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This app provides a timer for High Intensity Interval Training (including Tabata). It allows you to select the training time and resting time for each set, and allows you to select the sets per exercise. The timer provides both a visual countdown display of the time remaining, for each set, and an audible beeping for the last five seconds of each set. You therefore know when a set ends without even looking at the display, allowing you to focus on your training. There are labels for the number of exercises, and sets, as well as the total time of exercising. There is a start / pause button, and a reset button. You can change the training time, resting time, and number of sets while exercising, allowing you to mix and match for different exercises. Tabata is 20 seconds of exercising, followed by 10 seconds of recovery, done for 8 sets and a total of 4 minutes. You can have your favourite music playing in the background while you workout.

Ver 2.1.1
Rallye Timer
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••• The original - since 2008 in App Store ••• Rallye Timer is a timer application designed for oltimer rallyes. You can adjust up to 20 timers which simultaneously start counting to Zero with one click. In the last 10 seconds a beep or spoken countdown sounds every second to notify the driver.

Ver 4.4.1
Baseball Softball Pocket Coach
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A tool for youth baseball coaches, to save you tons of time and keep you organized and informed. Also works great for softball, kickball, etc. I've been coaching little league baseball for over 6 years. I've tried paper scorebooks, spreadsheets, and smartphone apps but nothing worked quite the way I wanted. The season starts with practices. Pocket Baseball Coach provides an attendance keeper for practices. I don't know about you, but I reward players who show up for practices. Simply check off who is present, and now you have that information for later when you are planning your lineup. In baseball, rain happens. You probably need to send out a quick notice to parents and players when an event gets canceled or delayed, when you're at the field away from your computer. You can store 2 emails and 2 mobile phone numbers for each player, and in seconds blast out a team email or text message. Parents appreciate that! Planning the lineup for games is what I used to spend alot of time on. In little league, players will often play different positions throughout a game. A good coach will think this through carefully ahead of time, and lay out each position for each inning, including bench time. (Of course, changes may occur based on game situations, and being able to quickly change this on the fly is a great feature of this app.) How often did your lineup accidentally include two left fielders and no center fielder? Doh! Pocket Baseball Coach will clearly highlight positions in red when you mess up. I also like to consider how often each player has played in the infield, in the outfield, sat on the bench, etc. when planning the lineup. You have all of this information at your fingertips now! When you're done, you can print a lineup sheet directly from your phone or email it to another coach. For younger leagues, you may just want to randomize the fielding positions, and you can do that too. I've long ago given up trying to decypher scorebooks when tracking batting averages etc., so I would always write my own notes on an index card, and plug that into a spreadsheet later. As a coach, you care about batting RESULTS. With a couple screen taps, you can quickly and easily record a batting result: single, strikeout, fielders choice, whatever. Very simple, anyone can do it with no training. Later, you can pull up all the important batting statistics. It's very important to keep track of how many pitches each pitcher has thrown, and there is a pitch counter built in. It also tracks balls and strikes, walks and strikeouts, hits and outs, and runs. Of course, a baseball coach usually coaches multiple teams over the years, and Baseball Pocket Coach supports as many teams as you want. You might play softball yourself and want to track your own batting stats but not the entire team, you can do that! Some parents might want to use Pocket Baseball Coach to track their own child's stats, and use the group email and texting features. Trust me, it's way easier to use than the "free" apps out there! (Nothing is free if it gives you a headache to try to use it : ) With Pocket Baseball Coach you can print or email a ton of reports directly from your iPhone or iPad. You can also broadcast your lineup to another device running this app over bluetooth! Geek out all the way and use an iPad in the dugout for your players to see, while you make changes on your iPhone. You can also Import and Export player roster from (stats do not transfer), and post game updates to Twitter or Facebook from inside the app.