Torque Race GT
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Chameleon Run
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360 VR Clown - 360 Virtual Reality App for Adults
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Social Networking
Ver 2.1.1
Xpire - Mass delete and manage old social posts
16 day(s) ago
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As users of social media, we are responsible for every post we make. With Xpire, you can shrink your digital footprint and ensure that your online profiles represent yourself in a positive way. ** Co-Founded by Mark Cuban and featured in The New York Times, TechCrunch, Fox Business, CNET, and more ** We live in a time where most of what we say and do ends up online. You may not realize it but your social media profiles say a lot about you. Friends, parents, and even employers can form opinions of you simply based off of what you share online. Because of this, we believe it is becoming increasingly important that users are able to take control of their social media accounts and portray themselves in a positive way. With Xpire, you can: 1. Search, find, and delete your old posts on Twitter and Facebook. You may blush at your embarrassing posts but at least they'll be gone once and for all! 2. Share self-destructing social media posts that automatically delete themselves. Simply choose a time limit and watch in amazement as your posts disappear from social media (along with the likes, favorites, comments, shares, and more!) 3. See how much risky content you share online. Our Social Scoring algorithm grades your posts and then gives you a score (A+ through F), depending on how much inappropriate content you share. 4. Delete all of your tweets with the tap of a button. Think it's too late to save your tainted profile? Start fresh by wiping out all of your posts quickly. 5. Manage your favorites and online relationships with ease. Xpire lets you unlike and unfollow as you please. Note: Xpire can crawl up to 3,200 of your most recent tweets. It can, however, mass delete all of your tweets. Thank you so much for using Xpire! We care deeply about our users and want to know what you think of the app. If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions please email us at

Social Networking
Ver 3.1
SMACKS DIRTY EMOJI + Fonts & Backgrounds + New Emoticons Smileys
19 day(s) ago
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Wish you had New Adult themed Emoticons you can send to your friends? Let SMACKS come to the rescue! • Loaded with hundreds of New Funny Emoticons. • Plus 40 Fun Font Options, and • Over 60 Cool Backgrounds & Wallpapers for you to choose from too! SMACKS allows you to Creatively Customize all of your Text Messages, Instagram Posts, Tweets & Facebook Status Updates with endless entertaining options. Perfect for Texting, Email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, even Creating your Best Memes! PLEASE NOTE: 1. SMACKS cannot be integrated into your keyboard. 2. Recipients can simply tap on your messages to view large, just like a photo. Hurry and SMACK all your friends before they SMACK you! Try SMACKS Now!