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Rule Master
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Pro Camera by Moment
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Ver 1.4.06
Very Necessary Emojis
2 day(s) ago
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In the heat of the moment, as we frantically ransack the default emoji keyboard for a little yellow face, desperate to convey an emotion that we know is probably too subtle or specific to have warranted Apple’s official attention, we die a little inside when we realize the perfect emoji for this situation…doesn’t exist. We so often settle for default emojis that capture a mere fraction of our full intended meaning, and it’s understandable—no one has really set out to solve this super important first-world dilemma—until now. So I hope you enjoy these Very Necessary Emojis as much as I enjoyed imagining you enjoying them while I was making them! *Note that this is an iMessage Sticker App, and therefore you will not be able to insert these Very Necessary Emojis right inside your text boxes. Sucks—I know! To make up for it, I set the sticker size to the same size as the default emojis when in their singular, large form, so that they fit in like family.

Ver 1.1
All Smart Remote Controls TV
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This app supports full featured remote control for Smart TVs. Main features: - Automatically detect your TVs in the same network - Control sound and channel - Launch the TV apps from the app - Control your entertainment audio/video play