Prime Sleep Recorder Pro
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Where Shadows Slumber
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No Paint
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Phoenix: Cinemagraph Editor
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Ver 2.0.4
Goaliath Hockey Stats Tracker
4 day(s) ago
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Goaliath 2 is here! The easiest minor hockey stats tracker on iOS is now more powerful than ever with new iCloud-powered sync and team sharing features. Create your team, add your players, and you're ready for the puck to drop! Goaliath's intuitive Live Tracker lets you easily track where every shot (single-tap) and every goal (double-tap) happens on the ice during the game. It even lets you quickly record which player took the shot or scored the goal. When a goal is scored Goaliath can automatically handle the plus/minus stats for you based on which players you have on the ice! With Goaliath you can track Shots, Goals, Assists, Points, Plus/Minus, Shooting Percentage, Penalty Minutes, Face-offs, Save Percentage, Goals Against Average, Shut-outs, Power Plays and more! Be sure to check out the Post-Game Review after every game where you can focus on any and every detail. Of course coaches, players, and parents also love getting the stats so Goaliath lets you easily share the stats for each game (or the entire season) in a beautiful PDF report. Or you can export the data to a CSV file to pull into a spreadsheet. With Goaliath 2.0 you can even share your team via iCloud so everyone on your team can get all the stats on their iPhone or iPad! Please enjoy this version of Goaliath!

Ver 1.2
workout at home PRO
6 day(s) ago
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intense workout at home! High intensity workouts at home. Prefect body for 4,5,7,10,12 minutes Intensive training is a minimum of time for maximum results! No settings, run the application and choose a workout time between 4.5 – 20 seconds workout 10 rest or 7,10,12 – 45 seconds workout 15 rest You can use our exercises or do your own! Features of the PRO version:   - sound settings for starting a workout   - setting the sound of the beginning of rest   - setting a warning sound   - no ads   - statistics in the application