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Ver 2.91
iDo Notepad Pro (Journal/Diary)
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iDo Notepad Pro is a simple to use notepad diary/journal app.  Easily create notes, loads of different fonts, folders, alerts, unique recycle bin, Rich text editing plus lots more - * Supports iCloud syncing and backup. * Style Manager. you can select text and change its style - Bold, Italic, Underline, Strike-thru, font type, font size, Shadow, background and foreground colours, no more single style for your notes, make then look great. (iOS 6+ Required) * Attach photos to notes, view and add captions + post to Facebook (iOS6+ Required) * Post your notes to Facebook or Twitter (iOS 6+ Required) * Send notes via SMS/iMessage. * Folders, you can now create folders to store your notes in to make it easier to manage all your notes. * Upload/Download files from Dropbox. * Full screen mode gives you more space to edit your notes. * Printing - Print your note to a compatible ePrint HP printer. * Multi Tasking Enabled. * EMOJI Keyboard Supported. * Receive and export files between iDo Notepad Pro and other enabled applications * Import and View PDF and office files (read only) * Drag and Drop - move files and folders around the folder structure by dragging and dropping the note in the notes lists. * Alerts - Alerts allow you to set a notification for you note at any given date and time so you get alerted even if the app is not running. * Alert Manager - Keep track of all you passed and present alerts. * Files and Folder locking - Lock files so that a password is required to view/delete the note/folder. * Recycle Bin - When deleting notes they will automatically moved to the recycle bin allowing them to be restored if deleted in error. * Password security stops people looking at your notes. * Password Reminder - Option to add a password reminder in settings to help you if you forget your password. * Touch ID for quickly signing in. * Supports Text Expander * Tab button displayed when typing notes. * Sorting in Notes Lists, sort by Note Name (Ascending and descending) and Note Creating date (Ascending and descending) * Simple to use calendar allows you to select different dates for your notes. * Selection of built in icons allow you to identify different notes. * Easily import icons/images from your photos library to help identify different notes. * Record voice notes. * Select 3 different recording levels to save on storage space. * Easily email your note/voice note to anyone. * Simple search bar allows you to search all your note titles and full search the body of your notes. * Ability to group notes by type. * All notes can have a different priority and can also be searched by this. * Auto save feature. * Each Note records the location of where the note was first created and displays this on the stats page using maps. * Option to disable localisation in settings if required. * Stats page reports shows when the note was created, last updated, Word and letter counts, font type used, font size, note priority and details about the voice note recorded (length, size, etc). * View the creation location of your note, see the Longitude and Latitude coordinates, select between Standard, Satellite or Hybrid map. * Watermark images can be enabled or disabled. * Calendar day can now start on Sunday or Monday. * Music Player - Very basic music player added to help select music without exiting/Task Switching our of the app. If you have any ideas, enhancements, comments or problems please email at and we will do my best to help you, please don't leave questions in the reviews as we can't reply to these. Thanks for taking the time to look at the app.

Ver 1.4.8
CardRui: lighten your wallet!
6 day(s) ago
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Based on 81 reviews. (81 reviews)
finally, we released Cards2(CardRui2)!!! Available on App Store. Search it! This is old version of CardRui. ????? CardRui is an app for organizing cards's image in your wallet. You can scan with camera on your iPhone. And you can use as simple scanner. ?Features ?loading from photo albums ?automatic edge detection(in good condition) ?simple, easy to use ?correcting contrast, scaling and brightness ?password protection ?zoom out/in images ?cropping and skewing ?export images *note This app can protect your data with passcode locking. But you shouldn't save secret images.

Ver 3.2
SleepStream 2 Pro
7 day(s) ago
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Based on 1871 reviews. (1871 reviews)
SleepStream 2 is an advanced sleep inducer and relaxation aid. It helps you leave your busy day behind with a rich selection of calming sounds, three guided relaxation, pre-sleep meditation and energy sessions, hours of music, 51 brainwave programs, and beautiful visualizations. Includes 5 hours of audio material! “If you’re looking for a new way to combat insomnia, or even looking to relax more at the end of a busy day, SleepStream 2 is a viable, unique option.” “A good sleep is one of my very favorite things to do, and when I’m denied it for whatever reason, I’m not a happy man. On those occasions recently, SleepStream 2 has been there to help me out, and it has done so admirably.” “SleepStream 2 is the best meditative app out there because it includes guided voice sessions, music, background sounds, binaural beats and visualizations, all in one app. While the configuration procedures of similar applications can leave you frustrated and wide awake, Sleepstream’s intuitive interface allows you to drift off in a moment without a care...” App Store review Do you feel that the stress of everyday life deprives you of your ability to focus, relax, sleep - in short, affects your overall well being? With little time for true relaxation, quality of sleep can be adversely affected which is why SleepStream 2 is such a useful aid for those with stress in their lives. Developed in conjunction with sleep and relaxation experts, hypnotherapists and audio professionals, SleepStream 2 plays the most soothing sounds from nature, gentle audio atmospheres, binaural beats, music and guided voice tracks. SleepStream 2 is perfect for: • Sleep induction • Relaxation • Power naps • Meditation • Noise masking • Concentration • Enjoyment • Tinnitus relief SleepStream 2 Includes: • 5 hours of audio • 200+ stunning background sounds • Guided relaxation voice session • Pre-sleep meditation voice session • Instant energy voice session • Hours of calming music • 51 brainwave programs • 10 brainwave categories: sleep, relaxation, energy, focus, meditation, hypnosis, learning, mood, motivation & creativity • Breathtaking visualizations Main features: • Stunning Sound Quality All the sounds in SleepStream 2 are professionally mastered. Sounds of deep, rich drones, calming ocean waves, gentle forest rain and distant seagulls - to name a few - will be your first class journey into a deeply relaxed state. • Overlays and Guided Voice Sessions New in SleepStream 2 is the ability to mix background sounds with overlays - for example, guided meditations or music. SleepStream 2 comes with three free guided voice sessions (pre-sleep meditation, energy and relaxation) and hours of calming music. • Breathtaking Visualizations SleepStream 2 gives you the complete getaway with scenic pictures and video loops to view while listening to the audio programs; drift into a world of relaxation. • 51 Brainwave Programs SleepStream 2 offers 51 specially designed binaural beats that can be integrated into the sound experience. Binaural beats stimulate the brain’s activity associated with states such as relaxation, sleep and focus. • Unique Audio Engine and Sound Generators Our audio engine randomly combines hundreds of sounds, giving you a new experience every time! Mix background sounds, overlays and binaural beats in any combination! • Designed for Power Naps! SleepStream's timer function makes it easy to enjoy power naps! Just engage the timer and alarm, and SleepStream will gently wake you after your session has ended. • Download Section with Free Content Want more? Get audio, visualizations, binaural beats and guided voice sessions from the download section. New material is constantly being added! • Full Multitasking & Retina Support