edjing Pro - dj controller
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Full HD Pink Wallpapers
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Photo & Video
Ver 11.0
Private Video
2 day(s) ago
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Based on 1140 reviews. (1140 reviews)
Keep people from accidentally seeing your private videos. NO SUBSCRIPTION OR PERSONAL INFO REQUIRED. NO ADS Add a video by filming directly within the application, select existing videos in your Camera Roll, or bulk import very quickly by copying videos into the shared folder while connected to iTunes. Unlock with Touch ID and view Private Access History with the optional Pro Package. Private Video is for personal use only and does not currently support DRM-protected content. Maximum supported video duration and file size is 2 hours and 4 GB.

Photo & Video
Ver 3.1
GoSexy: Body face photo editor
2 day(s) ago
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Based on 3318 reviews. (3318 reviews)
Face and body photo editor to make your pictures and portraits perfect. Transform your ordinary shots and selfies into WOW shots with GoSexy! Over 2900 five star reviews! Look slimmer and taller on your photos. Enhance your selfies and portraits by plumping your lips, lifting your nose and cheekbones. GoSexy has UNIQUE photoshop editing tools. You can change the shape of your photo. Natural-looking and amazing results! GoSexy offers much more than classic photo filters. You can use GoSexy on your iPhone and iPad once you purchase it. For face: Plump lips, petite nose and high cheekbones. Flawless skin. For body: Tall, fit, lean body and impressive curves. What can GoSexy do for you: * GoTall - Look taller on your photos! * GoSlim - Make yourself thinner! * GoSexy - Make impressive curves! * GoFit-Make your body look fit! Slimming effect on belly, waist, arms and legs. * GoBeauty - Smooth texture to your skin. Removes imperfections like pimple, blemish, zit and wrinkles. * GoLipsy - Make your lips plump and shiny! * GoNose - Nose editor! * GoCheek-Lift your cheekbones! Supermodel cheek bones. * GoSoft-Special blur effect on your photos! Blur background. * GoColor - New tool to colorize part of your black & white photo. Want to look gorgeous on your photos? Wondering how the models look so hot on magazines? GoSexy is an easy to use, powerful photo editor app for girls. Retouch your photos with following beauty tools: Breast augmentation, waist slimming, tummy reduction, tummy tuck, hips correction, bun correction, legs lengthening, contouring, arms slimming, legs slimming, correction of wrinkles, moles, nose, face slimming, selfie editor. GoSexy photo editor and portrait enhancer tools: GoTall for body Look taller on your photos. Increase your height and have longer legs on your photos. Look tall and lean with GoTall. GoSexy for body Make impressive curves! Use GoSexy to have great bikini photos. Look great in a gorgeous night dress. Augmentation effect on your body. Make beauty photos. Retouch photos to have plastic surgery effect. Look impressive. GoFit for body Make your body look fit! Slimming photo effect on belly, waist, arms and legs. You can slim your body and have skinny photos. Body fitness effect is easy with GoFit photo editor. GoLipsy for face Plump lips! No more kissing the camera. Plump your lips to have thick, glossy lips. Retouch photos to have lip makeup and plastic surgery effect. Portrait enhancer tool. GoNose for face Nose editor. Nose narrowing and lifting is easy with GoNose. Retouch photos to have nose job, nose surgery effect. Portrait enhancer tool. GoCheek for face Lift your cheekbones! Supermodels have high cheek bones that look amazing on photos. Selfie Cam and photo editor tools Crop, Rotate, Flip-Easily crop, rotate and flip your photos and selfies. Blur and edit photos. Social Share your perfect photos and selfies to get likes. Post beautiful photos on social networks. Impress your friends.

Photo & Video
Ver 3.3.4
Filterloop Pro - Analog Film Filters And Effects
2 day(s) ago
$7.99 -> $4.99
Based on 1901 reviews. (1901 reviews)
ONE TIME PAYMENT Pay once and get access to all Premium content: more that 300 filters and effects in 26 packs! Plus, enjoy the regular Free updates! RECREATE ANALOG PHOTO EFFECTS There is a huge selection of beautiful light leaks, astonishing emulsion effects, grain and scratches. All these will give your images a nice vintage camera look as if they've spent ages in photo albums. MAKE ADJUSTMENTS Adjust saturation, contrast, hue, exposure, vibrance, skin tone, brightness, and more. You’ll get an ultimate toolkit to make your images flawless before moving on to filters. ENHANCE PICTURES When Instagram filters are not enough, Filterloop filter packs come to the rescue with amazing filters that give your photos that stunning finishing touch. Our filters are so subtle and focus on enhancing the image rather than altering it. DEVELOP YOUR OWN PHOTO EDITING STYLE You are free to apply filters with varying opacity levels, and layer effects and filters in any combination and volume. This means millions of different effect combinations for your images. Create your own unique photo editing formula that will be hard to copy! SHARE YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY You’ll find it super-easy to share pictures to Instagram or Facebook. Look up #filterloopapp and visit @filterloopapp on Instagram for inspiration and filter combo ideas! Make sure to tag your picture #filterloopapp to share your talent with Filterloop community! If you want to report a bug or to ask us a question use the option More > Send Feedback Get Filterloop Pro now and make impressive pro-level photo edits!

Photo & Video
Ver 7.2
Typic - Text on Photos
2 day(s) ago
$3.99 -> $1.99
Based on 2857 reviews. (2857 reviews)
Typic is a simple app that allows you to add text to photos. With Typic you can: • Add text to photos. • Make Quotes (Quote Maker, Quote Creator, Quote famous people, Inspirational Quotes) • Make beautiful typographic text layouts. • Design a greeting card. • Make a meme. • Inspire your fans. • Sell stuff on craigslist. • Market your real estate. • Promote an event. • Layout a business card. • Motivate your team. • Design posts for Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and all your favorite Social Media. • Create posters and flyers. • Create designs and logos (Logo Maker, Logo Creator). • Enhance your photos with filters and adjustments. • Create Instant photo mockups in a second. • Add your logo to all of your creations! ------------------------------------------------------------------- Typic has ranked #1 in 82 countries in the Photo & Video category. Featured on the App Store in more than 120 countries in: • Best Of 2014 Selection • Extraordinary Apps • Essential Apps • New Apps We Love • Best New Apps • Plan A Party • Edit Your Photos • Popular Apps • Succesfull Startups • Captions & Designs ------------------------------------------------------------------- (Typic - Text on Photos) includes: • 165 cool fonts to add text to photos. • More than 500 Design Elements (Artworks). • 93 awesome filters. • 26 Light Leak Effects. • 12 Frames. • A 21 color palette. • Color Wheel. • Custom RGB. • Instants (instax) Effect: Fit your photo into a real Instant Photo Frame. • Masking Effect: Mask parts of your text and designs to make them seem like they're behind objects in your photo. • Add your logo to your photos: With Typic you can add up to 4 versions of your company or personal logo, store them in the app, and use them to sign all your photos. This cool feature is great for business, you'll be able to make your own brand stand out on every photo you make! • Export your photos in Portrait, Landscape or Square format. • Share your photos on Twitter, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp and iMessage. • Email your photos to your friends or save them on your iPhone or iPad. How People Are Using (Typic - Text on Photos) - Social media posts. - Birthday cards. - Event invites. - Presentation slides. - Logos & watermarks. - iPhone wallpapers. Enjoy Typic Follow Typic on Instagram: @typicappofficial Follow Typic on Twitter: @typicapp Follow Typic on Pinterest: Like Typic on Facebook: [ Text on Photo / Add Text to Photos / Add Text to Pictures / Write on Photos / Photo Text / Caption Maker / Quote Maker / Photo Caption / Stickers / Typography / Typewriter / Typic / Typic Free / Typic Pro ]

Photo & Video
Ver 1.4.2
4 day(s) ago
$3.99 -> $2.99
Based on 5345 reviews. (5345 reviews)
Apple Design Award Winner of 2017! “The best all-in-one photo editor provides powerful tools that are easy to use." - Apple, Inc. Selected as the *2015 App of the Year* by the App Store in the UK, Australia, Germany, Canada, France, Russia, China and India! Runner-up App of the Year in the US. “...An iPhone-photographer’s dream app...manages to strike the right balance between traditional Photoshop-like controls and artistic filters and effects.” - Karissa Bell, Mashable. _______________________________________________ Wish you didn't have to use so many apps to edit a single photo? You don't. Download Enlight - it’s every photo app you’ve ever needed, wanted, or dreamed of - combined into one powerful, beautifully designed photo editor. More praises about Enlight: #1 Photo and Video App in 128 countries & #1 Top Paid App in 121 countries! “Enlight packs so many features into its clean and easy-to-use interface that it effectively replaces most standalone apps.” - Jason Parker, CNET “Advanced features such as tone curves, custom presets, and amazingly beautiful and customizable filters have made Enlight one of my go-to image editors.” - Ally Kazmucha, iMore “Enlight is a powerful Photoshop-like app, minus the steep learning curve.” - Les Shu, Digital Trends. _______________________________________________ Enlight is the superior way to create stunning images on iPhone. The most comprehensive, highest quality photo editing app so powerful and user-friendly it’ll be the last photo app you ever download. Enlight offers: Image Perfection • Precise & selective control over tone, color, and details • Create and save your own unique presets • Built-in masking within every tool allow you to seamlessly blend effects Analog & Duo Filters • Reproduce the style of classic cameras and vintage film • Revitalize colors with two-toned gradients • Add light leaks and custom vignetting for a retro feel Black & White Photography • Discover the magic of monochromatic photos with darkroom-inspired techniques • Signature presets dedicated to stunning b&w photo conversion • Add artistic touches with film intensity, grain, and fade An Artist’s Dream • Easily convert your photos into artistic masterpieces • Create amazing painterly effects • Convert any image to unique street art • Transform your photos into realistic looking sketches Decorative Touches • Personalize: draw, write, or doodle directly on your image • Decals & special effects add-ons make your photo unique • Add and customize text, borders, frames, and more! Photo Mixer • Overlay two photos to produce a double exposure effect • Create photo montages for impressive surrealistic results • Seamlessly merge photos with various blending modes Intelligent Photo Correction • Instantly repair under or over-exposed photos • Bring out lost details with a simple swipe • State-of-the-art noise reduction tool • Clone/Heal tool allows for seamless removal of defects Power Tools • Bloat, shrink, or reshape specific objects in the photo • Linear, mirror, and radial tilt-shift options to shift focus • Multi-channel curves for ultimate control over image tonality • Universal masking for precise control over every effect Crop Options • Flip, rotate, and straighten crooked photos • Perspective: vary the photo as if taken from a different angle Social Media Heaven • Create funny memes to share with friends • Design unique photo collages with a variety of templates • Share your amazing results directly to social media • Share multiple photos at once Innovative Workflow • Not finished editing? Auto-save photo sessions, continue later • Choice of export quality (JPEG, PNG or TIFF) • Real time 50MP editing on iPad Pro • Real time 35MP editing on iPhone 7/7 Plus, 6S/6S Plus, iPad Air 2 & iPad Mini • Real time 19MP editing on iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 5S, 5, 5C & iPad 3/iPad Mini 2 • Animate your editing sessions to show your workflow Download now!

Photo & Video
Ver 2.0.1
Baby Milestones Live - Photo
5 day(s) ago
$2.99 -> $1.99
Based on 3946 reviews. (3946 reviews)
Adding fun, adorable artwork to your photos is great, but they can seem a little lifeless, right? That is about to change... Baby Milestones Live is the very first App of its kind on the App Store! Now you can select from over 500 pieces of Animated Artwork to add to your photos. (Of course, you can also create still photos using over 1000 pieces of our traditional artwork) We have just added the feature that also saves photos with animated artwork as a video. You can upload the video straight to Instagram and watch them play automatically in your feed. Your friends and followers will be asking you how you do it! If you have an iPhone 6s or later, you will probably have a ton of Live Photos in your gallery - the feature is turned on by default when you take a photo. Live Photos record what happens 1.5 seconds before and after you take a picture. What you get is more than a great photo: a moment captured with movement and sound, perfect to capture the emotions of your adorable children! To work this magic, all you need to do is open Baby Milestones Live, select the Live Photo you want to use then simply add the artwork as normal. You can preview your masterpiece at any time by tapping and holding our special Live Photo Preview icon, then watch your photo come to life. (Check out the preview video to see it in action) You don't need an iPhone 6s or later to create these magical memories of your bump and baby, you can add animated stickers to any Live Photo that is sent to you. If still photos are your main choice, you can still create gorgeous photos with regular artwork - you have over 1500 stickers to choose from! Like GIFs, do you? Well, you will love the GIF export option so you can share them with your family & friends. Your creativity really is the limit! If you want an original way to reveal the gender of your little bean - our unique Gender Reveal artwork is just for you! Create a Live Photo and add the relevant artwork, then when the Live Photo is activated, the artwork will reveal if its a boy or girl - you can even add some fun confetti explosions!! We continue to be one of the most popular Baby Photo apps on the App Store and continue to grow every single day. Don't just take our word for it, check out our reviews... we have had over 2200 ratings and a near 5 (out of 5!) Star Rating! We thank you for being so honest. Here are some reviews left by our happy users: ***** Best App! ***** One of the greatest apps I've found. Love being able to simply edit my daughters photos with such cute designs! ***** Love the app ***** I was planning to buy the baby milestones cards however it was expensive. With this app I don't need to buy the card anymore. Thank you! ***** Prego mom ***** This is such a fun app to have as an expecting mom!! Love it! All these important milestones and artwork are included, plus many more: • Pregnancy weeks and months • Weekly pregnancy stickers with fun, 'Fruit Sizes', Junk Food' and 'Baby Objects' as comparisons - 3 complete packs. • Pregnancy announcements • Birth announcements • Baby's age stickers • Baby firsts labels • Monthly Badges • Everyday Fun • First Doodles • Bump Fun • Seasonal stickers • A complete section for twins, triplets and multiple baby births These are all included at no additional cost - no In App Purchases required. We already know you will love this app, so please help spread the word and rate it on the App Store - it REALLY helps with future updates! Take care, from the small team at My Baby Milestones.