Cytus II
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iStopMotion for iPad
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Jade Empire™: Special Edition
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Ver 1.0
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Connect PhotoDNA to albums in your photo library and see a live overview of your photos through the years! ? One great picture emerge from the collection A dot marks each photo in a 24h scale while the weekly and monthly averages align perfectly with the photos they represent across a vertical line. [ FEATURES ] ? Log times straight from photos simply by selecting albums ? Syncs directly from the photo album no need to reselect photos. ? See things as they get early or late through the year with a glance. ? Print or share the great picture with friends and colleague. ? Feel the year!

Ver 2.8.6
Pic Navi
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Pic Navi is an easy-to-use photo location viewer and editor. What Pic Navi can do: Opening a map to navigate back to photo location. Copying the GPS coordinate of the photo. Adding / Modifying / Deleting the photo's location. Modifying the photo's timestamp. Showing the timestamp in the photo's location (Timezone support) Showing / Inscribing the timestamp inside the photo. To see the map, tap the compass icon. To modify GPS, long-press the icon. To change the appearance of the timestamp, tap the timestamp. To modify it, long-press it.