CoinsNote: Daily Bookkeeping
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Swift Miles - Mileage Tracker
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Bluetooth Finder : Lost Device
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Stoic Meditations
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Stoic Meditations is designed for the stoic community around the world. Start each day with stoic wisdom. Do stoic exercises and collect accomplishment points. Finally, study stoic 2000 year-old writings, which are surprisingly fresh and current. Academic Advisor: Prof. Massimo Pigliucci, City College of New York Features: - Stoic thoughts: start your day with stoic wisdom - Stoic exercises: wisdom is knowledge put into practice. Do stoic exercise and collect accomplishment points. - Get motivated to deepen your stoic understanding through thoughts and wisdom from 2000 year-old stoic classics, which you can browse in the app. Study Marcus Aurelius, Epictetus, Seneca and more. - Mark your favourite quotes - Set morning and evening reminders for daily stoic reflection/meditation

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CarsDB Offline
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CarsDB is the most complete cars specifications app to help you browse car's brands or models. You can find all details of car to make a decision of buying a car. Key Features: • Browse all car's brands • Browse all car's models • Browse all versions of a model • Search for models • Add bookmark to a model in the order to open it later Upcoming Features • Compare between models • Compare between versions • Add bookmark on a version Car Manucaturers • Acura • Alfa romeo • Aston martin • Audi • Bentley • Bmw • Bugatti • Cadillac • Chevrolet • Chrysler • Citroen • Dacia • Daewoo • Daihatsu • Datsun • Dmc • Dodge • Donkervoort • Dr motor • Ferrari • Fiat • Ford • Honda • Hummer • Hyundai • Infiniti • Isuzu • Jaguar • Jeep • Kia • Koenigsegg • Lamborghini • Lancia • Land rover • Lexus • Lincoln • Lotus • Maserati • Maybach • Mazda • Mclaren • Mercedes benz • Mercury • Mini • Mitsubishi • Nissan • Opel • Pagani • Peugeot • Pontiac • Porsche • Renault • Rolls-royce • Saab • Saleen • Scion • Seat • Skoda • Smart • Subaru • Suzuki • Tesla • Toyota • Tvr • Volkswagen • Volvo • Wiesmann and many more with thousands car models Support Information • Please use the support function the screen "More" of application

Ver 1.2.5
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NeuBible is a beautiful, modern Bible app. ----------- "An elegant and radically simplified mobile app for the Bible." - Fast Company "Marries distraction-free design with soul-liberating intentions...reading on NeuBible is comparable to something as seamless as Medium" - PSFK "NeuBible has raised the bar for reading apps to an astronomical height." - Beautiful Pixels ----------- FEATURES • Intuitive, gesture-based navigation — Getting around in apps can be so confusing. With NeuBible's spine navigation, it's always easy to remember where you are and what you were doing. Plus, it's always within a thumb's reach, and even easy to use with the larger screens of the iPhone 6 & 6 Plus! • A beautiful, considered reading experience — We've licensed fonts from Hoefler & Co, Linotype, Commercial Type & DSType, and hand-tuned the margins, line spacing and font sizes to give you as considered a reading experience as you'll find anywhere on iOS. • Lightweight...AND LIGHTNING FAST — From its insanely quick loading speed, to its inventive use of navigation, everything about NeuBible has been optimized and engineered to get you to books and verses, and get reading as quickly as possible. • Quick Search — Double tap anywhere while reading to quickly access search and easily find books, keywords, and even jump directly to verses. • Timeline View — Quickly access your highlighted verses, along with any verse(s) you've bookmarked. • Easy chapter navigation — Swipe left in the book view or while reading to quickly navigate to other chapters. • Reading mode customization — Customize your reading experience with control of font formatting and day & night reading modes. • Reading Reminders — No unwanted push notifications here, just the ones you set yourself. • Gesture-based verse highlighting — Simply tap, hold, and drag your finger down the screen to highlight and copy verses. • Make NeuBible your own w/ themes — Since the Bible is one of the most personal reading experiences you'll ever have, we wanted to help you make it feel even more personal. Themes are basically like going to the bookstore and picking out that ONE perfect Bible for yourself when you were a kid... • iCloud Sync — Keep all of your highlights* and timeline backed up and synced across devices seamlessly with iCloud Sync *We currently only support iCloud sync for highlights at this time. We've put a lot of thought into this and feel that even though it would be easy to do, given the different places and ways most people use their iPhones and iPads, also syncing reading position and bookmark wouldn't provide the best user experience. ----------- AVAILABLE TRANSLATIONS • English Standard Version (ESV)* • Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB) • World English Bible (WEB) • American Standard Version (ASV) • King James Version (KJV) • Common English Bible (CEB)* • New American Standard Bible (NASB)* • New International Version (NIV)* • New King James Version (NKJV)* *Available via in-app purchase ----------- If you'd like to find out more about the translation licensing process, ask us a question about the ones that are currently available, or send us a request for your favorite translation, you contact us at, on Facebook, or on Twitter at @neubibleco

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Fonts Course for HTML5 and CSS
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Fonts and Color choices are the essential ingredients of effective web design. Join the expert training team of Eric Freeman and Elisabeth Robson in this enlightening HTML5 & CSS course dedicated to the art of Fonts and Color...