Scythe Synthesizer
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Buffer Editor - Code Editor
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PhotoX Pro Top Live Wallpapers
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PhotoTangler Collage Maker
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Ver 1.7
V for Wikipedia
5 hour(s) ago
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Wikipedia, better than ever—on iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. Discover the world and enjoy beautiful typography with this sleek app. “If you love learning new things on Wikipedia but want a gorgeous interface to interact with the valuable information, then you should check out [this app].” — Christine Chan, AppAdvice “Best typography on the small screen yet […] Get this app, a brilliant Wikipedia reader.” — Erik Spiekermann, Typographer “[This app] is an exceptionally crafted app for experiencing Wikipedia on your iOS devices. […] the wonderful visualization sweeps you off your feet.” — Preshit Deorukhkar, Beautiful Pixels # Here’s why you’ll like this app: NEARBY PLACES: Discover interesting Wikipedia articles about the area around your location. Or explore any other spot in the world. It’s fun with our signature map visualization. MOST READ ARTICLES: See what other people read and find out what’s going on in the world. The “Most Read” section makes discovering hot topics a breeze. SEARCH RESULTS: Powered by both Wikipedia’s full-text and prefix search, you’ll find what you’re looking for. Matches are displayed as rich article previews, tweaked for both legibility and high information density. READING INTERFACE: We’re passionate about great typography! So it’s only natural that the layout is designed to make reading Wikipedia articles pleasant and efficient. BOOKMARKS & HISTORY: Add bookmarks to the list of your favorite articles. Your searches and articles are kept in the History tab—automatically. IMAGE GALLERY: Browsing Wikipedia’s images just got more fun: The brand-new gallery lets you see all of an article’s images at a glance. # More Features SMART LAYOUT: A combination of advanced layout optimizations analyze and reformat every article for ideal readability and great looks. NATIVE iOS EXPERIENCE: For some Wikipedia Apps, iOS is just another platform but for us, it’s the beloved one and only platform! You’ll feel right at home. BEAUTIFUL TYPE: Carefully crafted typography and high-quality typefaces in twelve different styles create a world-class Wikipedia reading experience. MULTILINGUAL: Switch effortlessly between languages—if you read more than one. Or check out an article’s title in all available languages. We promise, it’s fun! DARK MODE: Switch to the dark theme for relaxed reading at night. # Even More Features – Efficient images load high-resolution versions right before you view them, saving time and bandwidth – Large tables are shrunk proportionally to fit on screen – Table of contents panel for quick navigation – Wikipedia editing in Safari — just tap the share icon – Search for text within the article you’re reading – Show and hide footnotes for references without scrolling – Slide Over and Split View support on iPad – Open articles from Safari’s share menu – Search from any other app via the text-selection context menu – Dynamic Type respects your device’s font size settings – VLC integration to play Wikipedia’s esoteric media file formats – Natural image zoom with swipe-to-dismiss – Syntax highlighting for source code examples in articles – Sophisticated sharing that you’ll actually want to use – Support for portrait and landscape orientations – Supports VoiceOver # Wikipedia On Your Apple Watch NEARBY PLACES: Quickly find articles about points of interest around you VOICE SEARCH: Easily find anything on Wikipedia using your voice HANDOFF: Swipe up on the lock screen to continue reading on your iPhone BOOKMARKING: To read later, just force-touch and transmit a bookmark to your iPhone UNCOMPLICATION: Launch the app right from your favorite clock face Whether you’re exploring the city with an Apple Watch or being productive on an iPad Pro—it looks and feels great. At any size. You knew you loved Wikipedia. You didn’t know it could feel this good on iOS.

Ver 2.7
Unique Bible App Plus
20 hour(s) ago
$7.99 -> $1.99
Not rated
Unique Bible App "+ version" here is: - enhanced version of our FREE "Unique Bible App". - successor to our old apps "BibleBento" & "BibleBento Plus". - our latest effort to bundle our & resources into a mobile app. "PLUS" version includes all the resources and features included in the FREE "Unique Bible App", with the following additions: * Big Screen Mode, designed for iPad * Bible Audio [Hebrew, Greek, English, Chinese (Mandarin or Cantonese)] * Harmonies & Parallels * Selective Morphology Search [Free "Unique Bible App" can have search "all" items of morphology for individual words only. "Unique Bible App Plus" can selectively include or exclude some for search.] * Instant Interlinear [You can still use full-screen interlinear view in the FREE version of "Unique Bible App"] Remarks: You are not paying for resources. Resources in both "Unique Bible App" and "Unique Bible App Plus" are the same. The difference between the two versions is only about the availability of some enhanced features. This "Plus" version is set to be FREE for a LIMITED time at first launch. We will later change it to a paid version, so you may show us support and have amazing featured tools. Built for Offline Use: * all features run offline perfectly after initial download * internet is only needed to gain access of "Illustrated User Manual" at and resources hosted at Illustrated User Manual is available at: Open source & Transparent, without ads or hidden things: Source for checking - A Brief Overview: - Clean Layout & Easy to Use, e.g. * you can adjust colours * a single touch to swap between 2 most-used bible versions * a single touch to toggle verse-by-verse parallel reading * a single touch to open interlinear * navigation drawer, top & bottom app bars are loaded with feature buttons * configurable instant & favourite actions * ... too many to put into a list - Interface in 3 Languages: * English * Traditional Chinese * Simplified Chinese - Bibles: * original Hebrew & Greek (Septuagint & GNT) * instant access to Hebrew-English & Greek-English interlinear * literal translations * modern English & Chinese translations * verse-by-verse parallel reading * customisable version comparison * favourite records & navigation history are in place * chapters headings for quick overview - Bible Audio * able to read Hebrew, Greek, English & Chinese bibles * options to adjust speech rate * options to set English accents [British or American] * options to set Chinese dialects [Mandarin or Cantonese] * bible audio works perfectly even in parallel reading mode - Power & Flexible Search: * search plain text * search with regular expressions * search in a book / books * search for verse references * range of verses & common abbreviations are supported [refer to our online user manual for details] - Other Search Tools: * Hebrew morphology * Greek morphology * bible topics * bible people * bible locations - Study Tools on Bible Topics: * Extensive database on cross-references * Exhaustive Library of Bible Topics * Special Collections on Bible Promises * parallel passages & gospels harmonies - Study Tools on Bible Background: * High-definition Bible Timelines * Exhaustive Library of Bible Locations * Exhaustive Library of Bible People - Interlinear [popup / fullscreen]: * Hebrew-English * Greek-English - Database on Original Biblical Languages: * Hebrew Bible * Geek New Testament * Septuagint / LXX * Hebrew & Greek Lexicon [refer to our online user manual for details]

Ver 6.10.3
ISS Real-Time Tracker
22 hour(s) ago
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Based on 227 reviews. (227 reviews)
Spot the International Space Station with accurate, detailed overhead pass predictions for your exact location using GPS. Track the ISS in real-time. Tweet the crew and learn about the current crew members with bios and stats. Download and save images from NASA's Landsat 8 database corresponding to the exact area below the ISS. ISS Real-Time Tracker is the only app that gives you all this! Features: • Get accurate and detailed upcoming visible pass information for your current location. • Download Landsat 8 images from NASA's database corresponding to the precise area below the ISS and save them to your photos. • Tracks position of the ISS in real-time on an interactive map of Earth. • Reports current ISS crew members with their key data and bios. • Tweet crew members and view their feeds from space. • When adding a pass to your calendar, alerts will be set for 1 hour before and again at 20 minutes before the start of the pass. • Streaming video from the ISS. • Optional music soundtrack while tracking. • Info overlay shows current ISS position in degrees, minutes, & seconds along with its altitude and velocity. • Zoom control (map scaling) allows you to zoom in/out in each of 4 ranges from fine to large. • Tracking update interval (from 1-6 secs) is automatically set for you, based on the map scale. • Tap any overhead pass to create an event in your calendar. • Choose from 3 position marker styles. • All user settings and zoom slider position are automatically saved between uses.

Ver 3.2.1
Bible Verses Pro - Devotionals
4 day(s) ago
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Based on 800 reviews. (800 reviews)
Inspiring Bible Verses & Photos! 1000's of the best verses! Get inspired, read the Bible, share with friends! • Amazing Bible Verses! • Read the Bible, Share Photos! • Inspire, Save, Love! • Browse Topics by Category! & No Ads! Bible Verses about Love, Faith, Heaven, Salvation, Good, Life, its all here!

Ver 1.0.0
Cheats for Pizzeria Simulator
8 day(s) ago
$9.99 -> $4.99
Not rated
Ever wanted to unlock all the secrets of Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator? Get cheats, pro tips, tricks and secrets at your fingertips. -Quickly get to the key secrets, tricks, tips and info directly from the convenient widget or use a 3D touch on the app icon! Don't like ads? Unlock Cheats for Pizzeria Simulator+ for the full ad-free experience