View a design swatch in 1200 x 1200 pixels.This can be saved to photos or emailed from within. View a design cloth-card with the swatch, warp and weft patterns, yarn colors and weave used. This can be saved to photos or emailed from within. Designing woven fabrics was never this enjoyable and addictive !! - - - - -

Graphics & Design
Ver 2.1
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Poetics is a visual poetry app, developing the concept of an infinitely editable, object-oriented poetry.   The app is an ongoing artwork created by Seth Indigo Carnes, an artist based in New York City. Poetics is used in over 150 countries, across languages and cultures, and in schools to teach a variety of subjects. Art features: • mutable text • chance operations • ephemeral missives • gestural semiotics • nonlinear flux • meta tangents • intermedia cutups • multimodal love App features: • works on all iOS devices • portrait and landscape compositions • turn device and use in any orientation • always editable, saved work • custom photo filters • minimal text styling and color • physics-based interactions • nuanced gestural control • zoom in and out for detailed work • write in multiple languages • speak your words into app Music in App Store preview courtesy of The Missing Ones Feedback or thoughts? Metta

Graphics & Design
Ver 1.1
Camera Tracking Pro
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The Impossible is now possible with Camera Tracking Pro for iOS Professional rotation and translation camera tracking application for the 3D, Game, Film and Television industries. Suitable for any 3D app like Blender, Maya, 3DS Max, LightWave, Cinema 4D, Houdini, Unity 3D, Adobe Premiere and many others. Shoot your videos using Camera Tracking Pro. Any rotation or translation your device does is tracked and recorded. Export these trackings and use them later on your favorite 3D application, like Blender, Maya, 3ds Max, Houdini, Unity 3D, LightWave, Cinema 4D, etc. Then you have a camera that reproduces everything your device did in real life. Great to match live shots and CGI. You can also use Camera Tracking Pro with your professional camera. Just attach your iPhone to the same rig you have your camera, run Camera Tracking Pro and that’s it. Camera Tracking Pro for iOS will use top notch Augmented Reality and Machine Learning techniques to identify elements on your real life scenes and use them to track the camera movement. Sounds good? Also, by using your hands and your imagination, you can also use Camera Tracking Pro for iOS to simulate events like earthquakes, tsunamis, helicopters and planes taking off or landing, soldiers on the battlefield, race cars, boats and more. Imagine what would take to create keyframes manually to make the camera or other objects on your 3D application perform these events. The impossible is now possible with Camera Tracking Pro for iOS. More informations at: