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My Pins
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With My Pins you can view all new My Maps data. You can create the Maps in new My Maps on your Desktop, than you can view them in this app. "new My Maps" URL: App features: - no Ads - view the placemark with custom icon. - view the lines and polygons - show full description when click place mark. - some edit features with limitation. - switch to Google Map - Cache map for offline use - iOS8 support This app not support google classic my place.

CoPilot Truck HD USA & Canada – GPS Navigation & Truck Routing with Offline Maps
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Special Offer: Get 33% off for a limited time only. Hurry, offer ends soon. CoPilot Truck is the only GPS app to bring you industry standard PC*MILER routing for truckers. Get connection to real-time ActiveTraffic™ and millions of truck specific POIs. Voice-guided, truck-specific GPS navigation for professional drivers. CoPilot Truck is the only truck-specific GPS to feature industry standard PC*MILER routing. ***** “CoPilot set out to make the absolute best truck driver-specific travel guide software, and basically hit the mark” – CDL Life ***** “Professional truck drivers can navigate safely on routes calculated for the characteristics of their vehicle and cargo. It also improves profitably by providing tools for reducing route mileage, time, tolls and fuel.” – GPS Technology Reviews CoPilot Truck is a fully on-board solution that takes into account truck-restricted and prohibited roads to provide driver’s safe and reliable navigation on truck-legal roads. Using customizable truck dimensions for height, length, width and weight/axel weight, drivers can calculate the optimal route that is both safe and legal, to avoid costly fines and vehicle damage. *TRUCK-SPECIFIC NAVIGATION FEATURES + Safe, accurate, turn-by-turn directions with Text-to-Speech technology to pronounce full street names (Turn right on Main Street) +The latest industry standard PC*MILER routing and truck-specific attributes + Drivewyze PreClear app integration – seamlessly access your weigh station bypass service to save time, money and hassle +Customizable dimensions (height, length, width, axle and weight) for optimal routing +Load specific routing including 30 different hazmat classes and categories +Generate routes based on Practical, Shortest, 53’/102”Trailer or Twins, National Network and Toll Avoidance +Millions of useful Points of Interest including truck specific categories: truck services, truck stops, rest areas, weigh stations and Cat Scales +Fast, automatic re-route calculation, if you miss a turn or go off route *PREMIUM OFFLINE MAPS WITH FREE UPDATES Detailed street-level maps of the U.S. and Canada are stored on-board your phone, so you can navigate without a mobile data connection or burn through your mobile data plan. +Exclusive ALK MapSure™ service provides free in-app map improvements and free map updates *ADVANCED NAVIGATION FEATURES +Alternate Routes: Choice of 3 alternate routes to a destination +Ability to drag the route to fully customize the exact route you want +Lane indicator arrows, real exit sign info and realistic ClearTurnTM view for clear guidance at highway exits and complex interchanges + Speed limit display and audible alerts if you exceed it on major interstates +Clear 3D, 2D and Directions-only driver safety guidance views +Major Roads Preview: A list of only the highways and interstates of the planned route for quick verifications +Connection to real-time live services* - ActiveTraffic™ ---------------------------------------- - Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. *Requires mobile data connection ---------------------------------------- User manual, FAQs and more information available at