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Color Accent
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Ver 2.0
Superbars: create your own wallpapers
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Please pay attention to the IMPORTANT line in the description for the app to work properly with your iPhone or iPod! Tired of the boring status bar, icons, and Dock on your iPhone or iPod Touch? With Superbars you can create over 10,000,000 different wallpapers on your own! Superbars adds custom overlays to your iPhone's or iPod's wallpaper, displaying them directly behind the status bar, icons, and Dock. Look at the app screenshots to see the stunning effect. Your friends will be amazed at the new look of your Home and Lock screens! You can choose from more than 300 different colors and patterns for the bars, wallpapers and icon frames, as well as 20 custom wallpapers, and the app's simple design makes it a breeze to convert any of your photos to wallpaper and add the effect. All newly created images are saved automatically in Photos. IMPORTANT: before you create and set your new wallpapers with Superbars, you MUST change your screen motion settings. To do this, press the Home button. Open the Settings app, choose General > Accessibility, and turn ON the Reduce Motion switch. Then return to Superbars. Reducing the iPhone’s screen motion will also extend your battery life. Note: Superbars will not work with any model iPad. An iPad version is in development and will be released very soon. Stay tuned! ***Superbars does not change the color of the iOS status bar or Dock. Instead, it creates wallpapers with colored or patterned overlays in the same positions as the status bar and Dock. We’re constantly improving Superbars, and we value our users’ opinions. If you want to send us your feedback or you have a problem with the app, please contact us via our support page before submitting a review to the App Store. Remember that we can probably solve your problem, but we cannot respond to reviews. Thank you.

Ver 1.2
ScrollIt: display scrolling messages with emoticons
4 day(s) ago
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Based on 4927 reviews. (4927 reviews)
ScrollIt turns your iPhone or iPod Touch into an L.E.D. message display board. ScrollIt will help you tell your friends, colleagues, or anyone something - when they can’t hear you: at a club, concert, class, meeting, lecture, or even a restaurant. Just type your message and hit Display, and ScrollIt will scroll the message large enough for everyone around to see.  What adds to the fun is that ScrollIt offers easy-to-type emoticons right from the same keyboard. Make your text even more fun to watch! The phone vibrates quietly to let you know when the message has finished. (Replaced with a short beep on iPod Touch and iPad.) The endless-loop option lets ScrollIt repeat your message indefinitely.  Some of the reviews by ScrollIt customers: Great app 5-STARS by Benji897765 - Version 1.2 - Jun 6, 2014 Works well, easy to use interface. If you want an app for scroll texts, this is the one you want. Happy 5-STARS by SpaceSkunk - Version 1.2 - Jun 5, 2014 This app does everything I expected and my kids love it when I'm cheering for them. ScrollIt features:  • Simple yet powerful design with no confusing buttons or switches  • Emoticons from the same keyboard • Unlimited message length  • Mini live preview for easy color and speed selection • Short vibration at the end of scrolling  • Endless-loop option  • Right-to-left display for Arabic or Hebrew • Three L.E.D. shapes: neon, round, and square  • Recently-used message list with one-tap access  Want to use hundreds more emoticons in ScrollIt? From your iPhone Settings App, choose General -> Keyboard -> Keyboards -> Add New Keyboard, and select Emoji from the list. In ScrollIt, tap the globe button at the bottom left of the keyboard to switch to Emoji and back.  Use ScrollIt for:  • Flirting: display messages to people at the disco, bar, or other crowded places. • Talk to your friends at school or college: send your visual message up to 50 feet across a classroom.  • Cheer at a concert or sports event: that rock star or your favorite player deserves to know how you feel! • In the office: get rid of unwanted visitors without even talking to them. • If you can't or don't want to talk: you’re sick or in a bad mood. • Just to be cool: we guarantee you’ll be popular anywhere with ScrollIt!  If this is not enough for you, you can try our ScrollIt 2X. ScrollIt 2X has more features and capabilities. We’re constantly improving ScrollIt, and we value our users’ opinions. If you want to send us your feedback or you have a problem with the app, please contact us via our support page before submitting a review to the App Store. Remember that we can probably solve your problem, but we cannot respond to reviews. Thank you. 

Ver 4.8.1
Geofency: Time Tracking – Automatic Location-based
4 day(s) ago
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Based on 164 reviews. (164 reviews)
GEOFENCY enables full automatic location-based time tracking on iPhone, iPad & Apple Watch, where manual inconvenient Check-in/-out becomes an absurdity of the past. Arrival & departure times get recorded automatically as soon as you enter or leave an interesting place – it works like magic! Of course all very energy efficient, thanks to the latest Geofencing & iBeacon technologies! With the integrated webhook feature you can even trigger your home automation system as you arrive or leave (e.g. switch on lights when coming home)! Great to automatically monitor working hours, client visits, lunch times or the stays on your favorite places! GEOFENCY offers the just simplest and most effective way to MONITOR your DURATION OF STAYS on interesting places. Inconvenient manual time recording was yesterday! • Tired of always have to writing down your working hours? • Fed up leaving the office absently, missed to check the clock? • Can't you remember when you came or left your favorite places? Let the iPhone do this nerve-racking time monitoring job for you! With GEOFENCY this is now possible in a smart and clever new way! Just mark your points of interests on a map and let the rest up to Geofency! GEOFENCY automatically tracks the times when you enter or leave your points of interest. Just carry your iPhone in your pocket or bag with you. You'll get rich statistics and graphics over time automatically! Automatic Location-based Time Tracking – The (GEO)FANCY way! FEATURES • Automatic location-based time tracking - 24/7 time recording for your points of interest! • Graphical visualization of your dwell times (by simply rotating your device to landscape) - with zoom! • Rich statistics: Single-, Day-, Week- & Month-Summaries. • Map-View: Manage your points of interest directly on a beautiful fullscreen map view. • Add new locations in seconds – With just one tap! • Runs completely in the background while trying to maintain good battery life! • Automatic recognition when you enter or leave a place or region. • Webhook feature: Lets you control your home automation system to e.g. switch on lights as you arrive! • Journaling feature: Automatic recognition of frequent visited places – to know exactly when you've been where and how long! • Calendar-Export: Export events automatically into your calendar (iCloud, CalDAV & Exchange) – view your data comfortable even from Mac or PC! • Today Widget: See the most interesting details right from the Notification Center with one swipe and be more productive! • Apple Watch App! • Export feature: Send time recordings via e.g. email in an Excel-friendly format! • Export time data and use it directly in Excel, Numbers or Harvest! BENEFITS Simple to use daily timesaver! You don't have to fiddle around with time recordings on yourself. Free your mind and just don't bother about manual time tracking anymore! PRIVACY 100% Private: Only YOU can see your data. We will never collect or share any information about you. We really respect and take care of our users privacy! REQUIREMENTS To get the best and most accurate monitoring results, Wi-Fi, carrier and location services should always be enabled for Geofency. iBeacon monitoring requires at least Bluetooth 4 (iPhone 4S or later). BATTERY USE Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Geofency was designed to use GPS very sparingly and never in the background. The app relies mostly on cell tower + Wi-Fi locations. This was chosen wisely to maintain best battery life. WHAT PEOPLE SAY • "I had no idea that my iPhone could do such things!" • "Beautiful, polished and elegant designed. Extremely simple to use." • "Perhaps the most overall effective app available." Find out more on our landing page: Sample-Script for easy webhook integration:

Ver 1.3.1
Week-End Countdown
5 day(s) ago
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Based on 198 reviews. (198 reviews)
WeekEnd Countdown show you the time until the Week-End. The time remaining is show as: - Days - Hours - Minutes - Seconds There is also a Countdown only in Seconds.