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Health & Fitness
Ver 2.2.1
Away ~ Meditation & mindfulness to sleep, relax, focus, breathe
2 day(s) ago
$4.99 -> $2.99
Based on 182 reviews. (182 reviews)
Get Away from stress. Enjoy relaxing nature sounds & music. Day & night, morning & evening. Pick your favorite listening spot within this beautiful forest, and let your mind visit this place from far Away. Integrates with my other apps Windy, Sunny, and Flowing! Away is the sequel to Windy and Sunny. This time, I wanted to create something very special for you. One beautiful forest scene with night, sunrise, day and sunset transitions. Choose your favorite time of day, move the virtual microphone around and hear how the sonic ambiance changes. You will sleep, relax, meditate and focus better with Away because Away masks unwanted noise. Your ears will love Away because Away plays soothing high-quality nature sounds recorded in psychoacoustic 3D for stereo headphones. Your eyes will love Away because the forest comes as a motion-controlled 3D parallax illustration with daytime transitions. ≈ Guarantee: Away will never go free. ≈ Purchase with no regrets. ≈ The second sequel to "Best of 2014" app Windy ≈ Away features my best nature sound recordings from Hawaii and Germany. I recorded all nature sounds the way you hear: With psychoacoustic 3D sound field microphones. Over stereo he​adphones, you'll find yourself immersed in a forest far Away, with wind and leaves swirling all around you, birds singing during the day, Hawaiian Coqui frogs singing at night and distant American Bull Frogs resonating through the valley. Get closer to the river or waterfall or retreat to the calm pond in the back. In the morning, listen to the funny sounds of wild Hawaiian chickens recorded on the beautiful Garden Island of Kauai. Hear birds waking up and birds singing. Away is a treasure chest of sounds. And if you like, blend in music composed for Away in Hollywood. ≈ Features ≈ + 20 carefully recorded and mastered nature sounds. + Psychoacoustic 3D audio optimized for Apple EarPods & headphones. + A beautiful motion controlled 3D parallax scenery. + Mixer: Add music, tweak Away's volume. + Pick your favorite time of day and hear the soundscape adapt. + Drag the virtual microphone to find your favorite location. + Music composed for Away in Hollywood. + Universal app for iPhone and iPad. + Optimized for iPhone 6S, 6S Plus, iPad mini 4, iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro. + Beautifully crafted audiovisual experience. Designed & developed by Taptanium. ≈ Questions? ≈ Email franz taptanium com or send an email through the in-app contact support page. I'd be excited to hear from you.

Health & Fitness
Ver 1.9.2
Sleep Watch - Auto sleep monitor using your watch
2 day(s) ago
$4.99 -> $2.99
Based on 334 reviews. (334 reviews)
NOW AVAILABLE FOR 40% OFF OUR USUAL PRICE! ENJOY - THIS OFFER WON'T LAST! **Requires an Apple Watch** Join us as we develop automated sleep monitoring for the Apple Watch. We believe you should be able to just wear your Watch to bed and wake to your sleep stats; so, we’ve built algorithms that estimate those stats! Please give us feedback to help make our algorithms more accurate! HERE'S HOW IT WORKS ---------------------------------------------- 1. Dock Sleep Watch on your Apple Watch 2. Make sure your Apple Watch is adequately charged before bedtime (we recommend at least 65% charge before bed) 3. Wear your Apple Watch to bed (do not enable Power Reserve mode) 4. About 30 minutes after you wake, check the Watch or iPhone app to review your auto-detected sleep stats 5. Confirm or adjust your auto-detected sleep times in the iPhone app We recommend scheduling 'Do Not Disturb' to turn on automatically during your typical sleeping hours to prevent any Watch notifications from disturbing you during sleep. This can be done in the iPhone Watch App > My Watch > General > "Do Not Disturb" section. FEATURES ---------------------------------------------- • Automatically estimate your total sleep time, total awake time, average sleeping heart rate, and sleep quality pattern for each night by simply wearing your Apple Watch to bed • Manually adjust your auto-detected sleep start and end times to more accurately track your sleep and to help us build you a smarter sleep detection algorithm • Get daily notifications about auto-detected sleep • See your 7-day sleep trend graph • See your average sleep for the past week • Auto sync sleep data to Health app • Create an account and access your data across multiple iOS devices • See your last night's total sleep time and sleeping heart rate directly on your Watch face complication • See your last night's total sleep time, sleeping heart rate, and total awake time on your Watch in our Watch app MONITOR YOUR SLEEP ---------------------------------------------- Do we really need to say it? Getting adequate and quality sleep is part of a healthy lifestyle! Getting adequate and quality sleep may help us: • Improve mood • Reach weight loss goals • Battle stress • Improve exercise performance and recovery • Elevate daytime energy levels • Learn and retain new knowledge better • Improve workplace productivity • Boost immune system strength • Build better cardiovascular and brain health With so many potential benefits; there's no excuse not to pay better attention to your sleep. Start monitoring your sleep today! TRACK YOUR SLEEPING HEART RATE --------------------------------------------- Your sleeping heart rate can be an important indicator of your cardiovascular health and fitness level that is less variable than your waking, resting heart rate. TECHNICAL DETAILS --------------------------------------------- • Leveraging the state-of-the-art motion and pulse sensors in your Apple Watch, our algorithm estimates when you are asleep by analyzing changes in your activity and heart rate • Sleep Watch looks for sleep that occurs between the hours of 7:00pm and 11:30am and that totals at least 1 hour • Sleep Watch notifications about how you slept are sent at least 30 minutes after your detected wake-up time • Your sleeping heart rate is calculated as the average heart rate during your sleep times • Sleep Watch works by integrating with the Apple Health app CAUTION - IMPORTANT SAFETY & USE INFORMATION ---------------------------------------------------- • Do not rely on Sleep Watch for medical advice or diagnosis. Sleep Watch is not a replacement or substitute for professional medical care. • Use Sleep Watch for informational, general wellbeing and fitness purposes only. • Sleep Watch results are estimates only. • Consult a doctor if you have any health concern. Do not self-adjust medications. * Terms of Service:

Health & Fitness
Ver 2.1.3
ProTracker Plus Weight, Calorie & Exercise Tracker
4 day(s) ago
$3.99 -> $2.99
Based on 2309 reviews. (2309 reviews)
"This app works great! I've lost 12 pounds in 10 days!" - ◆◆◆◆◆ ProTracker value and calorie tracking is available on iPad, iPhone and iPod! So you've got a few pounds to lose and you've tried everything but still have no significant results? Well look no further because it is a proven fact that people who write down what they eat can nearly triple their weight loss. Carrying a pen and paper with you all day is not the most practical way to keep a food diary, but with ProTracker you'll always be just one touch away from your food diary. It has all the benefits of a paper tracker and much more. Simply put, this app will help you lose weight and keep it off. PRICING AND PLANS: BASIC PLAN - UNLIMITED (included with app purchase) • Diary for Calorie Tracking - Track your food, exercise and more on a daily basis • Weight Tracker • Activity and Exercise Tracker • Step Tracker - Sync with the Steps counter in Apple’s Health app. • Barcode Scanner - Over 300,000+ UPC's available with ability to submit new barcodes. • Online Food Database - Over 110,000 restaurants and standard USDA foods. • Custom Macronutrient Goals - Set custom goals for fat, carb and protein intake. • Daily and Weekly Summary - View charts that give you a breakdown of your food intake and track your macronutrient goals. • Reminders - Remind yourself to eat a snack, drink water, weigh-in and track your food. • Water and Vitamin Tracker - Track your water intake and ensure key nutritional requirements are met. ESSENTIAL PLAN - $4.99 per month or $24.99 per year* • Includes all BASIC PLAN features • Meal Builder • Recipe Builder • Activity Sync for Apple Watch and Fitbit • AirDrop meals to friends - Share your meals with friends and family. (coming soon…) • PDF Summary - Print and share a weekly or daily summary for a nutritionist, fitness trainer or friend. (coming soon…) *All prices in USD. Prices may vary by region based on significant currency exchange rate changes. These regional pricing changes are controlled by Apple. Check out what some of our successful users are saying: —————————————————————————— ◆◆◆◆◆ - "So great for an on-the-go eating lifestyle" ◆◆◆◆◆ - "It does everything you need to track and show progress!" ◆◆◆◆◆ - "I really love this app!" ◆◆◆◆◆ - "I typically never write reviews however this app rocks and I felt compelled to tell everyone about it!!" ◆◆◆◆◆ - "I've lost 13 pounds in the first month of using this. Love it!" —————————————————————————— ProTracker integrates with Apple's Health app by: • Accessing activity information including daily step counts and active energy. • Adding your water intake into the Health app. • Adding weight entries to the Health app. • Pulling weight entries from the Health app. • Using Health data to pre-populate relevant fields during account setup. Other important features of ProTracker: • Suggested Entries - Recommends foods and exercises to favorite based on your history for quicker tracking. • Automatic Daily Target - Your daily target is automatically adjusted for you as your weight changes. • Custom Calorie Goals - Manually set your calorie goal to fit your lifestyle. • Copying and Moving - Create new foods, exercises and meals by copying or moving from your existing entries. • Units - Support for US, Metric and Stone units. • Design - Extremely user-friendly and intuitive to use. Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: @ProTrackerApp ( Follow us on Google+: Follow us on Pinterest: Follow us on YouTube: If you like this app, please leave us a review. If you feel a feature is missing or can be improved please send an email to, and give us the opportunity to work on an update before writing a review.

Health & Fitness
Ver 6.23
iSleep Easy - Meditations for Restful Sleep
5 day(s) ago
$4.99 -> $2.99
Based on 653 reviews. (653 reviews)
“As a nurse I have told my patients about this wonderful option for insomnia!” (Review) -- Drift off to sleep and sleep more deeply with a wide variety of guided meditations. Create your own sleep program using a Playlist feature which allows you to listen to up to six meditations in one session. Listen voice alone or voice with music or nature sounds, choosing how long the background will continue after the voice guidance stops. If you prefer to listen to music or nature sounds alone, a Sound Mix feature allows you to listen to a combination of music plus a nature sound, or two nature sounds together. “This beats any chemical sleep aids hands down.” (Review) Recommended by USA Today, CNN, Cosmopolitan and The Sleep Revolution book. * SUMMARY of App Contents * - 9 Guided Sleep Meditations - listen with or without music or nature sounds - 4 music choices and 5 nature sounds - Sound Mix feature to listen music and nature sounds alone - 3 Preset Playlists with a combination of meditations - Ability to create your own playlists - Tips for falling asleep ABOUT the GUIDED MEDITATIONS The app includes both brief sleep meditations which make good starters for a Playlist, and longer meditations which can be used on their own or in a Playlist. OPENING MEDITATIONS Relax into Bed -- Relax and get ready for sleep. Putting Away the Day -- Clear your mind for sleep. Sleep Affirmations -- Helps set the stage for falling asleep. Belly Breathing -- An easy exercise for quick relaxation. MAIN MEDITATIONS Relax into Sleep -- Relax easily into sleep with this meditation. Breath Awareness -- A simple, enjoyable way to fall asleep. Autogenic Relaxation -- Systematically relaxes your body and mind. Meditation on Darkness -- Helps you fall into a deep, restful sleep. Wee Hours Rescue -- For when you awaken in the middle of the night. ***************************** Created by Mary Maddux, MS, HTP and Richard Maddux, best known for their popular Meditation Oasis® podcast, apps and CDs. Mary and Richard bring over 30 years of meditation practice and teaching to the creation of their guided meditations and music. In addition to teaching meditation, Mary has worked in both conventional and alternative settings as a counselor and healing arts practitioner. Richard has played and composed music all of his life. His music is composed especially for meditation, relaxation and healing.

Health & Fitness
Ver 8.1
Footsteps - Pedometer
8 day(s) ago
$2.99 -> $1.99
Based on 645 reviews. (645 reviews)
33% OFF for a limited time! Named 3rd best pedometer on Channel 5's The Gadget Show Top 5 with accuracy 98.4% just after Homedics MiBody360 (accuracy 98.5%, price £39.06) and Timex Ironman Triathlon (98.7%, £71.48) #1 in UK in Health & Fitness and #6 in Top Paid Apps Available on Apple Watch. Track your steps, calories burned, time, distance and speed as you walk or run. Share your workout with others on Facebook and Twitter or by SMS or Email. Track your progress using history & graph modules. OVERVIEW Footsteps is an advanced pedometer counting steps and calories burned as you walk or run. It's easy to use, works when in your pocket, hand or a case. It doesn't require any special belt although works great when you use one. Works in background (don't forget to start Footsteps after you turn on your iPhone/iPod). FEATURES - Records steps, duration, distance, calories burned and average speed - Works in background - Optional integration with the Health App - Displays counts for walking and running as well as total counts - Groups activity in workouts and by days - Two display modes - Workout and Today - Nine color schemes to choose from including high contrast B&W - Timer pauses automatically when no activity is detected - Pacer helps you maintain the desired speed and intensity. It also gives you information about calories burned per hour as you maintain this speed - Distance alert - Advanced algorithm calculating calories burned - Optional integration with Music Library - Screen lock - Configurable step length for walking and running separately (check our website for step length calculators) - Configurable units of measurement both English and Metric - History & Graphs modules - Allows to share your workout sessions by email, SMS, Facebook & Twitter - On iPhones turns the screen off to save battery when close to the body, in the pocket or case WORKOUTS The pedometer can group your activity into workouts. You decide when to start, pause, reset and save your workout. Normally Footsteps will stop detecting steps when you pause or finish the workout, you can change this in Settings and let Footsteps capture the steps even if the workout is paused/not started. You will see your activity in Today view, but the steps won't be added to the active workout. You can also turn off workouts completely and let Footsteps capture your steps whenever the app is running (Settings -> Use Workouts switch to OFF). HISTORY History module lets you browse your activity. You can see your workouts or all activity in or outside workouts grouped by days, weeks and months. Tap on the groups until you see a single workout or day worth of activities and you will see them broken down to a list of samples of activities. You can add, edit or delete any of the samples. You can delete any workout or a whole day from History. You can share the items in History by Email (with CSV attachment), SMS, Twitter or Facebook. THE APPLE HEALTH APP INTEGRATION You can set up Footsteps to provide steps, active calories and distance data to the Health App. Footsteps can also synchronize weight with the Health App. APPLE WATCH You can see all the counts and control workouts right from your watch. MUSIC Footsteps has an optional built-in music player that lets you listen to the music without leaving the app. It is recommended though to use Control Center instead. HELP The pedometer has a built-in help system with FAQ section,also feel free to contact our support, we'll be glad to help you. (from within Footsteps tap Help, then Feedback and send us an email explaining the problem).