CoinsNote: Daily Bookkeeping
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Swift Miles - Mileage Tracker
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Bluetooth Finder : Lost Device
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Ver 2.87
Anchor Pointer Compass GPS
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Use your iPhone to navigate even without internet connection! Travel safe. Save a location or a parked car. Find it later with easy! How often you spend 10-15 minutes searching your car on a big parking lot? With Anchor Pointer you can find your parked car in less than a minute* User Feedbacks “I used it while hiking on the river bluffs today and tested it. It worked great. Took me right back to my car and even showed how far away in it was.” — by Bjverano “Unbelievably Easy and Accurate!!! Finally a GPS that does have all the clutter that a normal GPS would have. For off-road driving and hiking it's a MUST!!!” — by Jimbo6765 “Having recently spent a weekend hiking in the Peak District I found myself using this app constantly to help with orienteering. The app lends itself to so many different uses (the Park facility being just one of them). Recommended!” — by S N Khan * Park Car works only at an open air parking lots because of GPS limitations.

Ver 3.6.6
Pin Points Distance Calculator
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Do you want to know the distance to the South Pole? Do you want to plan your next trip and do you want to know and save which places you want to visit and how much distance lies in between them? Or are you rather interested in the distance between two cities? Then you are on the absolute right track with this app. PinPoints enables you to measure quickly and easily the distance between two randomly picked points. You can calculate the distance beeline as well as for your car route. This app is the perfect navigation support, which can be from great benefit for the private and the corporate use. Features: ▸ Choose between four location determinations    ▹Current location     ▹Choose on the map     ▹Address ▹Contact ▸Selection of any number of points ▸Navigation between 2 points ▸Naming of trips ▸Your trip history ▸Offline memory ▸Visualization of beeline/car route ▸Data in Miles or KM, as needed ▸Easy to use ▸Simple and lucid menu Selection of any number of points It doesn't matter how many points you choose, PinPoints calculates every single route between them. At any point you can go back and alter the calculated route. Multiple location determination You can choose between three different location determinations: your current location, a random spot on the map, or by choosing an address. History of your trips After you have planned and calculated your route you can find it under history and administer or name it there. Beyond that you can change the order of your trips in your History and erase the ones you no longer need. Naming of trips You can name your routes/trips and administer them as you wish. Visualizes beeline or car route on the map If you choose the desired locations the beeline or car route will be shown immediately.   Data shown in KM or Miles The measurement can - according to need and location - be shown in Kilometer or Miles. Simple and lucid menu It cannot be easier: just a few clicks are between the user and the desired route, which will be shown immediately on the map. If you have any suggestions, remarks or occurring errors, please send me an email. You will find the address in the app. Thank you!

Ver 2.18.0
7 day(s) ago
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MBTA Rail provides **experienced** Boston commuters with as much information as possible about the location and status of their trains. This app is designed for seasoned commuters who are already familiar with their line's schedule. Features include: • Near real-time location information (next stop, current stop, GPS location, predicted arrival time, and vehicle speed) • Crowd-sourced information. Is a prediction wrong? Train delayed mid-trip? Wondering if your train is standing room only? Discuss through the "Reports" feature • Boarding track numbers • See your train on a map along with other trains along your route • View historical coach numbers, boarding tracks, and average on time percentages • Full schedule view with predicted arrival times for each stop • Service alerts (delays, cancellations, track changes, etc.) • Works with CapeFLYER! • Clean, user-friendly, and ad-free interface Note: data is sourced directly from the MBTA's real-time feeds which is collected using PTIS equipment installed on the trains. We don't make any predictions ourselves; this app is simply an interface for the MBTA's data. This app is as accurate as the MBTA's data allows us to be. We are NOT affiliated with the MBTA, Keolis, or MassDOT.