BeCasso: Photo to Painting App
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Filterious Photo Filters
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File Hub Pro by imoreapps
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Ramped Slow Mo - Speed Graph
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Ver 1.0
AR Size for iPhone and iPad
10 hour(s) ago
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AR Size uses Augmented Reality to measure any distance or size of any object in 3D space with just a single tap.measuring AR turns your iPhone and iPad into a virtual tape measure, Automatically add and subtract several measurements, Measure anything anywhere with just a single tap.

Ver 1.5.6
Translate -Easy Translation
23 hour(s) ago
$9.99 -> $4.99
Based on 480 reviews. (480 reviews)
Easy Translation, as its name suggests, is an easy to use yet powerful full-text translation tool for iPhone users. With support of around 32 languages, this top-of-the-line app, offers the best possible translation for your text. ::MAIN FEATURES:: - Translate your text into 32 foreign languages. - Input your text by typing or speaking. - Copy your text with one tap. - The app can read aloud both source and target texts. An Internet connection is required. ::SUPPORTED LANGUAGES:: - Arabic - Basque - Catalan - Chinese - Chinese (traditional) - Czech - Danish - Dutch - English - Filipino - Finnish - French - German - Greek - Hindi - Hungarian - Indonesian - Irish - Italian - Japanese - Korean - Malay - Norwegian - Polish - Portuguese - Romanian - Russian - Spanish - Swedish - Thai - Turkish - Vietnamese Make your life easier and get your copy now.

Ver 3.41
Speaky - Article Voice Reader
1 day(s) ago
$4.99 -> $3.99*
Based on 369 reviews. (369 reviews)
Too busy to read articles from your favorite websites? Sit back, relax, and listen up as news from any website is magically read back at you with adjustable speeds and multiple accents. How it works? Just link any article in Speaky. It will extract the main content, detect the language and read it out loud to you. You can retrieve content from your favorite websites or from the cloud. "Articles in your Speaky queue play without an internet connection, so you can breeze through a New Yorker treatise as you ride the subway or catch up on world news on your next international flight." - New York Magazine "Speaky is a handy tool that helps you multitask by listening instead of reading. Whether it’s an entertaining article on the Web or an important PDF for work, you can give your eyes a rest or just get more done with this intuitive voice reader." - AppAdvice "The Pocket integration really makes it a lot easier to catch up on those articles you put off on reading." - Lifehacker

Ver 3.1.8
CamScanner - PDF Scanner Pro
3 day(s) ago
$4.99 -> $3.99
Based on 215 reviews. (215 reviews)
CamScanner - PDF Scanner Pro turn your iPhone & iPad into powerful, portable scanner in your pocket. Download this PDF Scanner to scan all kind of your document: bill, receipts, notes, contract, id card, driver license, passport, book or paperwork within a second then to email, air print or store to cloud. Download this CamScanner - PDF Scanner Pro to scan your document via camera very easily and convenience. This Cam Scanner scan your documents via camera to high quality PDF, JPEG files to share, email, airprint, upload to clouds your documents at anytime, anywhere. In this CamScanner provide you setting for various PDF sizes that you can selection: keep original size like image original or A3, A4, B3, B4, B.Card, Letter... No more wondering this the best pdf scanner. In this CamScanner - PDF Scanner Pro you can add your signature to your scanned page and saving your signature to reuse for multiple documents. You also can make highlight for your important words, sentence or any part in your document. In this CamScanner - PDF Scanner Pro you can organize your scan documents to folders by default or naming by your own, you can rename your documents or your saving folder, or you can move documents from folder to folder anytime. By this cam scanner you can re-edit your scanned page anytime you want. You also can delete any page from your document or a specific document. *Smart image processing algorithms: - Auto detect edges and borders of your scanning page. - Auto crop your document base on detected edges and borders. - Auto correct perspective, auto enhance your image quality. - Auto correct color, remove noise of your scanning image. - Auto deskew and despeckle. *Storing, naming, organizing & searching your document for quickly accessing: - Document will be organized by: Folder > Documents > Pages. - Naming & rename your document and folder anytime. - Support moving documents between folders and home directory. - Search your document by name, number of pages, date created. *E-signature: - Draw your signature directly on your device. - Support multiple color selections and stroke for your signature. - Drag & drop your signature on your scanned page. - Save your signature for multiple documents. *Upload Clouds: - Select your document want to upload. - Select cloud you want to upload. - Login by your account if required. - App supported: GoogleDrive, OneDrive and Dropbox. *Features: - Cam scan, mobile scanner - Scan documents, papers - Scan signature, logo, stamp - Auto enhance image, document quality - E-signature, make highlight on document - Export to PDF, JPG - Email, Print, Share, Upload Clouds - Store & organize document by folder, docs and pages.

Ver 5.1.5
GoodReader PDF Editor & Viewer
4 day(s) ago
$5.99 -> $0.99*
Based on 11986 reviews. (11986 reviews)
First released in 2009, GoodReader® marks its 10-year anniversary with a better-than-ever major upgrade, GoodReader 5. It's not easy to outperform ourselves after 10 years of delivering wonderful updates with extraordinary new features, but we did it! Again! Already top in its class, and everybody's favorite go-to tool, GoodReader just got significantly better. GoodReader is a perfect combination of document-reading and file-managing capabilities. It's your one-stop shop for all your document needs when you're on the go with your iOS device. Use the app once, and you'll be hooked. Soon you'll be wondering how you ever managed to work without it. -= File Reading =- PDF, TXT, MS Office, iWork, HTML, pictures, music & audio-books, videos. This is what you can view in GoodReader, plus you can also annotate PDF files and edit TXT files. -= PDF Reading and Annotating =- PDF files is where GoodReader truly shines. Reading experience is so superior, it's hard to describe. To rephrase one of our customers' review, "try it, and you'll see." While you're at it, give our PDF Reflow feature a try. You'll be surprised how much better PDF reading goes when you don't have to scroll left/right all the time, for every single line of text. Annotating PDFs is another star feature of our app. Adding notes and drawings, highlighting text, and then sharing your annotated files or annotation summaries will be your main productivity and collaboration asset. -= File Management =- While reading files is a big part of GoodReader, it's not all it can do. It can also serve as a central hub for all your files, even those that can't be opened by GoodReader itself. It's like bringing your personal computer experience to your mobile device — easily managing huge collections of files and folders will make you forget you don't have your laptop around. -= Connecting =- Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive,, WebDAV, SMB, AFP, FTP, SFTP — these are all accessible from inside GoodReader. Download, upload, and sync individual files or huge folder collections. -= Security =- With GoodReader, your data security steps up to the level previously only dreamt of. With Pro Pack® (*), our new set of professional-level super-features, you'll get AES-256, a military-grade encryption, for all your data, at a price of a cup of coffee! And it's completely independent from the built-in Apple's Data Protection, so even if a hacker steals and unlocks your device, your data will still be protected by another strong layer of security, our own. -= Split-Screen =- A part of the Pro Pack (*) add-on, this wonderful new feature allows you to split an iPad screen in half, to read two files side-by-side. And even two different parts of the same file! -= Privacy =- Our commitment is to never monitor any user activity or gather any analytical data through the app. There are no usernames, profiles or accounts to log in to. Use the tool at your leisure with ZERO monitoring. (*): Pro Pack® is a paid add-on, sold separately from inside the app, as an in-app purchase.

Ver 3.1.1
7 day(s) ago
$29.99 -> $14.99
Not rated
Simply the best way to design custom Gauge Faces or Dial Indicators. Design complex custom gauge faces in just minutes! Designing dial gauges with generic drawing programs, bitmap or vector based, can be extremely time consuming. Instead use your iPad to sketch or draw your gauge ideas quickly and effortlessly. You will not believe how easy it is compared to other solutions. Once completed export your gauge designs as PDF files to print in high quality at any resolution. If you need to design simulator indicators, custom car dial panels, engineering meter dials, or any sort of dial gauges, get GaugeMaster now! GaugeMaster models are composed of any number of the three base layers (arcs, text, and tick marks) which are the key components of most gauge faces. Main features: • Specifically designed for dial/rounded shaped gauge faces. • Extremely easy and fast to create complex gauges. • Unlimited sortable layers to give you full design freedom. • Angle and radius guides and snapping to match layers easily. • Touch based to design quickly and intuitively with your fingers. • Unlimited undo/redo levels. • Tick marks designer feature for easy handling of those pesky tick marks. • Use any font available on the iPad for your dial values. • Render text that beautifully follows your rounded designs. • Dial values can be integer or decimal values, as well as arbitrary text. • Full support for iOS Document Browser to save your files to any destination. • Print your files directly from your iPad if you have a printer configured. • Custom output gauge diameter selection for precise matching to your designs. • Supports importing model files from GaugeLite directly if you have installed GaugeLite 2.2.1 version or later. Sharing options: • Export and import full model files to share with other GaugeMaster users via the Document Browser. • Export in PDF for resolution independent renderings, perfect for high quality printing. • Export into separate PDF files the individual layers of a model. • Export models to the photo album to showcase your designs or share previews.

Ver 5.7.2
Utiful Photo Organizer
7 day(s) ago
$9.99 -> $19.99
Based on 133 reviews. (133 reviews)
Utiful is a new, easier way to organize your photos. It’s the only app that lets you sort out your 'utility' pictures and enjoy a tidy camera roll! You get a separate place for your utility pictures and the ability to move (not just copy!) photos from the camera roll into it. Utiful enables you to move all your utility stuff like your work and hobby related photos as well as your purely private images into a folder structure of your own so they are easily located when you need them, and they don’t stand in the way when you want to view and enjoy your memories. Utiful gives you a separate photo storage for utility pictures, which is a must-have add-on to iOS and its Photos app. Think of it: The iPhone enabled us to keep not only photographs like holiday snaps but also lots of purely functional pictures like bills, recipes, books to buy, screenshots etc. However, all these images get saved in one and the same place and your camera roll becomes a cluttered mess that gives you an uneasy feeling every time you open it. Not anymore! Utiful provides you with a fast and easy filing system for your utility pictures, completely separated from your standard photo library, which beautifully solves the problem! With Utiful, your utility pictures are organized and easy to locate, and your standard photo library is again the home of your real photographs. And here’s how it works, easy as a charm! Utiful enables you to easily create a folder and move to it photos and videos from the camera roll so you can then delete them from the camera roll but keep them in the new folder. And, Utiful allows you to do so straight from the Photos app! A must-have! Move your work, hobby, and private pictures to Utiful to clean up the camera roll and get your memories clutter-free. Sort your utility pictures into Utiful folders to find things quickly when you need them and put an end to the endless scrolling through a messy camera roll. Last but not least, your folder structure is not “stuck” on your device: You can easily export all your Utiful folders and sub-folders to your computer and seamlessly synchronize them between your iPhone and iPad! MAIN FEATURES + Move photos from the camera roll to Utiful folders + File to Utiful folders straight from the Photos app + Organize photos into Utiful folders and subfolders + Easily export your Utiful folders to your computer + Export your Utiful folders to your Dropbox + Protect your Utiful folders with a passcode lock + Sync your Utiful folders to all your iOS devices FEATURES YOU'LL LOVE, IF YOU ARE A... + Scrapbooker: Unlimited nesting of subfolders + Craftsperson/Artisan: Folder sticker labels + Facebook group admin: Upload to group albums + Blogger: Super-easy folder transfer to computer + Designer: Support for Adobe Photoshop PSD + GIF collector: Support for animated GIF images + Photographer: Support for RAW image formats SEAMLESS INTEGRATION + Share to Facebook, Instagram & any other app + Access Utiful from Messages, Mail, WhatsApp + Export folders via AirDrop to other Apple devices + VoiceOver support for blind and low vision users + Drag and Drop support for iPad (iOS 11 & higher) + Integrated in your iCloud and iTunes backups + Online-backup option with the Utiful Cloud Library + Transfer photos and videos to SanDisk drives + Dark mode support ALSO INCLUDED IN THE APP + Tutorial Videos + User's Manual + Feedback & Support Centre + Access to the Utiful Users Group

Ver 4.5.7
Touch Search +
7 day(s) ago
$1.99 -> $0.99
Based on 7 reviews. (7 reviews)
* For this information era Touch Search + is the most convenient tool for most of users * Before "Touch Search" - Tedious & inefficient - Open Web Browser. - Type keywords - Open another tab for another search engine - type keywords - again, again * With "Touch Search" - Type once & Just Touch - No retyping same keywords on every search engine * Special functionality - Customizable Search engines(Search engines, Dictionaries, Shopping sites and more) - Reorder Search engines and former search engines displayed first. - Widget & 3D Touch support - iPad & iPad Pro compatible - Share, Action Extension Support * When you read books or news paper, you can use dictionary * Copy Text, open Widget, Touch "Clipboard" and just Touch, Touch, Touch. * Long Press appicon, type keywords once, and just Touch, Touch, Touch

Ver 1.0
Notes Collector
7 day(s) ago
$9.99 -> $5.99
Not rated
When recording observations the last thing you want to be doing is looking down at your device, struggling with typos, entering times. Notes Collector allows efficient note taking; time-stamping each entry as you make it. Simply tap buttons to record the most commonly recorded events (or most used words), significantly reducing the need for typing. Fallback to the keyboard only when required. Your notes are synchronized to cloud storage, and you may download them in chronological order as CSV, JSON or plain text. Notes Collector supports timestamps to minutes or to seconds; configurable to display and/or export seconds (although they are always stored in case you change your mind.) Dates and/or Times can be exported. Note: Initially developed for monitoring nesting Peregrine Falcons (recording audibles, location activity, territory behaviors) this application can be configured for other time-stamped note taking endeavors: - Behavioral Event Recording (wildlife species, human subjects; students/teachers/patients/other.) - Personal well-being journal or daily notes log. - Marking key time points in interviews for easier post production (e.g. video editing.) - Interview note taking. Notes Collector supports multiple keyword sets.

Ver 2.1
Sampling Calculator
23 day(s) ago
$7.99 -> $5.99
Not rated
The sampling calculator conforms to ANSI/ASQ Z1.4 2013 and MIL-STD-105E Standards. NOTE: This calculator may be used as an aid to faster calculate the sampling plan needed, and always in conjunction or with the basic knowledge of the ANSI/ASQ Z1.4 standard. It does not replace the standards mentioned above. The sampling calculator covers single sampling size code letters I, II, III, S1, S2, S3 and S4. Normal, Tightened and Reduced with AQLs from 0.065 to 15.

Ver 12.2.3
RF-Toolbox Pro
47 day(s) ago
$8.99 -> $6.99
Based on 28 reviews. (28 reviews)
Specialized on high frequency electronics for RF professionals, radio amateurs and students. RF-Toolbox is based on the popular Electronic Toolbox from Marcus Roskosch. This app contains some of the common tools from Electronic Toolbox but contains a wide range of additional tools, specialized for high frequency electronics, RF professionals, radio amateurs and students. Currently RF-Toolbox consists of totally 79 tools and like with Electronic Toolbox, there are more to come over the time. Featurelist: ? PCB Trace Width (Internal and external Traces) ? PCB Trace Resistance ? PCB Trace Impedance (various trace types e.g. Microstrip, embedded Microstrip, Symetric and Asymetric Stripline, Wire Microchip, Wire Stripline, Edge Coupled Microstrip and Stripline) PCB Crosstalk (Microstrip and Stripline) ? LC L/T/Pi Match calculation ? Coax Cable calculation (Standard and individual Types) ? Amplifier and Attenuator cascade calculation ? SWR / Reflection / Return loss conversion ? Power Divider (Branchline, Ratrace and Wilkinson) ? Capacitor Plate calculation ? RLC Parallel, Series and Circuit calculation ? Noise Figure conversion ? Skin Depth calculation (various materials from Aluminum to Silver) ? Butterworth Filter (also with plot of filter chart) ? Chebyshev Filter (also with plot of filter chart) ? R-C, L-C, R-L High/Low/Band-Pass Filter ? RF Units conversion (quick conversion of frequently used units) ? Air coil inductance calculation ? Resistors, Capacitors, Inductors in Parallel / Series And there is much more... ? Aktive Filter calculation tool ? Antenna calculation tool ? Delta Star calculation ? Cable length / ampacity tool ? PTC / NTC Temperature Resistance conversion ? AC Ohms law tool ? Zener diode circuit calculation ? Constant current source tool ? ASCII Table ? Desktop calculator ? Resistor/Capacitor/Inductor combinations tool ? 4-20mA conversion tool ? Passive cooling calculator ? Audio Oscilloscope Please check out more screen shots on my website (WEBSITE Link on the left side). If you have questions, please feel free to contact me by using the Support button here, inside the App or on my website. Thank you! Marcus Roskosch