Scythe Synthesizer
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Buffer Editor - Code Editor
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PhotoTangler Collage Maker
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V for Wikipedia
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Ver 3
iSOG PRO Ice Hockey Stats
17 hour(s) ago
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iSOG provides detailed ice hockey goalie and player stats for both goalies and one player, providing shots on goal, where saves were made, where goals were scored. Emailed reports for tracking and analysis, Facebook login and posting Player Stats being tracked for player: - HIT - for a good hit - SOG - Shots taken on goal and this will automatically pop up when opponent goalie saves or goal scored and SOG% is also tracked - FO (Face Off Wins & Losses) - tracks face off win % - PIM - Penalty minutes - Assists - This tracks assists for player +/- stats and points - Blocks - Shots blocked from scoring chances or goal - Points - tracked by goals and assists - +/- Stat - this is tracked by goals scored by player or own team as well as other team when player is on ice All in ONE ice hockey stats App

Ver 3.0
Inside Squash
1 day(s) ago
$9.99 -> $19.99
Based on 10 reviews. (10 reviews)
Inside Squash is simply the best app for learning squash. If you want to learn the drills that the pros use to master the game, or are seeking a way to enhance the skills that you learn from your local squash pro, this is the app for you. Inside Squash combines the knowledge and insights gained from over 20 years of coaching squash into one easy to use squash practice system. Inside Squash presents high quality videos and analysis of top players performing 100's of drills. The drills are organized into lessons plans so that you can focus on one skill at a time. The app is fully searchable, so you can quickly find the particular aspect of the game you are trying to improve. Whether you want more power on your backhand, a more feathery drop, quicker movement to the ball, or simply better tactics Inside Squash has it all. With literally hundreds of drills to choose from, Inside Squash has just the drill that will help bring your game to the next level. All drills include benchmarks so that you always have an improvement goal. As you continue to do a drill over time, not only can you enter your best score (on specific measurable criteria), but you can also see how your performance in the drill compares to the national skill level ratings. In addition, you can view a chart of your progress in the drill over time. Got a question about the rules of squash? Inside Squash now includes the entire rules of squash.

Ver 1.1
Sport Running PRO
1 day(s) ago
$5.99 -> $2.99
Not rated
Sport Running PRO is a new application with all existing functionalities of the 1st version : allow to retrieve your sport statistics for the day, weeks and months like counter of steps, distance in meters and miles, kcal and maps geolocation.  In this new application most oriented health, you are the possibilities to manage your health datas with scientific charts to see your counter of steps, distance, kcal your heart rate datas : to see a global vision of your health.  Possibility to track your location with the iWatch module during your running, you track your performance of steps and your personal heart rate on a map : your counter of step and heart rate are visible on your iPhone with the complete map. The complete chart of heart datas and kcal are very interesting for cardio training. Included the possibility to manage your consumption of waters with customizable notification and complete chart of consumption of water. Possibility to switch to Health data sport statistics or Device measurements statistics. Remark : this version is complete with all modules and without publicity.