Lose Weight Running
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FollowUp Keyboard
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Phocus: Portrait mode editor
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palmEM: Emergency Medicine
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The top emergency medicine quick reference! The number 1 medical app in 75 countries. iTunes "What's Hot" & "New and Noteworthy" Join over 150,000 users of palmER apps and start spending less time on other references, and more time on what you care about. palmEM is an all-in-one, rapid and succinct, evidence based emergency medicine quick reference. Internal medicine, critical care, family medicine and urgent care clinicians will also find palmEM useful. REVIEWS: "palmEM is an excellent, rapid point-of-care reference perfectly designed for the time crunch of the emergency department." — "Doc APProvED: The relentless search for an emergency medicine app that does it all will inevitably lead to palmEM...a great quick reference for the price." —Emergency Medicine News "There is so much in here I don’t know where to begin. The app really seems to cover everything...Could I enthuse about this any more???" — "I was paying hundreds of dollars a year for [another app] but I’ve dumped that now. PalmEM is cheaper, prettier, faster and it’s calculators are easier to use in a hurry." — "Its succinct design works well with either the iPhone or iPad, and because it is a universal app, users needn’t be torn choosing between either well-optimized versions." — • No registration, subscription, or additional software downloads. • Access content anywhere: No data connection required. FEATURES: • ABGs • ACLS & PALS • Acute Limb Ischemia • AKI • Adrenal Insufficiency • Airway & RSI • Anaphylaxis • Angioedema • Antidotes • APAP Overdose • Appy • Asthma • Blood Products • Bowel Obstructions • Burns • Cancer Emergencies • Carbon Monoxide • CHF • Coagulopathic Bleeding • COPD • CSF Studies • CVA: BP Management, Stroke Scale, tPA • Dermatology • DKA, HHS/HHNK, Diabetes Insipidus, DM Oral Meds • Diarrhea • Diverticulitis • Dermatomes, Myotomes, Reflexes • DVT • Ectopic Pregnancy • Electrical Injuries • Electrolyts • Elevated ICP • Endocarditis • Esophageal FB • Gallbladder disease • GCS • GI Bleeding • Glaucoma • Headache • Heat Stroke • Hemophilia • Hepatitis • Hernias • HTN Emergency • Hypothermia & Frostbite • IBD • Kidney Stones • Local Anesthesia • Low Back Pain • Murmurs • Myasthenia • Myxedema & Thyroid Storm • Neonatal MISFITS • Neutropenic Fever • Pancreatitis • PID • Pressors • Procedural Sedation • Prostatitis • PE Rules • Rashes • RhoGAM • SAH • Seizure • Sensory Levels • Sepsis • Serotonin Syndrome • Shoulder Dystocia • Spinal Cord Injuries • Splints • Spontaneous Ab • START Triage • Suicide Risk Assessment • Sutures • Synovial Fluid • Teeth Numbering • Trauma • Ultrasound • UTI and Pyelo • Weber Classification Clinical Decision Rules: • Appendicitis • Centor Criteria • Croup • C-Spine Rules • Well's DVT • Head CT Rules • Ottawa Ankle, Foot, and Knee • PE Rules • Pittsburgh Knee • Pneumonia • San Franc Syncope • Sgarbossa • TIMI Procedures: • Chest Tube Placement • Cricothyrotomy • DPL • Lateral Canthotomy • Thoracotomy • Transvenous Pacing Pediatrics: • Weight-based medication/equipment reference • Abdominal Pain • Croup • Crying • Diarrhea • EKG Reference • Febrile Seizure • Fever • GCS • Head CT Rules • Kawasaki Disease • Rashes • Rheumatic Fever • Salter-Harris Fractures • Septic Hip

Ver 3.0.10
LabGear - Medical Lab Tests and Reference
4 day(s) ago
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• Featured by Oncology Fellows, Medscape, MobiMed, and several Universities LabGear is the most advanced pocket tool for Medical Laboratory tests with peer reviewed content for all health care professionals - students, physicians, nurses and is now with iCloud sync. • Comprehensive library of medical lab tests with differential diagnosis, related symptoms • Fishbones schematics for Preset testing panels • Systems: Hematology (Blood Tests), Hormones, Cardiovascular, Pulmonary, Gastrointestinal, Nephrology, Tumor Markers, Pregnancy, Immunology • Chemistry Panels: Basic Metabolic Panel, Comprehensive Metabolic Panel, Complete blood Picture, Arterial Blood Gases, Liver Panel, Lipid Profile, Coagulation Profile, Diabetic Profile, Urinalysis • Based On Testing source/specimen - Urine Sample - Cerebrospinal Fluid - Amniotic Fluid - Other Body fluids • Based on Lab Type: - Electrolytes & Metabolites - Enzymes - Lipids - All Proteins - Red Blood Cells - White Blood Cells - Cardiac Markers - References citations with links to PubMed - Customisable reference ranges, Notes. - iCloud support - Intuitive User Interface: - Quick Jumps via Tag buttons showing you Lab abbreviation - Quick Switch between Conventional (US) Units or SI Units. - Tapping Reference Range in Lab detail reveals both US/SI value - Bookmark a Lab test for easy quick reference. - Lab Values editing - NOTES: Add your own Notes to specific lab tests - MedCalc Linkage (LabGear is linked with MedCalc app). Jump from Serum Sodium to Sodium Infusion rate calculation in MedCalc app - RANDOM Lab refreshes for Leisure Learning -Lab Reports Have - Brief Laboratory Test Description - Conditions with High referrence range (if applicable) - Conditions with Low range (if applicable) - Reference Range with US / SI Units - Presentation / Symptoms / Signs - Wiki Links (For more information) * - External search webresults * - Intelligent Universal Search Search either tags like 'Glu', 'AST', 'Ca', 'Na', 'K+' are fully searchable and bring up all related lab results. Scroll while you search. DISCLAIMER: The information provided in this application is strictly for educational purposes only and is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Please use this application only if you accept the disclaimer within the application. Consult with a recognized medical professional before making decisions based on information included in this application *NOTE: Active Internet Connection is required either in the form of Wifi or cellular data plan (3G/EDGE/Etc.) to access Wiki/External pages. please send your suggestions to support [ a t ] smartddx [dot] com stay tuned to

Ver 1.1
Pocket Anatomy (2018)
5 day(s) ago
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Based on 365 reviews. (365 reviews)
“Navigating the body couldn't be EASIER” ***** Boost your anatomy knowledge TODAY! With our award-winning app, it’s easy: retrieve any anatomical structure and relevant clinical information in an instant. Search through 1000s of anatomical structures such as ligaments, tendons, arteries, veins, organs, and glossary items. Browse by system layers including skin, skeletal, connective tissue, muscular, circulatory, digestive, reproductive, lymphatic, respiratory, urinary and more… “User Interface: This is really what separates this app from the rest. Easy and high resolution zooming and movement. Navigating the body couldn't be easier. Of all the anatomy apps I've seen this is definitely one of the best.” ***** “Thinking of you: All the anatomy apps have the blue dots with information, but with Pocket Anatomy you can click on a muscle and it will give you origin, insertion, key relations, functions (actions), nerve and blood supply, and clinical perspectives, plus a notes section so that you can write in additional notes. Even better, in the updated version you can add pins to really CUSTOMIZE it.” ***** Our growing community of 1 Million users are becoming better medical professionals by learning and refreshing using Pocket Anatomy. Why? The following unique combination of features makes Pocket Anatomy the superior Anatomy and Physiology product in the market place: 1. INTUITIVE SEARCH Confusion is easy when it comes to anatomy terms. With our intuitive search option it will suffice to type in only the first characters of the word you are looking for, or one of the words composing the main term. E.g. if you type in “trap” you will get “trapezoid” as well as “coracoclavicular-trapezoid ligament”. The more letters you type the more refined the search. 2. INTUITIVE NAVIGATION Fly around the human body swiping your finger on the screen, fluidly navigating from the skin layer through the superficial to deep musculature, and on through to internal organ structures, ligaments and the skeletal system. 3. RICH CONTENT Pocket Anatomy now includes full 3D male and female anatomy as well as detailed stand alone visual information on circulatory, connective tissue, digestive, integumentary, lymphatic, muscular, reproductive, respiratory, skeletal and urinary systems. 4. CLINICAL RELEVANCE Anatomical structures in each layer are pinned for identification. Each pin is associated with additional concise relevant information and clinical notes. 5. GREAT STUDY TOOL Studying for your next Anatomy and Physiology exam? Add your notes next to a pin, bookmark the content you are interested in and retrieve it every time you need it. Test your knowledge with your classmates or challenge yourself with our quizzes. 6. YOU’RE IN GOOD COMPANY ***** "This BEAUTIFUL app offers mobile medical education for students." ~ Apple iTunesU ***** “EXCELLENT visuals and seamless 3D navigation” ~ MedGadget ***** “Renders the old text-book pretty close to obsolete” ~ CNET 7. OUR COMMITMENT We are committed to offer you the best updated content to help you enhance your anatomy learning experience. With regular updates, we are committed to ensuring that your voices are heard. Please email us at and share your feedback on how to improve the content, usability & design of our apps. Best, The PA Team

Ver 7.51
Vargo Anesthesia Mega App
6 day(s) ago
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17 apps in 1 (Mega App) This app consists of the book/app "Anesthesia Case Tips" and "16" other Vargo Anesthesia apps combined into 1. So it is now 17 in 1. This app will be updated frequently, free of charge. The 17 apps included in this massive app are listed below: 1. "Malignant Hyperthermia" - Simplified with the latest literature from the Malignant Hyperthermia Association website. 2. "Calculations"- ABL/EBV, BMI, BSA/CI, MAP, SVR/PVR, Bicarb Deficit and O2 Cylinder Duration. There are no anesthesia drugs doses calculated. 3. "Crises" - This simplifies the emergencies you may deal with in the world of anesthesia. Algorithms and review notes from Amniotic Fluid Embolism, cardiac, airway and other emergency situations. 4. "Anesthesia Case Tips" - The "Anesthesia Case Tips" book (kindle) version on was one of the top selling anesthesia books the year it was published. It consists of 27 chapters with over 500 cases. The simplified search engine permits you to find your case within seconds. There is also a “Notes Section” for you to add personal notes for each case. Cases are frequently being added. Many of the newer cases cannot be found in Jaffe. 5. “Anesthesia Drug Box” - There are no drug calculations in the app, just basic pharmacology information as a review. This app contains over 150 drugs/agents/products that we commonly or only periodically use in the field of anesthesia. Perfect for students and a good review and quick reference for anesthesia veterans. 6. “Anesthesia Drips”- Common information concerning anesthesia drips. There are no drug calculations. This is a user-friendly top selling anesthesia app which contains a large list of cardiac and anesthesia drips. With one click, the app explains: *How to mix your drip. *Popular mixing concentrations. *Equations used to get the drip rates as a reference *Pharmacology notes on how the drug works. 7. “Adult Anesthesia” - This app offers you over 350 drugs as a basic review. 8. “CABG for Anesthesia” - Tailored for someone learning to manage hearts in anesthesia. It is simplified but still detailed. It explains: *CABG cliffs notes you won’t get in class. *Step-by-step instructions from pre-op to post-op care. *What to do from the beginning. *Setting up the room. *What the surgeon is doing. *What the surgeon will do next. *Images. *When and what drugs to give. *Common cardiac drips. *Coming off bypass & how other experienced anesthesia providers come off bypass. 9. "Blood/TEGs" - Notes on blood transfusion and blood products. TEG review notes and simplified for beginners. 10. "Pediatric Case Tips" - Contains how we manage close to 100 surgical procedures from start to finish. It was edited by experienced pediatric CRNAs who sit the cases and how they manage them. 11. "OB Regional Anesthesia" - Contains the same material as many OB books, but simplified and user friendly. Equivalent to a 500 page book. Simplifies and user friendly. 12. "LA Max Doses" - One click and you have a quick reference to all the maximum local anesthetic doses. 13. "Local Anesthetics" - A quick detailed reference to all the local anesthetics. Information on: *Drug description *Doses & concentrations for the variety of blocks *Comparative tables *Pharmacokinetics *Clinical pharmacology *Chemical structures *pKa *Indications/Contraindications *Review notes 14. "Anticoagulants & Neuraxial/Deep Regional Block Tables" - Tables of 25 anticoagulants that show: *Minimal time between the last dose and initiation of a block. *Whether the anticoagulant can be administered while an epidural catheter is in place. *Minimal time to restart the anticoagulant after catheter removal. *When to restart anticoagulant after procedure. *When to remove catheter after administration. 15. "Platelet Function Assay and interpretation." 16. "Pharmacology & Reversal methods of 28 anticoagulants." 17. "Coagulants & Deficiencies"

Ver 5.0.7
Essential Anatomy 5
12 day(s) ago
$19.99 -> $14.99
Based on 7036 reviews. (7036 reviews)
Essential Anatomy 5 is the most successful anatomy app of all time and has more content and features than any other anatomy app—bar none! With over 8,200 structures, our highly accurate, immersive and visually stunning app is the gold standard in medical reference applications. There's not a university or hospital around that does not use Essential Anatomy/Skeleton, resulting in 1.1 million user engagements every month. It is, by far, the worlds most used medical study and reference app. Download our FREE "Essential Skeleton" app in the free section to experience our groundbreaking 3D technology. TUAW: "Make no mistake about it: Essential Anatomy by 3D4Medical is the future of touch-based anatomy learning. Essential Anatomy is an app every doctor, physiotherapist, OT, nurse and medical student should own." -- 3D4Medical highlighted at the 2015 Apple Keynote. - - Number 1 Top Grossing Medical App in 118 countries worldwide. - - Quality and Vision: 3D4Medical has led the way in introducing innovative products of exceptional quality. We will continue to forge new paths for others to follow. - - Accurate Content: Essential Anatomy is used by anatomy professors in thousands of classrooms worldwide, including Stanford University, and has become the standard in third-level education. In many cases, our app is now mandatory with text books optional. - - Stunning Graphics: No competitor comes close. Essential Anatomy’s proprietary engine was developed and optimized to showcase our new generation anatomical models for a completely immersive user experience. - - Easy to use: Responsive and intuitive user interface, all systems and menus are easily accessed from the main screen and our model responds quickly to your touch. - - Read all the reviews of previous versions: Our visionary app has enhanced the lives of reviewers, both professionally and academically. iMedical Apps: “The 3D anatomy engine and impressive graphics bring a new clarity to anatomy education with impressive accuracy.” Compatible with iPad 2 and newer, iPhone 4S and newer, iPod Touch 5th Gen. and newer, and iOS 8 or later. IN APP PURCHASES: In-app purchases allow additional muscle and skeletal content to be downloaded and accessed from within the app. These boosts add muscle insertion and origin points, skeletal bone parts and surfaces and 100s of animations detailing movements for each articulation. Visit and watch videos that highlight the app's functionality and quality. You’ll understand why Essential Anatomy 5 is the most successful medical reference app of all time! ESSENTIAL ANATOMY 5: Essential Anatomy 5 is a full-featured anatomical reference app that includes MALE and FEMALE models, with 11 SYSTEMS and a total of 8,200 ANATOMICAL STRUCTURES. The app is fully 3D, meaning that you can view any structure in isolation, as well as from any angle and represents the latest in groundbreaking 3D technology and innovative design. A cutting-edge custom built 3D graphics engine, delivers outstanding quality graphics that no other competitor can achieve. FEATURES OVERVIEW: --Cutting-edge 3D technology --Over 8,200 highly detailed anatomical structures --Hide/Fade/Isolate/Fade Others/Hide Others options for individual structures --Multiple Selection Mode --Pins: Create customized pins with notes and place anywhere on the 3D model --Slice: Slice through certain structures using 3D plane tool --Bookmarks: Preset and Customizable --Correct audio pronunciation and Latin nomenclature for every structure --Search via English and Latin nomenclature --Dynamic Quiz: Drag and Drop and Multi-choice --Share images via social media and e-mail --Includes anatomy for 11 systems: Skin, Skeletal, Muscles, Connective Tissue, Veins, Arteries, Nerves, Respiratory, Digestive, Urogenital, Lymphatic, also includes the Brain and Heart Feedback? Contact our customer support at

Ver 1.0
Fetal Ultrasound
14 day(s) ago
$3.99 -> $2.99
Not rated
[Introduction] 1. Evaluation of fetal ultrasound growth parameters, including: ***BPD - Biparietal Diameter ***FL - Femur Length ***HC - Head Circumference ***AC - Abdominal Circumference ***CRL - Crown-rump Length ***EFW - Estimated Fetal Weight 2. Establish a fetal ultrasound database to dynamically observe fetal growth curves. [Features] Feature 1: Fully compatible with high-end ultrasound instrument data standards. Feature 2: The text combined with the chart shows the analysis results, easy to understand, simple and clear. Feature 3: Easy to operate; Get results immediately after entering data. Feature 4: Professional ultrasound doctors are fully involved in the production, and truly understand the user's needs, this application will be upgraded regularly.  [Contact] Official website: Twitter:@zqingling [Disclaimer] This application includes clinical tool and content intended for use by healthcare professional. This app do not give professional advice; physicians and other healthcare professionals who use these tools or databases should exercise their own clinical judgment as to the information they provide. Consumers (non-medical professionals) who use the tools or databases do so at their own risk. Individuals with any type of medical condition are specifically cautioned to seek professional medical advice before beginning any sort of health treatment. For medical concerns, including decisions about medications and other treatments, non-medical users should always consult their physician or other qualified healthcare professional.