Draw Rider Plus
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8bitWar: Apokalyps
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Jump Desktop (RDP, VNC, Fluid)
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Ver 2.1
Astral Dreams
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Astral Dreams is a very special program that uses the latest Binaural Beats technology for Astral Projection, Lucid Dreams, Sleep and two special induction sets using Shaman frequencies. Put on your ear buds or headphones, run the frequencies and you will feel the effects of this powerful program! Astral Dreams is specific to it's purpose of getting you off the ground and out of your normal levels of consciousness. Astral Projection - 4 specific frequency sets (3 using Chakra frequencies) Lucid Dreaming - 2 powerful frequency sets Shaman - These 2 sets are frequencies used by American / South American Shamans and also Tibetan Shamans. Sleep - 2 frequency sets for deep sleep with and one without vivid dreams TBSW - Two new TBSW presets - one for Astral states using Epsilon and Delta frequencies and the other for Deep Sleep. Why different frequency sets? We, as individuals don't always respond to a single set of frequencies. Our vibrational rates and even electrical characteristics change throughout the day. With Astral Dreams you are more likely to find the frequencies that match YOU. Astral Dreams uses the latest Binaural Beats technology - pure Trilateral Balanced Sine Waves (TBSW). These special waveforms are like binaural beats on steroids. They are optimized to cover both hemispheres of the brain, producing much stronger effects than standard binaural beats. There are also 3 frequency combinations + 1 instead of 2. This is a pyramid waveform. In addition, there are background sounds. These are high quality and don't sound annoying (like someone rattling a piece of tin to sound like thunder). Background Sounds Include... * Brown Noise * Pink Noise * White Noise * Fan * Shower * Rain * Tent Rain * Thunderstorm * Forest * Ocean Waves More Features : * Long audio fade out at the end of the sessions, so you aren't jolted from a dream or sleep * Smooth Audio Transitions * Great easy-to-use interface with new chrome guards * Selectable times * 3 types of selectable Noise backgrounds to drown out background sounds in your environment like TV's, radios or people GET ASTRAL DREAMS NOW - YOU'LL LOVE IT! :-)

Ver 2.13
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*** IMPORTANT: If you have issues or questions: email me at *** *** You can try out this version for free if you download stash2go lite *** Stash2Go allows you to use Ravelry on the go, even if you're offline, on the iPhone and the iPad, and provides access to yarns, projects, patterns and friends, even if you're offline. Ravelry is the world's largest community for knitters and crocheters. On the reviews tab, please select “All versions”. The app is updated several times a month so there may not be reviews on the most recent update. Functions * Access to your Ravelry knitting & crocheting projects, your queued projects, your yarn stash and stashed needles * Access to your Ravelry friends: browse all your friends, and also their projects, queued projects, stashed yarn and stashed needles * Search for yarns based on the extremely large Ravelry yarn database, and review details of a yarn, associated images with ease * Browse potentially matching knitting or crocheting pattern right from your yarn details page * Search for patterns using full text search, filter for special categories (hat, blankets, ..), or features (free, five star rated, ..) * Search for yarn shops based on your current location, review the routing directions, opening schedule, sold yarns and other details * Start a project from a pattern, or queued project, or with no pattern (empty project) * Upload a picture to your project, or your stashed yarn * Perform batch download of all pdf documents that are in your library on Ravelry and matching current projects, to have them available without internet * Access most important information when you have no internet connection (can be customized to match your personal needs) * Allows to associate PDF documents with own ravelry projects, and move arrows around pdf pages (and the location will be permanently stored) * Ability to use up to two row counters per project, even across apple devices (values stored at Ravelry) * Browse your Ravelry library of single patterns * Browse your favorite patterns and projects * Browse the subscribed Ravelry forum groups, and reply to existing posts (including posting images) * Open projects, patterns or people from the forum posts, and favorite projects or patterns, or make friends with people on their profiles page * Receive and reply to personal Ravelry messages * Receive instant notification when new personal messages or forum messages arrive (requires iOS7 for repeated check for messages) * Ability to scan yarn barcodes and display matching yarn (now improved) * Change the color theme of the application (up to 9 themes currently) — in the screenshots here, one of the themes was selected * Select from a personal color palette (inspired by seasonal color analysis), and use it to perform instant yarn color analysis (to indicate if a potential yarn color in your stash matches your colors or not) * iPhone + iPad support, native iOS application, supports both iOS 6 and iOS 7 To directly contact us you can go to our ravelry support group. For additional information you can go to our website, where we provide additional version. If you have additional ideas for improvement, please share them with us. The app will be continuously improved.

Ver 2.0.6
Step Out! Smart Alarm Clock
4 day(s) ago
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• 500,000 HAPPY USERS can't be wrong! Just wake up and bring it away from your bed, AUTO-dismiss! • SMART, BEAUTIFUL and EASY-TO-USE WHAT OUR USERS SAID ? Finally! An alarm that irritates me enough to wake up ? Exceptional App!! This app is super super annoying... It really gets me out of bed ? Love it. It's the best alarm ever ? Great Alarm! Been having trouble getting up. No more! ? This app is so easy to use, and has all the perfect functions! I'll never be late again! FEATURED IN THE MEDIA ? Definitely one of the more “annoying” alarms to help you get up and out of bed in the morning. – ? If you are the kind of person who has a difficult time waking up after you’ve turned off your alarm, this app may help keep you from being late for work. - iDownloadBlog Also in MacWorld NL, AppsRumors, AppChronicles, etc. HOW IT WORKS As the name "Step Out!" implied, the only way you can turn off this alarm clock is STEPPING out of your bed (you still can snooze - in a limited duration). It uses advanced image recognition and step tracking technologies to check whether you’re far away from your bed. After ringing, the app asks you to capture another photo of a specified place, it should be where you usually be every time you wake up, such as the bathroom, the kitchen, ... So you just take a photo and do your routine work like washing your face or preparing breakfast. Another alternative is using the step counter, which simplifies this process into just nothing. You wake up and go to wherever you want with the device. After reaching enough number of steps, the alarm will automatically turn off. It’s simply a smarter alarm with no additional action., You’ll love using it from the very first time. FEATURES IN DETAIL - MUSIC ALARM o Wake up with your favorite songs o Listen to them when moving - FULLY FUNCTIONAL ALARM o Easy setup with hand-drawn mini-game o Repeating rule for daily, weekly alarms o Built-in alarm sounds o Snooze, Vibrate, Fade-in & Volume for the perfect experience - MOTION TRACKING o Innovative motion tracking system to sense your steps o Smart anti-cheat system to make sure that you are stepping **IMPORTANT: We do not encourage our users to step so fast when you are not totally awake, this app will just recognize the steps when you aren’t walking too fast. - IMAGE RECOGNITION o State-of-the-art image recognizing engine o Can match both horizontal and vertical pictures o Strict image comparison to assure you’re leaving your bed and your eyes opened wide enough to take the right picture. **HINT: Choose a scene that has a stable light condition for better matching results. - SLEEP TIMER o Fall asleep with music o Auto-lock and ready for next alarm - FLASHLIGHT o Easy to find way through the dark when you are stepping - CLOCK o Full feature clock o Show/hide seconds, 24 hour format, …

Ver 2.8.4
Pro Mirror Cast for ROKU TV
4 day(s) ago
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It is easier now than ever before to mirror from your iOS devices to ROKU TV with our app. Stream from your iOS devices to ROKU Please follow these steps: * Log in with your information * Create a broadcast to your Roku TV * Go to your upcoming and stream * Open youtube app on your Roku TV * Look up your livestream Enjoy!!

Ver 7.1.2
myBeautyCache Makeup Organizer
5 day(s) ago
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Based on 174 reviews. (174 reviews)
myBeautyCache can help you to: ? Stop buying duplicate products ? Keep a list of products you need to purchase ? Keep track of when you opened your products and when they expire ? Keep a list of the products you use in your Beauty Routine ? Share individual products or your list of Favorite Products, Beauty Routine, and more with your friends ? Keep track of your purchases to see how much money you spend on products ---------------------------------------- KEY FEATURES ? INVENTORY Keep a detailed inventory of your Makeup and Beauty Products, including separate sections for Expired Products, a "Product Archive" to put products you no longer use, and a "Don't Buy List" to put products you purchased and never want to buy again. ? BEAUTY ROUTINES With the Beauty Routines, you can keep a list of the products you use in your daily regime (you can email your beauty routine to friends) ? FAVORITE PRODUCTS Keep a list of your favorite products (you can email the list to friends) ? MAKUP BAG Use the Makeup Bag to keep a list of products that you take with you when you travel. Use the checkmarks to keep track of the items you have packed ? SHOPPING LIST Keep track of the Makeup and Beauty Products that you need to purchase ? PURCHASE REPORT Use the Purchase Report to find out how much money you spend on Beauty Products and Makeup. You can sort the report by Store, Brand, Month, and Year ? STATISTICS View statistics on the products you added to the app, including, the number of products you added and the value. How many products are opened and unopened and how many items are on your Shopping List ? CUSTOMIZE Add your own Beauty Routines, Brands, Color Family, Categories, and Stores. You can also keep notes on your favorite Brands, Color Family, and Stores. Although myBeautyCache is available for the iPhone and iPad, it does not sync data between devices. ------------------------------------------- Please feel free to contact me at with any questions or visit the website at If you own the app, you can contact me through the "Options & Support" Section by selecting 'Email Developer'.