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Week Calendar
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Photo & Video
Ver 2.3
Relight - Better Photos
18 hour(s) ago
$4.99 -> $3.99
Based on 603 reviews. (603 reviews)
Instantly correct lighting and exposure and transform your photos and videos into something extraordinary. Relight is a realtime HDR app with eight unique modes that correct lighting and exposure issues, add artistic HDR effects, enhance details, and more. With single image HDR tone mapping techniques, you can edit your existing photos and you’ll see the effects in your camera preview before you snap - letting you capture HDR images without missing a moment. Relight lets your camera see closer to what you see. Relight also allows you to apply HDR effects to your videos and record live 1080P HDR videos on supported devices. Optimized for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus with 3D Touch Quick Actions, Peek and Pop photo and editing comparison previews. Modes Over 50 artistic and photo enhancement/correction presets across eight special modes: • Enhance - Improve lighting, contrast, and color to give your photos a more natural to the eye look • Low Light - Improve dim lighting and correct exposure problems • Artistic - Add creative HDR effects to your photos • Clarity - Bring out details and enhance local contrast to make your photos stand out • Sky - Enhance contrast in the sky to create a distinct look • Dramatic - Heighten the emotion of your photos with bold lighting • Overexposure - Improve washed out and overexposed photos • Fog - Reduce fog and haze to bring life to otherwise dull photos Features • Universal app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch • Realtime HDR lets you see the effect before you snap, so you don’t miss a second • Full range of adjustments to get just the right look • Over 50 unique color filters to make your photos special • Load photos from your Camera Roll, iCloud, and other Albums • Share your creations on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook • Support for TIFF and other output formats • Transform your videos with HDR effects (requires iPhone 5S, iPad Air, iPod Touch 6 or later) • Record live 1080P HDR videos (requires iPhone 6S, iPad Pro, or later) • Quickly edit your last photo with the Relight Today Widget For more information, visit us at, or follow us on Twitter and Instagram @codeorgana.

Photo & Video
Ver 2.6
2 day(s) ago
$2.99 -> $1.99
Based on 286 reviews. (286 reviews)
LightX is fun and easy way to remove background, create perfect selfies, add color splash effects, blend for double & multiple exposure effects and apply selective editing effects and blur effects. It has all advanced editing tools like Color mixing, Curves, Levels with options to adjust Saturation, Contrast, Exposure, Hue, Shadows, Highlights and numerous other adjustments along with array of filters like Vintage, Retro, Drama, Glow, B&W, Paper texture and many more. LightX removes hassles of using multiple apps to edit a single photo. Just use LightX which provides an advanced Photo Editor with most comprehensive advanced photo editing tools in a very clean and easy to use interface. Take pictures from your camera, edit these pictures to transform into interesting images and share these images with your friends and family. LightX offers: 1. Background remover • Lasso tool to recognise similar regions • Smart erase tool to remove unwanted regions • Finer control to get perfect cutout 2. Selective Editing • Selectively edit your image to give different effects to different regions in your image • Improve your photo with various adjustment tools to change brightness, contrast, exposure, hue, saturation, intensity, shadows, mid tones, highlights, temperature, tint and color • Powerful brush to selectively edit images 3. Unlimited social fun • Create your own stickers and cartoonize them • Superimpose stickers on different background images to wow your friends • Instantly share on Facebook,Twitter, WhatsApp, WeChat,Instagram and other social networks 4. Be Creative • Blend multiple images to create impressive surreal effects • Multiple blending modes like darken, lighten to create double exposure, multiple exposure and numerous other effects 5. Professional Tools for image adjustment • Curve Tone: Adjust tonality of your image using multiple control points in all color channels • Levels: Adjust image histogram to get desired effects in different color channels. • Color Balance: Adjust tonal range in shadows, midtones and highlight regions in all color channels 6. Create Selfie to look your best • Smoothen and rejuvenate your skin • Sharpen your selfie • Remove spots and marks like pimples and blemishes from your face • Change hair color and apply different shades • Whiten your teeth • Reshape your face, body 7. Edit your photos with free, custom designed filters • Daily filters: Different instant filters like Clarity, Grunge, Punch, Lomo, XPro and others • Paper filters: To create different texture and paper looks • Vintage filters: Add different vintage shades to your image • Retro filters: Apply retro shades and different scratch effects to your images • Drama: Give different drama effects to your photos • Glow: Give Glow effects to your photos • B&W: Get classic B&W look in your images 8. Advanced Photo Transform tools • Crop image to preferred aspect ratio • Rotate your image at desired angle • Apply perspective transform to your images and auto fill the regions 9. Artistic • Convert your image into artistic pieces • Create urban/modern artistic image by blending predefined modern arts with your image • Apply amazing water paint,oil paint effect to your image • Add Black and White artistic effects to your image by using stunning black and white photo conversion tool • Add artistic touch to your image by adjusting image intensity, saturation and hue in your image 10. Standard Editing • Apply global adjustments to your image by changing lighting, tonality and color of your image • Apply different focus effects like lens blur, tilt shift and mask blur • Add texts to your image 11. Shape Manipulation • Refine shape of your image using symmetric and point selection • Reshape specific part of your image touch and pinch • Adjust perspective of your image as if taken from different angle Download LightX. On the go photography was never so easy, fast and fun.

Photo & Video
Ver 4.3.5
Big Photo
4 day(s) ago
$2.99 -> $0.99
Based on 187 reviews. (187 reviews)
Best 100 iPhoneography Apps" - 1. Big Photo provides multiple options to enlarge or down size your photos or images to any custom sizes. 2. Big Photo provides crop tool to crop a "small" portion out of your full resolution photos/images, and produce high quality "blow up" results. 3. Big Photo provides capability to view large images or photos over 45MPs (like panoramas) up to 115MP for latest iPhone/iPad, as well as small icons, all in full resolution, and zoom to pixel level. Double tap to zoom in/out. 4. Big Photo provides Rotate/Flip at any angle, support alpha channel (transparent region). 5. Big Photo provides Batch Resizer - resize tens or hundreds of photos in batch mode. (In-App Purchase) 6. Image set generator - Generate a set of images (such as icons) from one single source image. 7. Pick picture from video for editing/saving 8. Scrollable EXIF viewer 9. Work as your device's universal image tool: for images in your emails or other apps, "Open in..." can launch Big Photo to view or edit. ***** "Great app that resizes photos to 200%+ their original size without ruining their quality. Resulting output is similar to that of resizing algorithms in Photoshop. I use this app daily and it always gives me what I want in a timely, stable manner. This app is truly a useful and prized tool in my arsenal of photo apps." - T.M., U.S.A ***** "5 stars for ability to zoom in really close and crop a small portion of a photo in high quality and custom dimensions. The slow and clunky user interface has been fixed in the recent version. It is now a joy to use, and tremendously useful." - Maria, Greece ***** "There are a number of creative apps that are really useful but lack decent resolution output. Big Photo does an excellent job or sampling up and making those other apps more creatively useful... A much needed tool for mobile art and photography. Highly recommend." - Poetry, UK ***** "I am thrilled to have this tool. Thank you to the developers of Big Photo." - HallYoung@Art, USA >>> iOS 7/8 requires you to turn on settings/privacy/photos/Big Photo in order to scroll photo library seamlessly. To turn on settings/privacy/camera/Big Photo for taking pictures. Big Photo does NOT use any of your location or privacy information. (Keywords: full resolution, digital zoom, photo viewer, photo reviewer, crop, resize, scale, rotate, flip, very large photo, very big picture, very large image, huge image, huge picture, huge photo, iTunes File Sharing, photo import, photo export)

Photo & Video
Ver 1.8
Texto - Text on Photos
6 day(s) ago
$6.99 -> $0.99
Based on 227 reviews. (227 reviews)
(Texto - Text on Photos) is a powerful Photo Editor that allows you to: • Add text to photos. • Make perfect pic collage (Photo Collage Maker, Pic Grid, Pic Collage, Collageable) • Make Quotes (Quote Maker, Quote Creator, Quote famous people, Inspirational Quotes) • Make beautiful typographic text layouts. • Design a greeting card. • Make a meme. • Inspire your fans. • Sell stuff on craigslist. • Market your real estate. • Promote an event. • Layout a business card. • Motivate your team. • Design posts for Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and all your favorite Social Media. • Create posters and flyers. • Create designs and logos (Logo Maker, Logo Creator). • Enhance your photos with filters and adjustments. • Create Instant photo mockups in a second. • Add your logo to all of your creations! ------------------------------------------------------------------- Full editing capability inludes features as masking, collage, add text (over 100 cool fonts), add on Graphics (over 440). ------------------------------------------------------------------- This App includes: No in-app purchases! Add text to pictures: More than 100 cool fonts with full editing features: • Essential • Fancy • Trendy • Fun Add Graphics & Illustrations (Over 440): • Basic • Decorative • Banners • Love • Inspiration • Nature • Quotes • LifeStyle • Social Media • Brands • Coffee • Food • Drinks • Family • Baby • Seasons • Party • Animals • Travel • Fitness • Science • Arts • Sports • Christmas Crop Options: Crop freely or use fixed aspect ratios • Flip • Rotate • Straighten Photo Adjustments: Edit precisely every aspect of your image: • Exposure • Contrast • Temperature • Saturation • Highlights • Shadows • Vignette • Opacity • Sharpness Add Filters: The ultimate filter collection with over 70 Awesome Filters divided into cool categories: • B&W • Essential • Light • Film • Selfie • Magic • Favorites Add your logo: Sign your creations with you company logo. Upload up to 6 different logos! Save and Share: Your favorite Social Media platforms to share your creations. • Mail • Instagram • Facebook • Facebook Messenger • Twitter • iMessage • WhatsApp How People Are Using (Texto - Text on Photos) - Social media posts. - Birthday cards. - Event invites. - Presentation slides. - Logos & watermarks. - iPhone wallpapers. [ Add Text to Photos / Add Text to Pictures / Write on Photos / Photo Text / Caption Maker / Quote Maker / Photo Caption / Stickers / Photo Collage / Pic Collage ]

Photo & Video
Ver 3.4
7 day(s) ago
$3.99 -> $2.99
Based on 2974 reviews. (2974 reviews)
Turn your photos into paintings with Brushstroke. Brushstroke transforms your album photos and snaps into beautiful paintings in one touch. Edit, sign, and share your work on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Want your artwork printed? We've teamed up with CanvasPop to provide the best quality canvas prints available. Pick a frame and size, and you’ll have your masterpiece delivered and hanging on your wall in no time. For something extra special, try transforming your videos into incredible moving paintings at up to 4K resolution with Video Paintings. Features: • Automatically transform your photos into one of many painting styles • Load photos from your Camera Roll and other Albums • Take snaps and watch them transform instantly • Experiment with different color palettes • Adjust your painting to get just the right look • Select from a variety of canvases and surfaces • Sign your painting to personalize it • Share your art on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook • Have your art printed and shipped right to your doorstep • Transform your videos into art with Video Paintings (requires iPhone 5S, iPad Air, iPod touch 6 or later) For more information, visit us at, or follow us on Twitter and Instagram @codeorgana. Find out more about CanvasPop prints and their 100% "Love it" lifetime guarantee at