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Reigns: Game of Thrones
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WiFi Blocker
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The WiFi Blocker app will change the way you WiFi and control your home network. With WiFi Blocker you can block any individual or group of devices from internet access, find your WiFi passwords, see who's online (SEE SUPPORTED ROUTERS BEFORE PURCHASE), group devices into profiles to easy organise your network. At the push of a button your children are offline. The ideal parental control companion. • Take Control of your WiFi. • Control your Kids internet access with touch of a button. • Restrict bandwidth hogs. • Block your kids internet access quick and simply. • Parent friendly, easy to setup, easy to use. • Individually block any devices on your router quickly, • Create People profiles to group devices per user helping organise your network • Pause internet access per user profile (bed time; dinner time; family event) • See who is currently connected to your WiFi router with detailed information per device. • See which devices in your network are still powered on (that should be turned off). • Set 'Never Block Device' filters. • Rename devices to friendly names • Detailed Device information of all your connected devices on your network • View/Copy WiFi credentials (easy to share with guests). • No third party hardware required (you must own a supported router before purchase! ). • No subscriptions, single purchase. • No Cloud / Works on your Local Wifi only WARNING: Before purchase, ensure you own one of the following supported routers. WiFi Blocker will not function on unsupported routers. Supported Routers:- • Arris NVG Models • Arris Surfboard SBG 6400, 6580, 6580-2, 6700, 6782, 6900 • Arris Surfboard SBR AC-1200P, AC-1900P, AC-3200P • Arris TG862 XFinity • Arris TG2492 LG/S/CE/VM • Asus RT, NxxU, • Billion BiPAC (firmware 2.32+) (Scheduling) • BT Hub/SmartHubs 4, 5 and 6 (Scheduling on SmartHub 6 models) • CBN Compal CH7465 LG/CE • D-Link 2750u / 27nn, 3782, 3780 • DrayTek Vigor 2860 (no blocking support yet) • EE SmartHub and Bright Box 2 • Fritz!Box (Firmware 6.3+) • Hitron Cgnm-2250, Cgnv4, Cgnm, Cgnvm, Cgn3, Coda • Huawei B593, HG622, HG633, HG635, HG658c, HG659 • Liberty Global Connect Box • Linksys Smart WiFi models and WRT32x • Motorola MG7550 • NetComm (Scheduling) • Netgear Nighthawk 6400/6700/6900/7000/7100/7300/7800/8000 • Netgear WNDRv3 models 3400/3700/3800/4500 • Netgear XR500, XR700 • Plusnet One • Sagemcom F@st 5nnn (Scheduling) • Sky Hub2 (SR102), Sky Q Router (ER110)** see below • Sky NowTv / Tv2 ** see below • Technicolor 8715D • TalkTalk (D-Link 3780, D-Link 3782, Huawei HG633, Huawei HG635, and latest WiFi hub. • Telenet Connect Box • Tenda 300 & AC • Tp-Link Archer C50, VR900 v1 and possible other Archers*. • Tp-Link model TL-WR841N • Tp-Link model TL-WR840N • Tp-Link model TD-W8961 • UPC Connect Box • Verizon Fios G1100 (Scheduling) • Verizon ActionTec MI424WR Rev1 • Virgin Media Hub 3.0 (Scheduling), Superhub 1, 2 and 2.0ac • Virgin Media Voom Biz Business • VPC Connect Box • Ziggo Connect Box • Zoom Cable Modem 5363 • ZTE 298 * [Other supported router models possibly supported. If you own another router i.e. Archer C90, or Nighthawk 8500/9000 etc, please get in touch with support for Promo code to test this prior to purchase]. We are continually adding new router support so if your router is not on the list, send us a request at Device renaming being added in next release. Block WiFi and Wired connections to any or all devices connected to your Router Modem quick and easy. WiFi Blocker allows you to quickly and easily block any or all devices from your router modem WiFi Internet Connection, while your internet is unaffected. See who's connected to your WiFi. WiFi Blocker shows you who is currently connected to your WiFi router at any time, Ideal for controlling who uses your WiFi and helping ensuring your neighbours aren't sharing your WiFi.

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Dog Assistant - Potty Training
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Dog Assistant is your solution to staying on top of your dog’s daily activities. Stay updated on what your dog is up to, whether sleeping, walking, peeing, pooping, eating or anything else you wish to track. Create alerts to remind you of your dog's needs. You can even invite others to work together with you to ensure that your dog or dogs are well taken care of. A handy chat function allows you to communicate with each other as well. Dog Assistant’s goal is to make the lives of all dogs happier. Happy dogs mean a happier world! FEATURES • Log your dog’s activities • View your dog's daily activity with a chart • Create a schedule • Create alerts • Add users to your dog’s pack • Chat with your pack • Get notified of your dog’s activities Contact us at

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? Protect yourself by checking biorhythm daily. Stamina, judgment, emotion, etc. If you are not feeling well about the following measures, how about checking your biorhythm? If your biorhythm does not function appropriately, it is recommended to avoid unreasonable activities. Something might you don't want to happen. Biorhythm can be referenced in all areas of your life such as learning, sports and sales. ? It will advise your future. Suddenly, some of the celebrities faced traumas The cases showed that their biorhythms weren't good. Was it a coincidence? ? What is biorhythm? Biorhythm is the physiological cycle of a physical, emotional, and Intellectual. These three cycles are repeated in a uniform pattern based on your birthdays, and there is a difference in activity efficiency or ability depending on the combination of these patterns. The four rhythm cycles and calculations are as follows. d = number of days of living Physical rhythm: sin (2? d / 23) Emotional rhythm: sin (2? d / 28) Intellectual rhythm: sin (2? d / 33) Intuitive rhythm: sin (2? d / 38) Each rhythm has a value from -100 to +100, and this value indicates the status. Low stage: -100 to -1 High stage: +1 to +100 Dangerous Days: 0 (at the time of transition from + value to - value or from - value to + value) ? Explanation of Application function [Biorhythm] • Display the four rhythms of a user as values and graphs • Change dates easily to view biorhythms on multiple dates • Connect with analysis function [User] • Integrated management of multiple users' biorhythms • Connect to the biorhythm graph screen [Analysis] • List biorhythms of 31 days • Extracting dates for state classification • Performance analysis by biorhythm [Union] • Calculate the average of two or more users' biorhythms [Widget] • Today App Extension Widget [Share] • Send biorhythm using messages or email [Information] • Summary of usage • Help • Contact the developer ? It is not a simple graph. • Accurate data using formal algorithms • Sophisticated and easy-to-see graphs • Send biorhythm using messages or email • Biorhythm integration management of multiple people • Additional features different from other biorhythm apps • Easy to use at anywhere, at anytime • Preview of future biorhythms ? Notification • If you have any questions, please use the email function on the app.

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