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Wind Cave National Park
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Puffin Browser Pro
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Puffin Web Browser is wicked fast. Once users experience the thrilling speed of Puffin, regular Mobile Internet feels like torture. Puffin Browser Pro is the premium version of the Puffin family. It is not ad-sponsored. Wicked Fast: Puffin speeds up mobile browsing by shifting the workload from the resource-limited devices to the cloud servers, and resource-demanding webpages can run super-fast on your phones or tablets. Cloud Protection: All traffic from Puffin app to Puffin server are encrypted, a protection from nearby hackers. It’s safe to use public non-secure WiFi through Puffin, but not safe at all for most browsers. The Latest Flash: We keep improving our cloud servers, and provide the latest Flash support over the cloud. Save Your Bandwidth: Puffin uses proprietary compression algorithm to transmit web data to your device, and it can save up to 90% of your bandwidth on regular web browsing. (Please be noted that streaming Flash content or videos requires more bandwidth than the normal usage.) Features: * Incredible Loading Speed * Adobe Flash Support over Cloud * The Whole New Tabs Browsing * Download to Cloud (Up to 1G per file) * Theater Mode * Adjustable Flash quality * Virtual Trackpad (Mouse Simulator) * Virtual Gamepad * Color Theme for Toolbar and Slidebar * Fastest JavaScript Engine * Full Web Experience (Desktop view and mobile view) * Incognito tab for private browsing * Synchronize Chrome bookmarks automatically. ==== Limitations ==== * The data centers of Puffin Web Browser are in the US and the cloud servers can only access public web sites from US geolocations. * For users outside the US, local content, especially videos of local interest, may not be accessible from the US due to geo-restrictions in your home country. * Due to the Internet censorship, Puffin Browser service is blocked in China and Saudi Arabia. For more information, please check our FAQ: ==== Suggestion ==== For all users, we suggest trying the free version before buying the full version. This can help you make sure that Puffin Web Browser works well and fulfill your needs. ==== Privacy Policy And EULA ====

Splashtop CamCam
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***** LIMITED TIME SALE!! (Regular: USD$9.99) ***** Best high performance remote monitoring solution ***** Over 15 million users are enjoying Splashtop apps! ***** Also LIMITED TIME SALES -- Splashtop 2 Remote Desktop to remote view and edit all Microsoft Office documents, access all your video/music stored on your computers, and even play remote 3D games: iPad from USD$19.99 --> USD $4.99!! iPhone from USD$9.99 --> USD $2.99!! Get now! Peace of Mind from Anywhere! CamCam is the easiest way to remotely check on people, places and things you care about with live video streaming from your computer's webcam! Keep an eye on whatever matters most to you from anywhere on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. FEATURES: * High-resolution, real-time video and audio streaming (Note: Video and audio is streamed one-way from a remote computer to your mobile device.) * Compatibility with built-in or external computer webcam and mic - no need to purchase separate home monitoring cameras and equipment * Pinch-to-zoom and pan USES: * Check on your child and other family members when you're not at home * Monitor your children playing when you're not in the same room * Turn your PC webcam into a live nanny cam * Never miss a big event that your computer webcam can capture * Find out what your pets are up to * Keep an eye on your home while traveling * Watch your paint dry without breathing in the fumes EASY SETUP: * Install the free Splashtop Streamer on your Windows computer - download from * Compatible with all versions of Windows 7, Vista and XP * A computer with dual-core CPU strongly recommended for best performance MIN. HARDWARE REQUIREMENT: *Resolution: 640x480 *Color: True color (32bit)

Ver 1.0
Notice for Smart Watch - sync SmartWatch Bluetooth
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Get your iPhone and SmartWatches connected in seconds! With outstanding features of "Notice for Smart Watch" you will be able to connect your watches and iPhone through Bluetooth. Notice for Smart Watch FEATURES: - Get all incoming calls notifications on your smartwatches - Get sms and other notifications on your smartwatches - Track your physical activities and sync with Apple Health - Track your iPhone battery level with smartwatches - Easy date and time sync between iPhone and watches - Powerful "anti-loss" feature, that prevent you from loosing your phone Notice for Smart Watch BONUSES: - Powerful pulse counter - Powerful step counter - Powerful calories burned counter OUR CLIENTS REVIEWS: @woodlanderder: At last, I have found great and cozy way to connect my watches and iPhone @xoronex1: Must-have tool for every active person. Connection in seconds, high accuracy. My score is 10 of 10. Thanks to developers! @obiwannanobi: Great looking tool for anyone who is found of sports and tech. Works great and really fast N.B.: 1. While using Bluetooth connection for a long time, it can significantly reduce battery life. 2. Notice for Smart Watch requires an iOS 9.1 version or higher.

Ver 4.7.1
Geofency: Time Tracking – Automatic Location-based
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GEOFENCY enables full automatic location-based time tracking on iPhone, iPad & Apple Watch, where manual inconvenient Check-in/-out becomes an absurdity of the past. Arrival & departure times get recorded automatically as soon as you enter or leave an interesting place – it works like magic! Of course all very energy efficient, thanks to the latest Geofencing & iBeacon technologies! With the integrated webhook feature you can even trigger your home automation system as you arrive or leave (e.g. switch on lights when coming home)! Great to automatically monitor working hours, client visits, lunch times or the stays on your favorite places! GEOFENCY offers the just simplest and most effective way to MONITOR your DURATION OF STAYS on interesting places. Inconvenient manual time recording was yesterday! • Tired of always have to writing down your working hours? • Fed up leaving the office absently, missed to check the clock? • Can't you remember when you came or left your favorite places? Let the iPhone do this nerve-racking time monitoring job for you! With GEOFENCY this is now possible in a smart and clever new way! Just mark your points of interests on a map and let the rest up to Geofency! GEOFENCY automatically tracks the times when you enter or leave your points of interest. Just carry your iPhone in your pocket or bag with you. You'll get rich statistics and graphics over time automatically! Automatic Location-based Time Tracking – The (GEO)FANCY way! FEATURES • Automatic location-based time tracking - 24/7 time recording for your points of interest! • Graphical visualization of your dwell times (by simply rotating your device to landscape) - with zoom! • Rich statistics: Single-, Day-, Week- & Month-Summaries. • Map-View: Manage your points of interest directly on a beautiful fullscreen map view. • Add new locations in seconds – With just one tap! • Runs completely in the background while trying to maintain good battery life! • Automatic recognition when you enter or leave a place or region. • Webhook feature: Lets you control your home automation system to e.g. switch on lights as you arrive! • Journaling feature: Automatic recognition of frequent visited places – to know exactly when you've been where and how long! • Calendar-Export: Export events automatically into your calendar (iCloud, CalDAV & Exchange) – view your data comfortable even from Mac or PC! • Today Widget: See the most interesting details right from the Notification Center with one swipe and be more productive! • Apple Watch App! • Export feature: Send time recordings via e.g. email in an Excel-friendly format! • Export time data and use it directly in Excel, Numbers or Harvest! BENEFITS Simple to use daily timesaver! You don't have to fiddle around with time recordings on yourself. Free your mind and just don't bother about manual time tracking anymore! PRIVACY 100% Private: Only YOU can see your data. We will never collect or share any information about you. We really respect and take care of our users privacy! REQUIREMENTS To get the best and most accurate monitoring results, Wi-Fi, carrier and location services should always be enabled for Geofency. iBeacon monitoring requires at least Bluetooth 4 (iPhone 4S or later). BATTERY USE Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Geofency was designed to use GPS very sparingly and never in the background. The app relies mostly on cell tower + Wi-Fi locations. This was chosen wisely to maintain best battery life. WHAT PEOPLE SAY • "I had no idea that my iPhone could do such things!" • "Beautiful, polished and elegant designed. Extremely simple to use." • "Perhaps the most overall effective app available." Find out more on our landing page: Sample-Script for easy webhook integration:

Ver 3.5.12
CALC Smart
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Mindful Math that won't Waste Your Time anymore: CALC has a smarter way about your daily routines. Always on the latest iOS + empowered by Your ideas. Fav. fan quote? "Functionality & Beauty can co-exist" * FEATURED by Apple in Utilities + in Calculate & Convert * VERIFIED by 7.7k global Reviews & over 100M sessions * LOVED for its Efficient UI with Live results & Natural feel * CERTIFIED by Teachers on the Educational App Store iOS 10 & watchOS 3 ready: - iPAD multitasking, 3D Touch shortcuts - Spotlight searching of History log - Expandable Calculator Widget w/ History - Apple watch native App with haptic CALCs Top 10 Smart, Unique Features: ① Results as you type, even with open parentheses ② Sharable History & Tape-Roll sums in Landscape ③ Widget designed for space & time to do the math ④ Fast conversions with just a swipe (or tap) ⑤ Live currencies with flags & a Custom unit option ⑥ Quick gratuity calculator with approximations ⑦ Decimals showing Fractions with 1/999 precision ⑧ Unlimited user-definable Functions and Constants ⑨ Share expressions with a simple link tap ⑩ On-screen Timer tracks remaining mins:secs Plus one more thing... a special Theme Customization Interface and a set of layout Options allow you to sync your eyes, fingers and mind into one seamless experience! CALC is really clever. CALC does live math expressions: From simplifying even the simplest like "1+ -2", that you can type the same way you'd on a paper (without the need for "negating" a number afterwards) ... to more advanced expressions like "1/3 + -( 3 x 9(log(4;8) + sind(90)))" where you can even specify a base for the log() function, use natural input without the need to insert a multiplication symbol or worry if you did the trig. function "sinus" in RAD or DEG, or closed all parentheses. Advanced calculator. By swiping left and right on CALC, you can easily access over 60 advanced math functions, constants and symbols + create limitless number of your own! History log. CALC remembers what you have calculated. Swipe up, and you can see all your previous calculations and perform aggregate functions. Built in converter. Convert your results in 21 common categories, including currency and one extra custom category where you can define your own units and conversions. Colorful Themes. Limitless lovely themes for you to browse, including optional parallax background image of your choice! Easy access. Tap & Hold a math expression to edit it. Shake your device to undo Tap & Hold a number key for smart parenthesis Tap & Hold the decimal point for RANDOM decimal Tap & Hold the “ans” key for answer history or M+/- feature Tap & Hold the “÷” key for 1/x Tap & Hold the “-” key to negate Text style Edit option for Expressions Tapping sound options ... and plenty more: i.e. custom keyboard for your iOS or numerous font choices for your eyes! We do frequent updates. If you feel something's missing or needs an adjustment, just ask: Tip: Make your own unique CALC background and download your piece of the universe @ CALC is POWERED by UserVoice: * Enterprise enabled (EMM) with MDM & AppConfig

Ver 4.5
9 Dígitos
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O 9 Dígitos atualiza sua agenda de contatos com o nono dígito em todo o Brasil. - Atualiza o nono dígito no PR, SC e RS - DDDs 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48 e 49 - DDDs 51, 53, 54 e 55 No Paraná, Santa Catarina e no Rio Grande do Sul o nono dígito passa a valer a partir do dia 6 de Novembro de 2016. TAMBÉM ATUALIZA: * SP, RJ, ES e MG DDD's 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 e 19; DDD's 21, 22, 24, 27 e 28; DDD's 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 37 e 38; * DF, GO, TO, MT, MS, AC e RO; DDD's 61, 62,63, 64, 65, 66, 67, 68 e 69; * BA, SE DDD's 71, 73, 74, 75, 77 e 79; * AL, AP, CE, PB, PE, PI, RN DDD's 81, 82, 83, 84, 85, 86, 87, 88 e 89; * AM, AP, MA, PA, RR DDD's 91, 92, 93, 94, 95, 96, 97, 98 e 99; EXEMPLOS: - 9xxx-8888 atualiza para 99xxx-8888 - (041) 9xxx-8888 atualiza para (041) 99xxx-8888 - (041 41) 9xxx-8888 atualiza para (041 41) 99xxx-8888 - +55 42 9xxx-8888 atualiza para +55 42 99xxx-8888 CARACTERÍSTICAS: - Atualiza o nono dígito rapidamente; - Permite visualizar previamente quais números serão atualizados; - Permite visualizar previamente como ficarão os números atualizados; - Permite voltar para números com 8 dígitos; - Atualiza operadora dos números que estiverem com operadora desatualizada (detecta operadora automaticamente pelo chip); OUTROS DETALHES: - Ignora números que possuam # ou *; - Reconhece se o número é rádio ou celular. Rádios não são atualizados, de acordo com a Anatel; - Reconhece celulares da cidade de SP ainda não atualizados com o primeiro dígito igual a 5; *** Ficamos no TOP 1 da AppStore **** *** Melhor App para o Nono Dígito! *** ** O QUE ANDAM FALANDO DO 9 DÍGITOS ** ** G1 Tecnologia ** Além de incluir o número 9 nos celulares com DDDs da capital e do interior de São Paulo, o ‘9 Dígitos’ o aproveita a análise da agenda pra ver se há números com código de operadora diferente da operadora do usuário. “Acontece muito com pessoas que mudaram de operadora mas não atualizaram todos os números da agenda. Se houver diferenças, o app avisa e pergunta se a pessoa quer atualizar isso também” ** Querido Leitor ** O 9 Digitos, do @fugita atualiza seus contatos de DDD 11 colocando o 9 na frente. Automaticamente. Sensacional. Bola dentro do Fugita! ** MeioBit ** No meu caso, com meros 68 contatos, se levasse 25 segundos editando cada telefone precisaria de 27 minutos para alterar tudo. Meu tempo é precioso demais pra isso. ** MacMagazine ** Ele diferencia automaticamente celulares de fixos que iniciem com 5 e também pula os números de rádios, os quais não serão afetados. ** Veja ** O programa permite que você confira todos os números de sua agenda antes de realizar a atualização, além de gerar um backup dos contatos ao ser executado pela primeira vez. ** INFO ** O 9 Dígitos permite ao usuário informar qual seu DDD, para alteração de contatos com números locais. ** RodrigoSToledo ** Acabei fazendo o download do aplicativo por meio do iPad, e consegui fazer o processo de forma muito simples e rápida!