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Scientific Fitness Tracker
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TryAround - Scientific Fitness Tracker with METS is an advanced tracker for 900+ physical activities. Track & count calories, plan workouts, meet targets, all based on Scientific METs (Metabolic Equivalent of Task). A powerful physical activity measurements toolkit. Uses scientifically researched MET values to estimate calories & plan track physical activities. Metabolic Equivalent (MET) is the amount of energy burned during exercise & various physical activities. One MET is the energy equivalent expended by an individual while seated at rest. Scientific METS helps to find out how much calories you burn in an average day & plan daily activities, make it easier to lose weight or keep fit. Calculated MET includes RMR - Resting Metabolic Rate & VO2 consumption. A great alternative to wristbands and thigh bands! All your MET based fitness activities & movements are logged as workouts inside Apple Health & stays only in your phone. TryAround: MET Fitness Tracker - in the news: "Thankfully, TryAround found a way to give users a more accurate measurement of calories by basing every movement of personal metabolic equivalent (MET)" - Huffington Post ***** "There are thousands of health and fitness apps out there, but TryAround has found a way to truly stand out among the crowd" - Entrepreneur ***** TryAround: MET Fitness Tracker - User Reviews: "5 Stars ***** - TryAround is truly different from other fitness apps available! It has many activities to track which is lovely.. I recommend it." "5 Stars ***** Awesome calorie counter and estimator purely for body movements. I like the idea of planning daily activities according to target calories is great" "5 Stars ***** This is a great app, I've used few different ones before but this is my favorite. Highly recommended for any one who is keen to improve fitness." Includes MET minutes planning and MET values customisation & the ability to add new personal workout plans for any activity. Plan, Track & get reminded on your daily activities, exercises, workouts & sports, keep active & alive, everyday! Complete any physical activity & burn calories easily! Using another fitness app? You can still use TryAround as your fitness productivity tool to track all your exercise & fitness, from your phone's Health App with stunning visualisations. * Calories calculated for 900+ physical activities including all sports plus add your own custom activities & much more. * Easily view & maintain a full list of MET values, add new for your own fitness activity. * Personal workout planner for all your workouts & body weight. * Schedule & plan time based activities & adjust how much calories you wish to burn daily or weekly. * Powerful analytics to get insights on workouts & calories burnt, daily weight & performance improvement. * Connects with Apple HealthKit to read your fitness activity data & also to write your plan data. * Your Data is NOT shared & stays on your phone always. Intelligently uses standard MET tracking system (Standard + Corrected), whether you are moving inside home, gardening or just walking down the lane, app shows how much calories you burn & helps plan your activities accordingly. Choose from a wide variety of physical activities including bicycling, walking, water activities, winter activities, conditioning exercise, dancing, fishing & hunting, home activities, home repair, quiet/light activity, lawn & garden, music playing, occupation, running, self care, sports, transportation, other fitness & volunteer activities. ABOUT HEALTH DATA: On supported devices, TryAround reads your Apple Health data with your permission to determine completion of activities. Details maintained in tryAround will automatically be updated in Apple Health. All data is accessed in accordance with the iOS app review rules set by Apple. Please read our privacy policy at on our use of data. For support and improvements, please contact