BeCasso: Photo to Painting App
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Filterious Photo Filters
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File Hub Pro by imoreapps
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Ramped Slow Mo - Speed Graph
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TargetScan - Pistol & Rifle
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Scan. Analyse. Improve. TargetScan is a specifically designed application for scoring your cards. This innovative tool will not only calculate the score but also analyse your shooting group providing essential statistics that will enable continuous improvement. SCORING SYSTEM • Instant score (with inner tens and decimal scoring) • Automatic pattern and shots recognition • Eagle Eye for inspection of close shots (you can refine the shot location) • Near-scoring gauge accuracy (0.2÷0.5 mm depending on the bullet profile) SHOOTING GROUP ANALYSIS • Mean Point of Impact (MPI) – the centre of the group: windage and elevation • Mean Radius, Extreme Spread – to measure your grouping • Summary Target Plot with all shots in the session • Potential Score – check how many points you could gain by bringing the group to the centre • Heat map showing error patterns over longer periods of time • Charts showing score, group parameters for multiple sessions EASY SHARING • Print a detailed session report straight from your iPhone using AirPrint • Email session summary with the pdf report attached • Post to Facebook and Twitter • Data export to CSV file SHOOTER'S DIARY • Keep track of all your sessions and monitor progress • Add notes to your sessions and empty your drawer – you will always be able to review past results *********************** "Excellent for ISSF - I shoot 10 meter air pistol targets (same as NRA B-40) and this app makes scoring and recording progress wonderfully easy. I put ten shots on each target and I haven't had an error yet. It is so good at determining shot placement it's almost like artificial intelligence. Just make sure to use an official target or the app won't work. With an approved target, it's brilliant." – Stone Glasgow, United States "A great tool for getting people to see their shot fall and make adjustments. Good fun as well." – S7evie P, NSRA Club Instructor, UK "This app has helped bring our shooters' scores from embarrassing to respectable in just a few short weeks." – North of 68, Couch, Canada's Arctic "This App has helped me identify my shooting patterns and is a great tool. It has revitalised my enthusiasm in the sport. Love it." – FridayB111, Australia *********************** SUPPORTED TARGETS TargetScan supports over 160 disciplines, including: Air Pistol (4.5mm): ?ISSF 10m ?NRA 10m (B-40, B-40/4) Air Rifle (4.5mm): ?ISSF 10m ?NRA 10m (AR 5/1, AR 5/5, AR 5/10) ?NRA 25ft (TQ-5) ?CMP 10m NMAR 200/600 (AR-SR, AR-MR) Pistol (.22", 9mm, .32/.38 S&W LWC, .45 ACP SWC): ?ISSF 25/50m ?NRA 50ft Slow Fire (B-2) and Rapid Fire (B-3) ?NRA 20yd Slow Fire (B-4) and Rapid Fire (B-5) ?NRA 50yd Slow Fire (B-6) and 25yd Rapid Fire (B-8) ?NRA 25yd Slow Fire (B-16, B-35, B-19) Rifle (.22"): ?ISSF 50m ?NRA 50ft (USAS-NRA 50, A-17, A-32, A-36) ?NRA 75ft (A-7/5, TQ-2) ?NRA 50yd (A-23/3, A-23/5, TQ-3/1, TQ-3/2, A-51, A-27) ?NRA 100yd (A-25, A-33, SR-1, SR-21, MR-31) For a full list please go to Have questions, problems, or feedback? Reach out to us at Analyse your old targets today and see your performance improve immediately!

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College Football Radio & Live Scores + Highlights
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* THE ONLY APP WITH ALL LIVE GAMES, SCORES AND HIGHLIGHTS DURING THE WEEK 24/7 * - The Most Teams & Stations - Live Scores & Highlights - Audio Podcasts 24/7 - Designed for iPhone, iPod & iPad - Automatic Updates!! - The Best Reviews of Any App Listen Live to your favorite teams games throughout the season! Watch and Listen to Reports 24/7 during the week! Want a team we don't have? Just email us and we will try to add them. Yeah, it's that easy! Disclaimer: Some teams restrict their radio affiliates from broadcasting certain games online. We will find every possible solution to get each and every game but there are some games that may not be possible to broadcast.