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Week Calendar
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Ver 11.1.5
Week Calendar
36 min ago
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Based on 8441 reviews. (8441 reviews)
***** BEST CALENDAR APP WORLDWIDE ***** Whether you use iCloud, Exchange or Google calendar, Week Calendar is the most user friendly and the all-round calendar app worldwide for everyone that needs to get the most out of their calendar app. Does your ordinary iPhone or iPad calendar give you insufficient insight and options? Then Week Calendar is the solution for you. CALENDAR CLARITY Week Calendar provides a clear and detailed overview based on day, week, (mini)month or year level. Week Calendar breaks through the limitations of the standard calendar and adds functionality to improve your calendar usage. PACKED WITH USEFUL FUNCTIONS Move your appointments by simply dragging, copying and pasting. Clear up a busy schedule by assigning different colors to various appointments and events. Powerful reminder functions make sure you’ll always remember your events. Customizable week numbers or repetitive options and many other functions suited to your own personal needs. FAST AND EASY TO USE Adding, repeating and moving events is much easier with Week Calendar. With a magnificent user interface and intuitive usability, Week Calendar is a pleasure for both regular as well as power users. SUBSCRIBE TO HOLIDAYS, SPORTS AND OTHER EVENTS Add additional subscriptions to sports games, national holidays and more to your calendar from the Calendar Store. MOST IMPORTANT FEATURES ? Apple Watch app (iPhone) ? Magnificent overview of your appointments and events ? Viewing all your events for the week at one glance ? Calendar overview by day, week, month and year ? Simply relocate events using drag and drop ? Quickly add events on the right time using tap-and-hold ? Completely adaptable and customizable Tools menu to quickly change appointments and events ? Invite participants / share appointments and events by e-mail, Messages, WhatsApp ? Local calendar invite, enabling you to send invitations using a local calendar too. ? Works without setup for all calendar services supported by iOS (iCloud, iCal, Google, Exchange, Outlook, CalDAV, Birthdays, Subscriptions) ? Attachments ? Pinch to zoom ? Various icons for different events ? Link contacts to events ? Rotates with screen ? Event templates ? Easy-to-read widget ? Advanced recurrence rules ? Customizable display ? Time Zone Support ? Navigate with: Apple & Google Maps, Citymapper, Garmin, Here, iGo,, Moovit, MotionX, Navigon, Sygic, TomTom, TransitApp, Waze, Yandex, ???? ? Alternate Calendars (Chinese, Hebrew, Indian, Islamitic & Persian) ? Batch operations ? Full customization of events ? Adaptable week numbers ? Available in many languages Do you have questions, complaints, or comments? Please share them with us at You can also find the most frequently asked questions and tips on using Week Calendar on our website.

Ver 8.3.4
MobileFamilyTree 8
2 day(s) ago
$17.99 -> $8.99
Based on 233 reviews. (233 reviews)
MobileFamilyTree 8.3 launch sale! 50% Discount only for a short time. Immerse yourself in the world of mobile genealogy and experience the first and only full-featured genealogy application for iPhone and iPad. MobileFamilyTree 8 offers all the features you'd expect from a powerful genealogy application – and it's all right on your iOS device. You don't need a Mac or PC – MobileFamilyTree provides the full functional range of modern genealogy software. Nonetheless, MobileFamilyTree 8 and MacFamilyTree 8 (sold separately at the Mac App Store) are able to work together seamlessly and may optionally be synchronized via iCloud. Brand-new and unique: CloudTree Sync&Share (iOS 10 required) MobileFamilyTree 8.1 comes with the brand new CloudTree feature - it is now possible for the first time to work on the same family tree with any number of users and in real time. All changes to your tree will be transferred and available to all other users invited by you within a few seconds. CloudTree operates in compliance with the highest data protection standards. Create or edit your family tree with the help of our intuitive Interactive Tree or use a wide range of convenient charts and reports to explore even the smallest details of your family history. Take photos or videos of your relatives directly from within the app! You may optionally keep your tree synchronized via iCloud or use the GEDCOM file format to exchange data with almost any Mac or PC-based genealogy app out there. Or try FamilySearch, the world's largest genealogy archive, to do your research right from the comfort of your home - it's absolutely free of charge! MobileFamilyTree 8 Overview: General - Well-structured, fast and easy-to-use user interface - The first and only full-featured genealogy app for iOS CloudTree Sync: MobileFamilyTree automatically syncs any changes across multiple devices - CloudTree Share: Invite other users to work on the same family tree with you. Any changes will be synchronized and available on other users' devices in a matter of seconds. - Use all the features you know from desktop-based applications - Can be used as a standalone app - MacFamilyTree not required - Full support of GEDCOM export and import - Impressive charts and maps Research and discover - Use the new Interactive Tree, Research Assistant or Table View to enter your data - Integration of FamilySearch, the world's largest genealogy archive - Take photographs or videos directly from within MobileFamilyTree 8 - Use the Task List to stay on top of your research - Powerful media browser and places administration Reports and lists - Numerous report options such as Person Report, Family Report, Kinship Report, Narrative Report, Places List, Events List, Special Features Report, Person Analysis, Anniversaries, Person Lists, Marriage Lists, Plausibility Report, Source List, Task List, Map Report, Descendant Report, and more. Charts - Numerous chart and view options such as the Hourglass Chart, Ancestor Chart, Timeline, Double Ancestor Chart, Statistics, Name Distribution (by first and last names), Statics Maps (based on Apple Maps), Fan Chart, Kinship Chart, Genogram, the three-dimensional Virtual Tree or Globe. Online features - Synchronize your data via CloudTree - FamilySearch: access the world's biggest genealogical archive with several billions of genealogical records right from the comfort of your home. No additional cost or subscription fees! Display and Present - Do you own an Apple TV? Present the Interactive Tree, the Virtual Tree and any type of chart or report on your TV or via a video projector - Share any type of chart or report via email, or as an exported GEDCOM file

Ver 1.3.0
Better Habits: Real Motivation
3 day(s) ago
$2.99 -> $1.99
Based on 151 reviews. (151 reviews)
Get the motivation you need to track habits you want with the best habit app on the market. Better Habits is the only habit tracker that is backed by scientific research. With features including streaks, custom difficulty settings and a smart progress bar that grows or SHRINKS based on your performance. Full features: - Backed by science - Lose progress if you don’t perform - Difficulty setting for each habit - See your current streak and best streak - See you progress over time, the peaks and valleys - Intelligent affirmations of progress - No monthly fee - No in-app purchases - No ads - Set a reminder for each habit - Nag alerts that will annoy you until you do the action - See your total lifetime actions performed - See a full history of every action performed - Full accessibility and voiceover support The Better Habits app has become one of the best apps to help you change your habits. The best habit app is not a goal-setting, stat-tracking, or coach-networking app. It’s a smart goal tracker that is laser-targeted on forming habits that last. Forty-five percent of all daily behavior is habit. Changing those habits can be incredibly difficult and many, unfortunately may never succeed at doing so because they don’t have a reliable habits building app that lets you track your daily tasks and build strong habits. It IS possible to change your core habits and many Better Habits users already have. We tap into your natural pain/pleasure triggers as you track your habits. You are rewarded for performance with visual anchored progress. When you fail to perform, you lose portions of that progress. Rather than a static, black and white, ‘all or nothing’ answer, we offer a sophisticated living algorithm that is backed by science and flexible to fit everyone. This is why many people all over the world consider our app to be one of the best habit-forming apps available. The app is deceptively simple, and users are stunned at why — and how well — it works. Behind its elegant surface and easy interaction, is a union of serious study and complex technology that gently guides you along the path to success. It’s time to form better daily habits and better your life.

Ver 2.0.1
Linea Sketch
4 day(s) ago
$9.99 -> $4.99
Based on 130 reviews. (130 reviews)
Linea Sketch gives you the right balance of power and control to capture your thoughts and ideas effortlessly. The focus stays where it belongs: on your creations, not on the tools. What People Are Saying: ? The best possible sketching experience whether you are drawing, prototyping an app interface, storyboarding, taking notes, or something else. - MacStories ? The color swatch in Linea is fantastic...It fits a spectrum of color options into a very compact space. - 9 to 5 Mac ? Linea is approachable for all – and will quite likely prove to be useful and enjoyable by all. - SlashGear Why Linea Sketch? • Easy Colors - Choose from a wide range of pre-defined colors, or customize colors with a single tap. Auto generated tints & shades saves time and effort. • Minimal UI - Every control is designed to stay out of your way until you need it. Linea Sketch’s elegant interface puts the focus on your creations. • Move / Transform - Lasso part of your sketch, move it, rotate it, resize it. Transform your creations quickly & easily. • Elegant Layers - Simplified set of layers that can be easily rearranged, merged & adjusted. Import images for reference or to trace on top of from Files, Dropbox & more. • ZipLine - An intuitive way to make straight lines and polygons. Draw a line and hold at the end to automatically straighten it. Tap & hold to connect ZipLines to form polygons. • Grids & Templates - A wide range of traditional grids, 3D isometric lines, storyboards, and templates for iOS screen or icon design. • Flexible Exporting - Export your work as a layered Photoshop document, transparent PNG, and more. Export entire drawings or cropped portions to a range of services including Slack and Dropbox. • Touch Eraser - Ever used your finger to erase a whiteboard? Linea Sketch lets you wipe the screen with your finger to correct mistakes and your hands stay clean! • iCloud Sync - Automatically keeps all of your sketches & projects up-to-date across all of your devices. Complete Feature Set: Tools: • Technical Pencil - Hard lead, thin lines. Pressure sensitive. • Classic Pencil - Soft lead, thick lines. Pressure sensitive. • Felt Tip Pen - Thin solid lines that vary in opacity with pressure • Wide Tip Marker - Fat solid lines that vary with pressure • Eraser - Clean up your work with a finger touch or pressure sensitivity • Tilted Rendering - Each tool works differently when an Apple Pencil is used flat against the screen. Colors: • Always on-screen & easily available • 2 banks of pre-defined colors + 6 tints & shades each • Auto-generation of tints and shades • Drag & drop color swatches into Linea Sketch from other apps • Creation of custom color sets • Hue/Saturation adjustments Layers: • 5 flexible layers • Easily merge & clear • Import images from Files, Dropbox & more to reference • Drag & drop to rearrange • Opacity adjustment Grids & Templates: • Notepads with wide & narrow rules in both portrait & landscape • App user interface and icon design templates • Traditional grids in lines & dots • Storyboards in 16:9, 1.85:1, and 2.35:1 ratios • 3D isometric grid • Hexagonal graph paper Backgrounds & Paper Textures: • Turn paper texture on/off • Paper grain • Butcher’s paper • Black construction • Blueprint • Gray Bristol Exporting: • Save as layered Photoshop PSD, transparent PNG, or flattened JPEG • Save all or just a portion of each drawing • iOS Share sheet support • Export to Slack, Dropbox, AirDrop & more • Presentation Mode to video out or AirPlay to Apple TV Project Management: • Organize drawings in project folders • Share, rename, move and remove drawings / projects • Thumbnail previews of drawings save time General: • Two-finger tap for quick Undo • Three-finger tap for Redo • Pinch to zoom and rotate • Compass shows which way is up • Tap Compass to lock, flip, or reset • Long-press the Compass to reset • Works in portrait & landscape orientations • Supports split screen & drag and drop

Ver 1.5.7
Duet Display
93 day(s) ago
$19.99 -> $9.99
Based on 10162 reviews. (10162 reviews)
#1 best-selling iPad app in US, Japan, UK, Germany, and 17 other countries! Duet turns your iPad or iPhone into the most advanced extra display for your Mac & PC. Developed by a team of ex-Apple engineers, Duet offers unparalleled performance and display quality - all with zero lag. — DO MORE — Be twice as productive by multitasking with two screens. And for those that travel, have a portable way to stay productive. — INCREDIBLY SIMPLE — To get started, plug your iPad into your desktop using your charging cable. The free Duet desktop app will automatically detect your device, and transform it into a high performance touchscreen display. There’s no need to worry about unreliable Wi-Fi, laggy performance, pixelated screens or managing network passwords. — TOUCHSCREEN — Interact with Mac & PC like never before, with touch & gestures, including two-finger scrolling, pan and zoom. And with our latest release, you can even add a touch bar to any iPad with any Mac. — PERFECT FOR APPLE PENCIL — With Duet Pro, you can turn your iPad and Apple Pencil into a professional graphics tablet. We’ve re-engineered our rendering algorithms for ultra-responsive drawing, optimized specifically for designers, illustrators and artists. Duet Pro also unlocks pressure & tilt sensitivity, hover, palm rejection, and more to seamlessly draw in the most powerful programs for professionals. Get precise control in Photoshop, Corel Painter, Lightroom, ToonBoom, Illustrator, Manga Studio and more.  — PRESS — TechCrunch - "Feels Like Magic" TIME - "Getting Work Done Faster and More Efficiently" The Guardian - "Lag-free" Forbes - "The simple thing to note is this...Duet Display works." The Verge - "Glorious Fluidity" Lifehacker - "It's fast, easy to use, and works great" Business Insider - "Zero lag and true retina resolution” Wall Street Journal - “It’s as easy as just plugging it in" — REVIEWS — “Awesome! My iPad Pro can be an extra monitor! Cool app” ~CEO of T-Mobile, John Legere “Very smooth and responsive indeed, plus you could use the touch screen to “click” on screen interfaces!” ~Photographer, Lok Cheung “Love the ability to use my iPad as a monitor with Duet.” ~Former Chief Evangelist of Apple, Guy Kawasaki “Just started using this app called Duet… Kinda love it so far.” ~Comedian and Youtube, Phillip DeFranco “All my mac folks look at the Duet app… GREAT!” ~Actor and Comedian, Sinbad  "I really like the app, I suppose the biggest compliment I can give is that it's so easy to setup it almost seems like an Apple product.” ~Early Adopter, M. Nightingale "Amazing solution for me by the way. Works as I was hoping for and actually my main reason for getting an iPad : )” ~Early Adopter, M. Gemzoe Duet Works With: All iPhones and iPads with iOS 7.0 and later All Macs with 10.9 (Mavericks) and later All PCs with Windows 7 and later Duet Pro Works With: All iPad Pros with Apple Pencil All Macs with 10.9 (Mavericks) and later All PCs with Windows 8.1 and later (64 bit) Available for $20 per year Duet Pro is an optional upgrade for additional features, and price may vary by location. Duet Pro subscriptions will be charged to your credit card through your iTunes account. Your subscription will automatically renew unless canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. You will not be able to cancel the subscription once activated. Manage Duet Pro in Account Settings after the optional upgrade. Learn more at Privacy Policy -