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BiorhythmΩ - Tips for your future
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▷ Measure your biorhythm by your birthday. ◉ How much of percent (%) are you today? Stamina, judgment, emotion, etc. If you are not feeling well about the following measures, how about checking your biorhythm? If your biorhythm does not function appropriately, it is recommended to avoid unreasonable activities. Something might you don't want to happen. ◉ It will advise your future. Suddenly, some of the celebrities faced traumas The cases showed that their biorhythms weren't good. Was it a coincidence? ◉ What is biorhythm? Biorhythm is the physiological cycle of a physical, emotional, and Intellectual. These three cycles are repeated in a uniform pattern based on your birthdays, and there is a difference in activity efficiency or ability depending on the combination of these patterns. This was summarized by the doctrine of Dr. Wilhelm Fliess of Germany in the 19th century and in 1923 Dr. Alfred Teltscher of Austria studied his 5,000 students and added Intuitive rhythms. The four rhythm cycles and calculations are as follows. d = number of days of living Physical rhythm: sin (2π d / 23) Emotional rhythm: sin (2π d / 28) Intellectual rhythm: sin (2π d / 33) Intuitive rhythm: sin (2π d / 38) Each rhythm has a value from -100 to +100, and this value indicates the status. Low stage: -100 to -1 High stage: +1 to +100 Dangerous Days: 0 (at the time of transition from + value to - value or from - value to + value) ◉ Explanation of Application function [Biorhythm] • Display the four rhythms of a user as values and graphs • Change dates easily to view biorhythms on multiple dates • Connect with analysis function [User] • Integrated management of multiple users' biorhythms • Connect to the biorhythm graph screen [Analysis] • List biorhythms of 31 days • Extracting dates for state classification • Performance analysis by biorhythm [Union] • Calculate the average of two or more users' biorhythms [Share] • Send biorhythm using messages or email [Information] • Summary of usage • Help • Contact the developer ◉ It is not a simple graph. • Accurate data using formal algorithms • Sophisticated and easy-to-see graphs • Send biorhythm using messages or email • Biorhythm integration management of multiple people • Additional features different from other biorhythm apps • Easy to use at anywhere, at anytime • Preview of future biorhythms ◉ Notification • If you have any questions, please use the email function on the app.

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Join the thousands of people who use Universalis daily! You will get: • The Catholic liturgical calendar for every year (until the year 2300 and beyond!). You can choose from over 20 local calendars, for USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Ireland, India and Singapore, and most of the dioceses of the UK. • The About Today page gives you information and meditations on the saints and feasts of the day. • The Readings at Mass page gives you the readings, psalms, prayers and antiphons for the day’s Mass. The readings are the Jerusalem Bible version with the Grail psalms, except for the USA and the Philippines, where they are from the New American Bible. • The Liturgy of the Hours pages give you Morning Prayer, Evening Prayer, Night Prayer, the three daytime Hours, and the Office of Readings. The scripture readings are from the Jerusalem Bible and the psalms are the Grail psalms. • You can set an alarm to remind you when it's time for each Hour. You can also set alarms for the Angelus. • Music: you can listen to the Salve Regina and the other Marian anthems at the end of Night Prayer, and an in-app purchase will give you the whole of Sung Compline in Latin, from the Schola Cantorum of the London Oratory School. • You can listen to the Angelus spoken in English or Latin. You can subscribe to a spoken Latin version of the three daytime Hours (the subscription renews itself automatically but you can cancel it at any time). • The unique Mass Today page gives you the Order of Mass and the prayers, readings and so on, all merged into one single sequence, so that you can follow Mass; or even celebrate it if you can find a discreet place to put the iPad on your altar. • You can have a second language for the Order of Mass, in parallel with English: the options include Latin, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Polish, Malayalam and Yoruba. • You can see the saint of the day in a widget on your Today screen. • If you have an Apple Watch, you can see the week’s calendar and Mass readings; and a Glance is available to show you today’s feast. • You can choose between turning pages like a book or scrolling like a web page. You can choose fonts and font sizes (including huge ones for the partially sighted) and you can turn on a night mode for reading in the dark. • If you are blind, turn on VoiceOver and press the Information button in the toolbar at the top of the screen to get full instructions. Everything is permanently built in to the Universalis app. You do not need an Internet connection. You can also set up an email service to send you selected pages automatically each day. As always, if you want full instructions, open Universalis and shake your device. Side to side works best. (If you are using VoiceOver to read the screen to you, then instead of shaking, use the Information button at the top of the screen). For full details of the translations used, visit If you want to see more before you decide to buy Universalis, download the free Catholic Calendar application. It gives you a month’s free trial of Universalis content. ------------------------------ If you choose to subscribe to the spoken Latin Daytime Prayer for £2.99 per month ($2.99 in the USA: prices in other countries will vary), payment for a month's subscription will be charged to your iTunes account immediately. Subsequent monthly renewals will be charged within 24 hours before expiry of the current period. You can turn auto-renewal off at any time. If you turn auto-renewal off in the middle of a period, you will not get a refund but you will receive the benefit of the entire period and your subscription will then stop. Our privacy policy and terms of service are at