Pepi Doctor
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Videdit - Handy Video Editor
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Comomola Pirates
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StoryToys Snow White
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Ver 1.0.3
Coyote Calls & Predator Sounds
3 day(s) ago
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Coyote Calls & Predator Sounds brings you proven, high quality sound bytes to keep you ahead of the game. HD Sounds include: - 29 coyote / predator call sounds - 4 call sound mixes * Optimized for low power usage * Customizable sound repeat frequency WARNING: You must consult your states laws and regulations prior to the use of any electronic game calling equipment, including this application. Have questions? Feel free to email us at Enjoy!

Ver 1.0
Jetting IAME KZ1 / KZ2 Kart
4 day(s) ago
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This app provides for the current weather conditions and a given engine configuration (engine model, floats, carb bore, emulsion tube type, floats, oil ratio, fuel type), 12 !!!!! jetting recommendations for IAME (Parilla) Screamer 1, Screamer 2, Screamer 3, Shifter, X30 engines that have DellOrto VHSH 30 carbs. This app can obtain automatically the position and altitude to get the temperature, pressure and humidity from the nearest weather station thought internet. Internal barometer is used on supported devices for better precision. If more accuracy is needed, a portable weather station can also be used. • 12 different jetting setups! • For each jetting setup, the following values are given: main jet, emulsion tube, needle type and position (including intermediate positions with washer), throttle valve, idle jet (outer pilot jet), idle emulsifier (inner pilot jet), air screw position • Fine tuning for all these values • History of all your jetting setups • Graphic display of fuel mix quality (Air/Flow Ratio or Lambda) • Support two idle emulsion tube types (DP or DQ) • Selectable throttle valve Size • Selectable carb bore • Selectable fuel octane • Adjustable fuel/oil ratio • large selection of floats • Adjustable floats height • Mix wizard to get the perfect mix ratio (fuel calculator) • Carburetor ice warning • Supports international configuration • Possibility of use automatic weather data or a portable weather station. • let you use different measure units: ºC, ºF for temperatures, meter and feet for altitude, liters, ml, gallons, oz for fuel, and mb, hPa, mmHg, inHg atm for pressures. The application contains four tabs, which are described next: • Results: In this tab, 12 different jetting setups are shown. These data are calculated depending on the weather conditions and the engine and track configuration given in the next tabs. For each jetting setup, the following values are given: main jet, emulsion tube, needle type and needle position, idle emulsifier (inner pilot jet) and idle jet (outer pilot jet), throttle valve, air screw position. Under the recommended main jet, the calculated real value with decimals is shown. This tab lets do a fine tuning adjustment for all this values for each jetting setup to adapt to the concrete engine. Besides this jetting information, the air density, density altitude are shown too. On this tab, you can also share your settings with your colleagues, or add settings to your favorites. You can also see in a graphic form the calculated ratio of air and fuel (lambda). • History: This tab contains the history of all jetting setups. If you change the weather, or engine setup, or fine tuning, the new setup will be saved in history. This tab also contains your favorite settings. • History: You can configure in this screen information about the engine, that is, engine model (Screamer 1, 2, 3, Shifter), carburetor diameter, emulsion tube type, float type and height, fuel type, oil mix ratio and type of the circuit. Depending of this parameters, the jetting setups will be adapted. Also on this tab you can find the fuel calculator (click on the gas station icon). • Weather: In this tab, you can set the values for current temperature, pressure, altitude and humidity. Also this tab allows to use the GPS to get the current position and altitude, and connect to an external service (you can choose one weather data source from several possible) to get the weather conditions of the nearest weather station (temperature, pressure and humidity). In addition, this application can work with a pressure sensor built into the iPhone. You can see if it is available on your device and turn it on or off. Also, on this tab, you can enable alerts about possible carburetor icing. If you have any doubt about using this App, please, contact us. We answer every question, and we take care of all comments from our users to try to improve our software. We are also users of this application.

Ver 1.4
CorePower Baseball
14 day(s) ago
$19.99 -> $4.99
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Want to hit the ball farther? Bat speed and power come from the core area. Proper rotation is essential to achieve maximum distance. The CorePower SwingSnap Training™ App was engineered to teach proper core rotation in real time! When a player swings, the trainer makes 100's of measurements per second, monitoring core acceleration and rotation. When the core (hip) area is rotated properly a loud "SNAP" sound will be made. Use the app along with the training videos to develop a quick, compact, powerful baseball swing!