Montessori abc 123 baby games
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Fueling Timer
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Wizard's Battle Chess
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MouseWait Disneyland PLATINUM
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Carmin Pro
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Difference compare to Carmin Std * Non Ads * Download wiring diagrams * Direct print via Air Print * Compact design for Maker / Model list

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● More than 9400 characters, in their simplified and traditional forms ● Browse the characters in a customisable grid (groups, order, levels) ● Search and filter ● Favorites list ● Usage frequency, HSK and Table of General Standard Chinese Characters (通用 规范 汉字 表) level ● Strokes order - stroke by stroke decomposition ● Detailed information for each character (pronunciation, translation, decomposition, etymology and usage examples) ● Writing practice to master every character ● General information about Chinese writing - basic strokes, order and difficult characters English, Français, Español, Italiano, Deutsch, Русский язык, ภาษาไทย, Tiếng Việt, 한국어, हिन्दी, 汉语, 日本語, العربية

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Mushrooms PRO - Hunting Safe
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They grow in large numbers in forests and fields. Millions of them are hiding in the protective thicket and many withstand an eager collector. The common mushroom, dearly loved treasure in many kitchens. But once it's found, fundamental doubts replace the initial euphoria. What kind of mushroom is this actually? Is it edible, perhaps toxic, even hallucinogenic? A mushroom identification manual would be useful now - but who likes to crawl through the undergrowth with a bulky book?! NATURE MOBILE has developed an app for all smartphone users that helps with identifying and collecting mushrooms - Mushrooms PRO. With more than *300* species and over *2000* high-resolution images it doesn't have to hide in the thicket. For each mushroom there is a comprehensive description and a selection of images of different perspectives and life tilt. Not only occasional collectors will have their fun with the app - mycologists will enjoy it, too, as the content of the app has been compiled by Dr. GERHARDT, author of many mushroom books and scientific publications about mycology. Dr. GERHARDT has been a long term employee and consultant of Mycology at the Botanical Gardens and in the Botanical Museum of Berlin. SO HOW CAN A MUSHROOM BE IDENTIFIED? You can choose from a variety of visual and other characteristic features and thus reduce the list of eligible mushroom species. YOUR PERSONAL TRAINER! * Learning* with a picture quiz. Polyporus Brumalis, Echinoderma Asperum or rather Armillaria Ostoyae? In case you don't know the right answer to a question, you still have 2 more mushroom lives to go. You can post your score in the high score board. BUT... THERE'S NO INTERNET CONNECTION IN THE WOODS! No worries, you only require connectivity for the initial installation and for installing updates so you can always use new features. LANGUAGES The complete app is available in German, English, French and Spanish. Species names are available in many other languages, try the LITE version. SEARCH AND IDENTIFY SPECIES BY * APPEARANCE AND SCENT - size, color, hat, gills, stem, etc. * EDIBILITY AND TASTE - toxic, edible, allergen, etc. * FRUIT BODY TYPE - belly mushrooms, gilled mushrooms, truffle, etc. * HABITAT - deciduous or coniferous forest floor, etc. * FAMILY - Agaricaceae, Boletaceae, Clathraceae, etc. * MEDICINAL BENEFIT AND POISON - antibiotic, Psilocybin, Muscarin, etc. STEP-BY-STEP IDENTIFICATION * sophisticated questions will guide you to the species you discovered * easy identification step by step * questions and content conceived by Dr. Gerhardt, member of the German Mycological Society TRAIN YOUR KNOWLEDGE with a QUIZ GAME * Guess species from pictures * Learn to distinguish the different species * Become an expert in mycology Follow NATURE MOBILE on Twitter, look for us on Facebook (, or visit our website SUBMIT YOUR PICTURES AND STORY Do you want your pictures available to all in the app? Please visit website to submit pictures. Every serious, curious, and hilarious picture submission is highly appreciated! Pictures of the highest quality may be considered for future updates. ABOUT NATURE MOBILE The mission of NATURE MOBILE is to present exciting topics from nature and other areas to a wide audience of interested people, enthusiasts, and experts in an attractive way that is easy to understand.