Articulation Hunt
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FireSync Shift Calendar
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Alto's Adventure
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Vendetta Online
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Ver 1.8
Fishing Deluxe Plus -- Best Fishing Times Calendar
14 hour(s) ago
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Would you like to know when exactly the best fishing times occur, so you will have a greater chance of catching a lot of fish? Fishing Deluxe helps you plan your trips by predicting best times for fishing success. The app keeps track of the Moon and Sun to forecast best fishing times for your location. Features: BEST FISHING TIME CALENDAR Turn your device into an advanced fishing guide that forecasts specific time for best fishing – for any day and any location. VISUAL LOG Take pictures of your catch, add notes to it to keep track of weather conditions and store all of these data as a fishing spot on the map. FLEXIBILITY Get fishing forecast everywhere - the app works wherever you are with no internet connection required! MAP FISHING PLACES  Always know where you and your best fishing spots are – enjoy a map of all your  fishing spots along with your notes and pictures.  DAYLIGHT Know in advance when you need a flashlight – just give a quick look at the calendar to see sunrise and sunset times as well as daylength. AT NIGHT Track Moon phases visually on the calendar along with precise moonrise and moonset times. WEATHER Get weather forecast and be well-prepared for any conditions. VIDEO Watch it on YouTube: If you like Fishing Deluxe, please write us a review on iTunes. Your support would greatly help us make the application even better! We appreciate your suggestions - let us know how we can make the app better. Much more app screenshots:

Ver 1.0
Hooked! New Fishing App, Practice Setting The Hook
2 day(s) ago
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Have you ever gotten a bite while fishing but when you reeled in there wasn’t a fish? Sounds like you were too slow to set the hook! We’ve all had these problems while fishing and because of this I’ve come up with the ultimate solution. I created a fishing app that will help improve your reaction time when you get a bite. This app is a fishing simulator that sole function is to improve your reaction when you get a bite thus helping you catch more fish! Here’s how it works. First you download the app on your IOS phone. Next you press the cast button and simulate a cast. Make sure you hold the phone the same way you would hold your rod and reel. After the cast, wait for the bite. When you ‘feel’ the vibrating bite, jerk the phone in an upward motion to set the hook. Your phone will record your reaction time and keep track of your best times. Keep practicing to improve your overall reaction time so you are ready the next time you are fishing. This way you won’t miss when you get a bite! New updates coming soon!