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Zeeon synth
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Impaktor - The drum synthesizer
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Depression ZX
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Depression ZX is a special app that uses Chakra and TBSW frequencies to get relief from depression and anxiety within minutes (not days or weeks). Since I had released some of my first apps for the first App Store for the first iPhones, I've had so many requests to make an app for depression and anxiety. It took a long time and a lot of research to find the frequencies. As someone who has dealt with depression for years, I don't want to wait or go through days of hypnosis or a "plan" of some kind. I want relief NOW! Depression ZX Has 8 Presets : * 17164 - special frequency that works for anxiety and depression * Anxiety 1 - TBSW frequencies for anxiety and stress * Anxiety 2 - TBSW frequencies for relaxation and anxiety * Depression 1 - TBSW frequencies for general depression * Dep-Soul Star - Soul Star Chakra frequencies and TBSW * Dep-Crown - Crown Chakra frequencies and TBSW * Dep-Third Eye - Third Eye Chakra frequencies and TBSW * Heart Chakra - Heart Chakra frequency It also has a few soothing background sounds that you can choose from. A built-in timer you can set will turn the app frequencies off after the time you specify. All you need to do is put your earbuds or headphones on and run the frequencies for a few minutes for relief. You get the complete APP. No in-app purchases are necessary. Get Depression ZX today and get relief now...