Draw Rider Plus
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8bitWar: Apokalyps
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Jump Desktop (RDP, VNC, Fluid)
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Tie a Necktie 3D Animated
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***** Animated 3D instructions ***** The proper knot on your tie, nicely and correctly tied — is that a problem for you? The “How to Tie a Tie — 3D Animated” app will turn this problem into a pleasure. There is a tie knot for any occasion and for any taste: wide or narrow, large or small, symmetric or asymmetric, necktie or bowtie. The descriptions of the knots will tell you everything about their shapes, sizes, virtues and drawbacks. The 3D Animated step-by-step instructions are wonderfully easy to follow: you don’t have to rack your brain about special symbols and schemes with arrows — the instructions are animated! Just watch the animation and copy every move. You may repeat the animation of each step to make sure you’ve done no mistake, and short text tips will be helpful if something still stays unclear. Spare your time and nerves! 12 essential tie knots will always be at hand in your mobile device, and you will look stylish in any situation. Features: — Animated 3D instructions — Well described instructions — Step by step instructions — Most popular neckties and bowties — Easy to use application With our app you will learn such knots as: — Windsor knot — Half-Windsor knot — Four-in-Hand Knot — Pratt knot — Oriental knot — Plattsburgh knot — Cavendish knot — Kelvin knot — St. Andrew knot — Victoria knot — Hanover knot — Bow tie knot