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Infinity Blade
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Castles of Mad King Ludwig
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Biscotti cameras are highly-integrated video calling systems that are mountable on your television. Biscotti cameras integrate your TV-watching and video-calling experience. Video calls can be placed to other Biscotti cameras and third-party, SIP-enabled systems. The Biscotti App allows you to manage your Biscotti cameras, call a Biscotti camera, update settings, account information, activate cameras and more. The current version will allow you to: - Create a Biscotti account - Activate Biscotti cameras - Update account settings - Change account avatar - Modify Biscotti camera settings - Access customer support Planned future enhancements include: - View live video from Biscotti cameras - Access videos recorded by Biscotti cameras (requires storage service)

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Pimp Your Screen - Custom Themes & Wallpapers
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ON SALE! LIMITED TIME OFFER - 30% OFF. Download NOW! Optimized for iOS 10! Let’s face it - you look at your screen a lot, why should it be dull and boring?! It should be beautiful, it should make you smile, reflect your feelings, and even make you feel better. And here’s a perfect solution for that. Pimp Your Screen is an award-winning app that gives you an exclusive selection of unique themes, backgrounds and many other eye candies. Now with Apple Watch support! Let your Apple Watch face perfectly match the look of your iPhone! Choose from what we created for you: * Diverse designs arranged in categories for easier browsing: Abstract, Cartoon, Sci-Fi, Animals, Sports, Nature, Holidays, Minimal, Cities, 3D * Themes: perfectly match Lock and Home screen Create your own designs with Home & Lock Screen Maker: * Personalize your wallpapers with text * Add calendars and frames to your Lock Screens, customize the date-and-time and "Press home to unlock/open" area * Pick Icon Skins and App Shelves to create unique Home Screens * Use your own photos as backgrounds and create great designs Useful features you will enjoy: * New and Popular galleries * Preview feature: just tap the screen to bring up the icons. There's no need to save each design to see how it looks on your screen! * Adjustable content cache size: decide how much space the app occupies on your device * All the designs look great in both Standard and Zoomed display modes * Share your images on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram or email * Landscape and Portrait images available for iPad Always something new to enjoy: * We add new eye candies daily. Just tap 'New' to see updates * Special holiday and seasonal content updates Bring some color and glow into your everyday life and change the look of your device whenever you want. It's time to Pimp Your Screen! AdChoices:

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Archangel Michael Guidance - Doreen Virtue
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-- 20% OFF Special Price for a Limited Time! -- Carry Archangel Michael's Guidance with you everywhere you go! Archangel Michael is a beloved and powerful protector and trustworthy guide. He knows your life’s purpose and the best steps for you to take next. "Archangel Michael Guidance" sends affirmations, advice and guidance as notifications right to your mobile device! Start receiving encouraging and motivational messages every day from Archangel Michael! Choose to receive the types of messages you want from the categories: - - Comfort -- - - Guidance - - - - Motivation - - - - Protection - - Doreen Virtue holds three university degrees in counseling psychology, and is a life-long clairvoyant and spiritual healer. Doreen is a bestselling author on the subject of angels.

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Stash2Go: Knitting App for Ravelry
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*** IMPORTANT: If you have issues or questions: email me at *** *** You can try out this version for free if you download stash2go lite *** Stash2Go allows you to use Ravelry on the go, even if you're offline, on the iPhone and the iPad, and provides access to yarns, projects, patterns and friends, even if you're offline. Ravelry is the world's largest community for knitters and crocheters. On the reviews tab, please select “All versions”. The app is updated several times a month so there may not be reviews on the most recent update. Functions * Access to your Ravelry knitting & crocheting projects, your queued projects, your yarn stash and stashed needles * Access to your Ravelry friends: browse all your friends, and also their projects, queued projects, stashed yarn and stashed needles * Search for yarns based on the extremely large Ravelry yarn database, and review details of a yarn, associated images with ease * Browse potentially matching knitting or crocheting pattern right from your yarn details page * Search for patterns using full text search, filter for special categories (hat, blankets, ..), or features (free, five star rated, ..) * Search for yarn shops based on your current location, review the routing directions, opening schedule, sold yarns and other details * Start a project from a pattern, or queued project, or with no pattern (empty project) * Upload a picture to your project, or your stashed yarn * Perform batch download of all pdf documents that are in your library on Ravelry and matching current projects, to have them available without internet * Access most important information when you have no internet connection (can be customized to match your personal needs) * Allows to associate PDF documents with own ravelry projects, and move arrows around pdf pages (and the location will be permanently stored) * Ability to use up to two row counters per project, even across apple devices (values stored at Ravelry) * Browse your Ravelry library of single patterns * Browse your favorite patterns and projects * Browse the subscribed Ravelry forum groups, and reply to existing posts (including posting images) * Open projects, patterns or people from the forum posts, and favorite projects or patterns, or make friends with people on their profiles page * Receive and reply to personal Ravelry messages * Receive instant notification when new personal messages or forum messages arrive (requires iOS7 for repeated check for messages) * Ability to scan yarn barcodes and display matching yarn (now improved) * Change the color theme of the application (up to 9 themes currently) — in the screenshots here, one of the themes was selected * Select from a personal color palette (inspired by seasonal color analysis), and use it to perform instant yarn color analysis (to indicate if a potential yarn color in your stash matches your colors or not) * iPhone + iPad support, native iOS application, supports both iOS 6 and iOS 7 To directly contact us you can go to our ravelry support group. For additional information you can go to our website, where we provide additional version. If you have additional ideas for improvement, please share them with us. The app will be continuously improved.

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Get Any Girl: The Ultimate Pickup and Dating Guide
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---33% Off For A Limited Time--- Have you ever wondered if there was a certain way you could act to attract the women around you? Well, it has actually become apparent that there is a very particular way of behaving which is considered "attractive" by women. No matter how much "free-will" we think we have, when it comes to mating, we are mostly motivated by instinct-controlled bodies. In fact, our bodies are constantly listening for "cues of attraction". And every time you come in contact with something which your instincts deem "attractive", you are given a neuro-chemical treat in your brain which produces a feeling of pleasure. Fundamentally, it is the chase for this feeling which controls the actions of both men and women in their search for a mate. For a man, the strongest feelings of attraction come from the form of the female body, it's something seen. But for a woman, the strongest feelings come from a "mental-model" they construct in their minds, something imagined. And this is the key to understanding how to attract women, because knowing how to complete a woman's mental-model is ultimately the secret to triggering a strong feeling of attraction in her. This concept is the basis for this course and the key to getting any girl you will ever meet. Get Any Girl is first and foremost based on you and your ability to use this concept to attract women... - In “Game Theory”, we will utilize the techniques of Neuro-Linguistic Programming to lay a foundation for new behavioral-patterns based on "The Pillars of Attraction". These are the characteristics used to complete a woman's "mental-model" and trigger attraction. - In “Self-Empower”, we will utilize several techniques to clear you of any limiting-beliefs which could be hindering your self-confidence and your ability to approach new women. - In “The Pickup”, we will walk through a pickup from start to finish. This includes everything you will need to do in order to successfully approach a woman, get her number, and even take her home with you from a bar. - In “The Relationship” we will, analyze the best first-date ideas, take a look at the "early relationship dynamic", learn how to supply romance and drama to keep her interested, and even touch on the idea of love and what it means to women. After all that, you should be ready for anything the Dating World has to throw at you... ————————————————— App Specs: - 82 pages (20,492 words) - 49 dating lessons - Includes a 20-minute hypnosis session Download now to begin.