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Ask the Fairies Oracle Cards
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AUM - Audio Mixer
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Life Lists: List Organizer
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Healthcare & Fitness
Ver 1.73
23 hour(s) ago
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Liftr is a gorgeous and capable strength training tracker, to help you love your lifting journey: - Quickly switch between your workouts, seeing gorgeous charts, and tracking important goals - Add from a database of 240+ exercises & 150+ beautiful animations, or add your own custom exercises - Create re-useable templates with your routines - A refined journal and editing for workout sets, reps, and supersets. Now with the ability to specify between Warmups, Normal Sets, and more advanced types like Myo-Reps and more! - View progress for exercises and strength over time with graphs, charts, and personal records built-in - Search by muscle group, or look through 40+ pieces of equipment! - Apple Health Integration: Liftr lets you see health metrics in your journal, and also saves workouts from Apple Watch to Apple Health (including tracking heart rate, calories burned, and duration) - Apple Watch app to track full strength training workouts, iCloud backup support, Custom App Icons, rest timer, and more!

Healthcare & Fitness
Ver 1.7
Whistle : workouts and routes
24 hour(s) ago
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Whistle is very simple application on the surface but offers some great features for the fitness enthusiast. - Totally integrated with Apple Health - Clean and simple interface legible during your activities - Large display of color coded metrics (HR, pace, distance, hr zones, target ...) - No need to bring your phone on your runs/hikes/walks/rides - Follow your track back if lost - Load a GPX route and follow the green track - Zoom in and out using the Digital Crown - Create and load structured workouts - Watch will notify you for every workout phase with haptics/visual/voice - display of the GPS signal quality - Control your music from the app

Healthcare & Fitness
Ver 1.2.0
Changes - Micro Journal
6 day(s) ago
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It’s a struggle to know what really makes you happy. Our primitive brains are fundamentally ill-equipped to compute all our habits, achievements, aspirations and values. By keeping a log of how you feel while you feel it you can go beyond your inner dialogue to discern patterns of mood and behaviour. This app provides evidence-based and non-judgemental insight into what it is that really makes you happy. Mood tracking for busy people: Write your diary every day and say as much as you feel • Hashtag support to add structure or for quicker entries • Apple Watch support for the quickest entries • Dark and light mode support for maximum comfort • Randomised daily reminders • Scheduled reminders if you want to get into a journaling habit • Machine learning does some basic sentiment analysis to give you a gentle tail-wind when discerning your mood • Timeline and search features make it easy to explore your diary, with starred entries always visible for a "condensed narrative" • Sensitive entries can be marked private and will be blurred out and locked on your timeline so you nobody accidentally sees anything over your shoulder • Location can be automatically recorded with every entry • Useful tools to manage and organise your entries and hashtags Insights: As you add more data, more insights are unlocked • At a glance insights in words and charts help you quickly see your progress • Augmented Reality infographics let you deep-dive into large data sets without any pinching, swiping, tapping or scrolling - just move your phone around to explore • When you discover something interesting, take a picture to save to your Photos or share with others • Word clouds let you see what's been on your mind the most • Location map lets you see where you have been happiest • My Story insight lets you see all of your data at once with lanes of hashtags and a detailed day-by-day calendar. Take Action - make a change! • When you have enough data you can try making a change in your life • See how your story unfolds and whether you made your life better or worse You own your data • iCloud sync • Export JSON or your whole database • We don't do analytics without your permission and we tell you exactly what we collect This is the third evolution of my 'happiness app' concept since 2009 (or fifth, depending on how you count it). When I first started tracking my mood I didn't know what to expect. Now I have a pretty good idea of the biggest strengths of this mechanism and I've collected and bundled all of my insights in to this app, just for you. I hope you'll give it a try. Michael Forrest - Founder / Designer / Developer - Good To Hear UK

Healthcare & Fitness
Ver 1.2
Meditation for Children
14 day(s) ago
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Ideal for use by children and teens (8 to 16) under the supervision of parents, carers and teachers alike. Your Mindfulness Meditation for Children app can help your child with the following: • Sleeping • Trying new foods • Improved confidence • Improved happiness It can also help your child to: • Overcome their fear of the dark • Perform better in exams (Particularly SATs) • Overcome shyness • Manage their anger issues • Feel more in control and more relaxed Meditation has been shown to be beneficial to children and teenagers in many areas, such as improved attention and concentration, better social skills and creativity, more self-regulation and self-awareness, and a greater sense of calm. Plus, it's a great way to counteract some of the adverse effects all the technology around them these days. Mindfulness Meditation sessions included in this app: • 1 Minute to 7 Minute Mindfulness Meditation Sessions • Confidence Mindfulness Meditation • Happiness Mindfulness Meditation • Understand Your Anger Meditation • Overcome Your Shyness Meditation • Happy SATs Mindfulness Meditation • Whole Class Mindful Meditation • Balloon Mindfulness Meditation • Magic Forest Mindfulness Meditation • Superhero Mindfulness Meditation • Bedtime Mindfulness Meditation • Afraid of the Dark Mindfulness Meditation • Flying Magic Carpet Meditation • Magic Forest Relaxation Mindful Meditation • Rainbow Mindful Meditation • Mindful Breathing Meditation • Ragdoll Mindfulness Meditation • Music for Mindfulness Meditation • Music to Feel Calm • Music for Sleeping Happy