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Winterlore I
$0.99 -> Free
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Based on 91 reviews.

Game Dev Story
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Injection Tracker & Reminder
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Ver 9.3.1
MobileFamilyTree 9
2 hour(s) ago
$29.99 -> $14.99
Based on 1091 reviews. (1091 reviews)
Discover your personal family history! Genealogy gets a facelift with MobileFamilyTree 9: modern, interactive, convenient, and fast. Explore your family tree and your family history in a way that would have amazed generations of chroniclers before you. Create visually impressive charts, evaluations, reports, and books, navigate through the Interactive Family Tree or Virtual Tree 3D view and experience genealogy in a whole new way. FULL-FEATURED GENEALOGY • Designed specifically for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch to make full use of Apple’s latest technologies • Clear and easy-to-use interface • Show your family tree: charts, reports, views, and lists • CloudTree Sync&Share: real-time sync and collaboration • GEDCOM import and export: exchange information with other applications • Use MacFamilyTree to continue your research on your Mac (sold separately) RESEARCH AND PUBLISH • FamilySearch: Billions of genealogical entries • Export charts and reports in a wide range of formats • Easy sharing of charts/reports • Print via AirPrint WIDE RANGE OF REPORTS AND LISTS • Person, family, and kinship reports • Narrative report • Places list, events list, anniversary list • Particularities report • Map report • Person analysis • Lists of persons • Marriage lists • Plausibility report • Sources list • Descendancy report WIDE RANGE OF CHARTS AND VIEWS • Hourglass chart • Ahnentafel • Timeline • Double Ahnentafel • Statistic maps • Name distribution chart • Fan chart • Relationship chart • Genogram chart HIGHEST LEVEL OF DATA PRIVACY • Your data will be stored locally ... • ... or encrypted and stored on iCloud • You decide what happens to your data • Persons and entries can be hidden from export What's new in Version 9: NEW USER INTERFACE • Modern look • More logical structure • Easier and more comfortable to use COMPLETELY NEW CHARTS • Can be fully customized to your needs • Countless display templates to choose from • Significantly faster rendering, making full use of your graphics board/GPU's performance • Drastically improved tree charts, showing all persons belonging to a given tree • Countless layout and display upgrades for all charts COMPLETELY NEW REPORTS • Many style templates to choose from • Fully adaptable to your own ideas • Export as CSV (compatible with Numbers and Excel), plain text, RTF, or PDF SUPPORTS DNA TESTS • Store DNA test results • Supports yDNA, mtDNA, and atDNA tests CLOUDTREE SYNC & SHARE 2.0 • Share databases of any size with friends, family or between your own devices • No more limitation to 5000 entries • Considerably faster and more efficient sync • Faster invitations to other people MORE • Numerous database upgrades: Birth order of children can now be specified without a date of birth, precise mapping of adoptive and step relationships & much more... • Supports family crests & author information • Specify and store alternative names for places • New help guide system: Click the question mark icon to instantly display instructions for the section at hand • Supports Apple's latest technologies: Handoff between MacFamilyTree & MobileFamilyTree, charts use Core Animation, interactive tree uses Metal View a complete and impressive list of innovations at

Ver 2.3.0
Duet Display
2 hour(s) ago
$14.99 -> $9.99*
Based on 30485 reviews. (30485 reviews)
#1 best-selling iPad app in US, Japan, UK, Germany, and 17 other countries! Duet turns your iPad or iPhone into the most advanced extra display for your Mac & PC. Developed by a team of ex-Apple engineers, Duet offers unparalleled performance and display quality - all with zero lag. — DO MORE — Be twice as productive by multitasking with two screens. And for those that travel, have a portable way to stay productive. — INCREDIBLY SIMPLE — To get started, plug your iPad into your desktop using your charging cable. The free Duet desktop app will automatically detect your device, and transform it into a high performance touchscreen display. There’s no need to worry about unreliable Wi-Fi, laggy performance, pixelated screens or managing network passwords. — TOUCHSCREEN — Interact with Mac & PC like never before, with touch & gestures, including two-finger scrolling, pan and zoom. And with our latest release, you can even add a touch bar to any iPad with any Mac. — PERFECT FOR APPLE PENCIL — With Duet Pro, you can turn your iPad and Apple Pencil into a professional graphics tablet. We’ve re-engineered our rendering algorithms for ultra-responsive drawing, optimized specifically for designers, illustrators and artists. Duet Pro also unlocks pressure & tilt sensitivity, hover, palm rejection, and more to seamlessly draw in the most powerful programs for professionals. Get precise control in Photoshop, Corel Painter, Lightroom, ToonBoom, Illustrator, Manga Studio and more.  — PRESS — TechCrunch - "Feels Like Magic" TIME - "Getting Work Done Faster and More Efficiently" The Guardian - "Lag-free" Forbes - "The simple thing to note is this...Duet Display works." The Verge - "Glorious Fluidity" Lifehacker - "It's fast, easy to use, and works great" Business Insider - "Zero lag and true retina resolution” Wall Street Journal - “It’s as easy as just plugging it in" — REVIEWS — “Awesome! My iPad Pro can be an extra monitor! Cool app” ~CEO of T-Mobile, John Legere “Very smooth and responsive indeed, plus you could use the touch screen to “click” on screen interfaces!” ~Photographer, Lok Cheung “Love the ability to use my iPad as a monitor with Duet.” ~Former Chief Evangelist of Apple, Guy Kawasaki “Just started using this app called Duet… Kinda love it so far.” ~Comedian and Youtube, Phillip DeFranco “All my mac folks look at the Duet app… GREAT!” ~Actor and Comedian, Sinbad  "I really like the app, I suppose the biggest compliment I can give is that it's so easy to setup it almost seems like an Apple product.” ~Early Adopter, M. Nightingale "Amazing solution for me by the way. Works as I was hoping for and actually my main reason for getting an iPad : )” ~Early Adopter, M. Gemzoe Duet Works With: All iPhones and iPads with iOS 7.0 and later All Macs with 10.9 (Mavericks) and later All PCs with Windows 7 and later Duet Pro Works With: All iPad Pros with Apple Pencil All Macs with 10.9 (Mavericks) and later All PCs with Windows 8.1 and later (64 bit) Duet Pro is an optional upgrade for additional features, and price may vary by location. Duet Pro subscriptions will be charged to your credit card through your iTunes account. Your subscription will automatically renew unless canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. You will not be able to cancel the subscription once activated. Manage Duet Pro in Account Settings after the optional upgrade. Learn more at Terms: Privacy Policy:

Ver 4.4.11
Shift Keyboard - Swipe & Type
1 day(s) ago
$3.99 -> $2.99
Based on 281 reviews. (281 reviews)
Add a fully functional keyboard to your Apple Watch with Shift Keyboard. * As featured on 9to5Mac, Cult of Mac, AppAdvice & * Typing messages on your Apple Watch can be chore - Scribble doesn't always work and Voice Dictation isn't great in public spaces. What’s wrong with using a traditional keyboard? By adding a full QWERTY, AZERTY or QWERTZ keyboard to your Apple Watch, you can easily reply to your iMessages quickly and privately. Shift Keyboard contains these great features: FULL KEYBOARD Add a full QWERTY, AZERTY or QWERTZ keyboard to your Apple Watch. Keys are easy to press and there’s support for key previews as you swipe along the keyboard. SWIPE KEYBOARD The first swipe-to-type Apple Watch keyboard is now in Shift Keyboard! Haptic feedback will confirm you’ve entered a character and you can use the Digital Crown to scroll through possible words. It’s available in QWERTY, AZERTY or QWERTZ layouts too. PRECISE KEYBOARD If you’re finding the other keyboard layouts too difficult to use, you can switch to the Precise layout instead. Available in Alphabetical, QWERTY, AZERTY or QWERTZ layouts, you can scroll through a larger set of keys for maximum precision. SUGGESTIONS As you’re typing, you can complete words using the Suggestions bar above the keys. Tap on a suggestion to replace the current typed word with the full suggestion. Great for improving speed on the small screen! Access all suggestions by tapping the ellipsis icon next to the first two suggestions. CORRECTION Whilst typing, if you make a mistake, Shift Keyboard will automatically replace the incorrect word with one it thinks is correct. If it guesses wrong, just turn the Digital Crown to select another one - or your original typed text. OTHER CHARACTERS Shift Keyboard has full support for adding symbols, numbers and other special characters. EMOJI Unlike the built-in Messages app, Shift Keyboard supports adding an unlimited amount of emoji to a single message! Simply select the emoji you’d like to add from the emoji picker and it’ll be appended to your message. Your top 10 most recent emoji will even be suggested the next time you tap the emoji button. MESSAGE PREVIEW Before sending your message, just tap the text field to view a full preview of your message. SENDING Shift Keyboard uses the built-in Apple Messages app on your Apple Watch to send messages to your contacts. Type out your message, tap the send button and you’ll be taken to the Messages app with your message ready to go! HAPTICS Choose to receive Haptic Feedback on actions like key presses and button actions. COMPLICATION For quick and easy access, you can add the Shift Keyboard Complication to your Watch Face. Just tap and the keyboard will launch. GESTURES Use a swipe left gesture for backspace or a swipe right for a space for quick typing. Full keys for both of these functions are also available too. AUTO CLEAR After typing out your message and sending to a contact, you can choose to automatically clear the keyboard so you don’t have to clear it yourself. If your message gets cleared, you can easily get it back by holding down on the text field. CURSOR Whilst typing on the Full keyboard, you can see exactly where you are with the pulsing blue cursor. SETTINGS Customise Shift Keyboard your way. Access the Settings menu by using the options button on the keyboard and you’ll be able to change the layout and toggle auto correct, suggestions & haptic feedback. APP STORE No need to install the iPhone app, you can get Shift Keyboard directly from the App Store on your Apple Watch. Troubleshooting steps are available on iPhone. Get in contact: Email: Twitter: @adamfootdev Website: Please note, a supported Apple Watch is required for full app functionality. Currently, sending messages in the Apple Watch app only supports the built-in Apple Messages app using iMessage or SMS.

Ver 16.3
Scanner App + Scan Doc Fax PDF
5 day(s) ago
$6.99 -> $5.99*
Based on 211 reviews. (211 reviews)
Scan and OCR documents in seconds, draw lines, enter texts, fill forms, collage, and sign. Share as PDF / JPEG by email, WiFi file sharing, cloud storages, smb, webdav, and fax. Scan & OCR: - Quickly scan paper documents, whiteboards, business cards, books, posters, receipts, and everything to make them sharp and clear to read. - Auto detect document boundary to correct the perspective distortions efficiently. - Remove background shadows and sharpen text in the "Color" / "B & W" mode. - Adjust photo brightness and color saturation in the "Photo" mode. - OCR / Recognize text from scanned images and export result as txt or docx files. Photo Collage: - Combine multiple pages into one sheet. It's very useful especially when you need to print multiple pages (e.g. two sides of ID cards) on one A4/Letter paper. Save & Print: - All scans are saved as JPEG files and can be exported as PDF files from selected pages. - Print scans wirelessly in AirPrint supported printers. PS: Upgrade to Pro version for saving more than 20 pages. Folder Browse & Note: - Organize pages in different folders to classify your scans. - Show page thumbnails in the grid layout, tap a thumbnail to zoom in, and swipe left / right to navigate pages. - Add texts on any page easily. - Draw annotation or sign on pages. - Password protects documents and generated PDFs. Fax: - In-app fax sending and receiving is convenient especially when you are out of office or have no fax machine at all. You will receive a push notification when a fax is sent or received successfully or failed for what reason. - Fax documents to over 100 countries instantly (cost calculated by the number of pages and recipient country and paid via in-app purchase). - Receive a push notification when a fax is sent / received successfuly or failed for what reason. - Receive faxes with non auto renewable subscription which supports dozens of countries (we kept adding more) for users to subscribe a fax number for receiving faxes. - Deny all faxes when no need to receive any fax. Export / Share Files: - Transfer all your documents from one device to another - Email as JPEG / PDF - Open In other apps as JPEG / PDF - Save to photo albums - Upload to iCloud Drive, Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, Box, OneDrive, SMB (Win / Mac / NAS), and WebDAV as JPEG / PDF - Open web browser on PC to download JPEG files via WLAN (WiFi Local Area Network) directly Import Files: - Import JPEG from other apps as image source for crop and perspective correction and image enhancement - Import PDF from other apps as scanned pages - Import PDF/JPEG from cloud storages Backup and Restore documents: (paid function via in-app purchase) - Backup your documents safely to Mac / PC. Whenever you buy a new phone or lose access to your old one, you will still be able to restore them. - Restore deleted documents manually. It is very useful especially when you accidentally delete important documents. - Restore to any date like a time machine. You can keep multiple backups on different dates. Tip: For best edge detection, please place your documents in high contrast to the background, i.e. put your white paper on a dark table. Your feedbacks are very important to us. Please contact ScannerApp Pro customer service at for resolving problems before submitting feedback in Appstore.

Ver 2021.3
Remote KeyPad & NumPad [Pro]
5 day(s) ago
$3.99 -> $1.99
Based on 458 reviews. (458 reviews)
Turn your iPhone or iPad into a powerful and elegant keyboard extension with numbers and navigation pads. Create custom keypads for your professional tools to boost productivity. Move freely and control your computer from across the room. No line of sight is required - the app uses WiFi to connect to your computer. Setup is both quick and easy, just download the helper app from my website and install it on your computer and that's it. The app exists since 2016 and has been downloaded more than 300,000 times and received very positive reviews both from users and from the press. It's actively maintained and receives frequent updates with new and exciting features. MAIN FEATURES - Numbers block - Navigation block ADVANCED FEATURES - Create custom keypads to control apps and websites - High customization of the app interface - History of connected devices for quicker re-connection - Wake On LAN REQUIREMENTS - Mac with macOS 10.10 or newer - PC with Windows 7 SP1 or newer - Free helper app, available at - Shared network connection, WiFi or Personal Hotspot, see

Ver 17.6
Doc Scan Pro - PDF Scanner Fax
5 day(s) ago
$6.99 -> $5.99*
Based on 471 reviews. (471 reviews)
Scan and OCR documents to produce high-quality images. Enter texts, fill forms, sign, draw, collage, and send. Share as PDF / JPEG / TXT / Docx by email, FAX, SMB, Cloud Services, WebDAV, and iTunes / WiFi file sharing. Transform your iPhone / iPad into a pocket scanner and photo collage maker. Instantly scan multi-page documents and send them out on the go. What DocScan Pro can help you: - Sign and email business contracts and fill forms on the road. - Archive receipts and coupons. - Convert notes, sketches, and business cards to digital copies. - OCR / Recognize text from scanned images and export result as txt or docx files. - Save books and articles for later reading. - Create meeting minutes or memo from whiteboard discussion. - Photo Collage: Combine multiple pages into one sheet. It's very useful when you need to print multiple pages (e.g. two sides of ID cards) on one A4/Letter paper. - Scan QR codes from camera or photo albums to open URL, phone call, emails, and add contacts ...etc. - Transfer all your documents from one device to another. KEY FEATURES Experience Fast Scanning with High-quality Images: - Fast Auto Detection: Detect document borders from a picture. - Auto Capture document when it's detected. - Correct perspective distortion: Advanced algorithms help you correct perspective distortion, while you can manually adjust the crop area. Makes even curled pages readable. - Image Edit: Remove shadows and adjust the brightness to produce a high-quality image document, especially useful in a Low-Light environment. - Text Edit: Enter texts to fill forms, highlight, annotate, or sign on the scanned image. - File Naming Rules: Save your time to name new files in advnace. Create your own naming rules. Protect Your Privacy: - Password Protection: Set a password to protect your documents in a folder from unauthorized view. Keep Track Of Your Documents: - Search documents by name. - Organize documents with folders: Use a Folder List to switch between folders quickly with a single tap. - Create, merge, delete, duplicate, rename, move, import, and export documents. Share and Export Your Scans: - In-App Fax: Send and receive faxes when you are out of office or have no fax machine at all. Fax documents to over 100 countries instantly (price calculated by the number of pages and recipient country and paid via in-app purchase). ​Perfect for business or personal use. You will receive a push notification to remind you of a fax status: Whether it is sent or received successfully​ or failed to deliver. - Support upload to iCloud Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, Box, OneDrive, Google Drive with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) option, SMB (Win / Mac), and WebDAV. - Print documents via AirPrint. - Export documents to Photo Albums. - "Open In" Other Apps, i.e. iBooks, Kindle ...etc. - Accessed directly from iTunes file sharing or WiFi file sharing. - Email documents as PDF or JPEG files. Import Files: - Import JPEG from other apps as image source to crop, correct perspective, and enhance. - Import PDF from other apps as scanned pages. - Import PDF/JPEG from cloud storages. Backup and Restore Documents: (paid function via in-app purchase) - Backup your documents safely to Mac / PC. Whenever you buy a new phone or lose access to your old one, you will still be able to restore your files. - Restore deleted documents manually in case you accidentally delete important documents. - Restore to any date like a time machine. You can keep multiple backups on different dates. Receive Faxes: (non-auto-renew subscription) - Support dozens of countries (we kept adding more) for users to subscribe for a number to receive faxes. - Deny all faxes when no need to receive any fax. Tip: For best border detection, please place your documents against a high contrast background, i.e. put your white paper on a dark table.

Ver 5.5.3
Time Clock Helper
5 day(s) ago
$2.99 -> $1.99
Based on 187 reviews. (187 reviews)
Use this app to quickly calculate how many hours you worked in a day using a standard time card. There are two ways to input values. The first view allows you to pick a time using a scroll wheel and then press the location you want that time to go into. If you swipe left or right you can change to a manual entry mode. In this mode, you simply press the number you want to change and then use the keyboard to enter a new time. You can press next to go to the next field, or done to finish. If you don't need certain punches, such as a lunch, use the checkboxes next to the times you don't want. It now allows you to record the total hours for more than one day. You can also view all the recorded days - up to 400 at the current time. Recording a time couldn't get easier. Simply press the add to total button and it's done. To view the days press on the label showing the current total hours and a new view will open. The add to total button will turn red whenever a change has been made to one of your punches. In the days box you can scroll up and down to view all the days recorded. You can also delete days by pressing on them and answering the prompt. If you want to clear them all press the clear all button on the bottom. If you would like to e-mail the times to someone press the e-mail button. Press done when you are finished to return to the entry screen. This app also allows the option to select different rounding options. Many work places round to the nearest 6 minutes, or 15 minute increment and this app now allows that in it's calculations. To change options, simply press the setting button and change the settings, or go into the device settings and change it for the app. You may also show the date the time was added to the total by going into setting and changing the show date option. You can also change it back to show just the day numbers. You can also show the total time recorded in a decimal format or in an hours and minutes format by going into setting and setting the show as decimal option. The app is pretty straight forward and simple. If you have any problems, or additions you would like to see send me an e-mail and I will attempt to fix them in the next version. Please take the time to review the app if you find it useful.

Ver 1.2.0
Note - Beautiful Notes App
7 day(s) ago
$3.99 -> $0.99
Based on 454 reviews. (454 reviews)
●● Simple & Modern Notes App ●● Please first install and try! Because the app size is small! This notepad is a new app that incorporates the familiar iPhone experience and the latest iOS design. ● Features AUTO SAVE Notes are automatically saved without pressing the Save button. CHARACTER COUNT The number of characters in the notes (memo) is automatically counted and displayed. In addition to the number of characters, the number of paragraphs is also displayed. TAG MANAGEMENT You can easily categorize by tagging notes. Add tags freely, such as "Shopping" or "To Do"! Notes with tags are automatically classified like folders, making it easy to find. You can choose colors and icons for tags, so make your own original tag! SHARE You can share the memo contents by exporting them from the notes form top button. ● Simple You can start using it immediately with a simple operation. It is a notes (memo) app with a beautiful design because it omits complex functions. With the usual iPhone-like feel, you can use it intuitively. ● Modern A beautiful and modern design that matches the latest iOS is adopted. The screen animation is smooth and vibrates in small increments when the button is tapped. There are a lot of ingenuity that makes operation fun! Please review this app when you can.