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Pumpkin Meditation & Hypnosis
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Thanksgiving Wallpapers
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Learn Japanese - JLPT N5 N4
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Panographic Photo
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Panography is the photographic art style of taking multiple pictures and arranging them so they fit together like a patchwork. Traditionally artists would spend many tedious hours piecing together multiple prints of a single subject (or scene) then carefully arranging them into a panography. Lucky for you Panographic Photo makes it easy. Try it on a photo of yourself to create an abstract selfie, or use it on your favorite landscape for eye catching scenery—and have fun in the process! Panographic Photo comes with a library of one-touch presets to get you started, and a randomize button that auto generates a variety of panography by pushing it over and over to get something fabulous. Each composition can then be customized by moving, rotating and scaling the photo tiles—the sky is the limit in what can be done! Panographic Photo comes with just enough creative options to make your compositions unique: - Tile Shift button to automatically move tiles in varying amounts - Rotation Shift button to automatically rotate tiles in varying amounts - Image Shift button to automatically rotate image inside photo tile in varying amounts - Size Shift button automatically randomizes the tile to varying sizes - Exposure for adjusting the amount of light in the photo tiles - Edge for setting dark, light or even color to the edges of the tiles for an artistic effect - Curl to bend the corners of the tiles and cast adjustable shadows - Colorize to add color to the photo in various amounts - Background Style will place a color, paper or original image beneath the composed panography - Lighting Tab will change the light strength of the tile’s surface, and the tile’s strength, height and softness EVERY JIXIPIX PRODUCT FEATURES Support for high resolution images and output Undo Randomize Button Quick Previewing Customizable Styles Superior customer service Contact us any time we are committed to your long-term satisfaction!? ___________________________________________ JixiPix turns any photo into a masterpiece.?The only requirement is art appreciation—we’ll take care of the rest! ___________________________________________ JixiPix.Com?Creative Tools for Creative Types Photography | Graphic | Artistic Apps Mac • iOS

Ver 1.4
Sketch Tree Pro - My Art Pad
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Sketch Tree is a mobile drawing application created specifically for creative professionals. Its painting and drawing function is very groundbreaking, with realistic brushes and breakthrough watercolors. The canvas can be enlarged 64 times with a high-precision grid display, and the artwork is accurate to the pixel level. Full-featured painting tools, with over 80 exquisite brushes, erasers, smearing tools, ruler, cutter, filling and roller auxiliary tools, color picker, and an advanced layers system that can import background images and sketching, black ink, color painting, color separation, sharpen layer processings. Adjustment for brush size and transparency, unlimited undo and redo, continuous automatic saving, simple and easy to use interface, even beginners can quickly get started. GPU hardware acceleration, you can create beautiful sketches, fascinating pictures and wonderful illustrations anywhere and anytime. And you can share your works on social networks.   Whereas painting is not only drawing, it also powerfully to edit image. It can bring life photographs with artistic. When you understand it thoroughly, you couldn't part with it. It will become more and more powerful, as it is still progress.   If you find any questions or suggestions, please feedback us by email   Art life, creativity, leaving beauty at around, recording moments, depicting the future. Features: - Over 80 fine brushes, breakthrough watercolor brushes - Smear, Ruler, Roller, Filling, Cutter auxiliary tools - Unlimited Undo and Redo - Advanced layers system - Sketching, Ink Painting and other image processing - 64x magnification, high precision grid display

Ver 2.0.1
47 day(s) ago
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CineScout is an easy-to-use director's viewfinder. Made for filmmakers, by filmmakers. CineScout is designed to be fast, intuitive, and helpful on set. **CineScout is designed to be a compositional aid, and used as a reference. The framing and field of view presented in CineScout may vary slightly when compared to the real cameras.** CineScout allows for previewing cinema camera & lens combinations with no distractions. A beautiful interface allows you to focus on whats in front of the camera. Settings are easily changed while scouting by swiping up with two-fingers. Included is a long list of common motion picture camera & lens sets. To see what lenses & cameras are supported, visit: -Manual Camera Control Precise manual exposure controls that respond to intuitive gestures. -Auto-Save to Photos CineScout can act just like your camera app. Once enabled, photos save right to your photos library in seconds. All formatted to your custom aspect ratio & metadata preferences. -Intuitive Gesture Controls Change lenses, settings, and exposure using tap and swipe gestures. -Record 4K Video Shoot video storyboards in the aspect ratio of your project. -Create Shot Lists Save shots into different lists to organize your projects. -Metadata All photos taken include metadata like lens information, time of day, location, and sunset/sunrise times.

Ver 7.1
Course For Lightroom Classic
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Adobe Lightroom Classic CC is is optimized for desktop-focused workflows. Watch this course, and learn how to organize, edit and retouch your photos to perfection with Lightroom! Designed for professionals, but accessible to users of all levels, Adobe Lightroom Classic CC is a very powerful image cataloguing and editing software. It includes everything you need to organize large digital photo collections. In this course, professional photographer and trainer Hollin Jones shows you how to quickly and easily import, organize, edit and export your photos using Lightroom.