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Rule Master
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Pro Camera by Moment
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Ver 1.5
WSwitch for WeMo
4 day(s) ago
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WSwitch is an app to control your Wemo switches with your iPhone, Widgets and Apple Watch. You can turn On or Off any device and dim your LED Bulbs. You can also turn On or Off all devices by pressing a button. You can create and control groups of devices. The app can search your local network for devices or you can add devices manually with IP. To use the app you have to be connected to the same wifi network as your smart devices. Also available for Mac:

Ver 4.2
Bed Time | Large Clock
6 day(s) ago
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A simple and elegant clock with a focus on displaying the time in the most pleasing and readable way possible. There's a dark mode, with the ability to lower the brightness so that the time is only just readable, ideal for use at night as a bedside clock. During the day, the light mode with full and vibrant colors can be used to keep track of the time while you work. As well as customising the clock with a selection of colors and brightness levels, you can choose to display or hide the date, seconds, use the 12 or 24 hour clock, and of course toggle between night and day mode. The layout of the clock intelligently adjusts to make the best use of the screen whether your device is in portrait or landscape. Bed Time also includes a set of calming sounds - such as rain, ocean waves, a burning fire, etc - to help you drift off to sleep. Bed Time is designed with simplicity in mind - just tap the screen and a small selection of controls will be displayed - or alternatively you can use simple gestures: • Swipe left and right to cycle through a selection of colors • Swipe up and down to adjust the brightness (which goes extremely low so as to not disturb your sleep) • Pinch and zoom to show or hide the date • Long press to toggle between daytime and nighttime mode • Elegant in both portrait and landscape Your preferences will be restored each time you open the app. The Bed Time app is designed to be used in conjunction with a stand on your bedside table or desk.