edjing Pro - dj controller
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Full HD Pink Wallpapers
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xBlock Porn Blocker
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"As someone who is trying to stay away from viewing porn, this app is by far the best." "This app is exactly what I've been looking for. Gave my fiancé my phone to set a password so I can't delete the app when urges kick in. This app will play a vital role in my recovery from porn addiction." xBlock lets you browse the web safely by blocking millions of porn sites and explicit content: SEAMLESSLY INTEGRATED Works in your Safari browser. No other browser needed. Consider deleting other browsers or apps that make adult content accessible. PASSCODE PROTECTION Keeps you or others from disabling or deleting xBlock with a passcode using the restrictions settings of your phone. Only the accountability partner will know the passcode. EXPLICIT IMAGES HIDDEN Pornographic and explicit images are blocked, additionally other potential sources for porn such as Tumblr, Flickr, Pinterest or Reddit. NO SUBSCRIPTION FEE, NO SIGNUP Enable xBlock and you are good to go. Install the blocker on all your connected iOS devices. There are no hidden costs. PERFECT FOR FAMILIES Let your loved ones browse the web with confidence. Install xBlock on all of your device and let the blocker protect them. BLACKLIST AND SUPPORT Add additional websites to a blacklist within restrictions or contact our support team when you find explicit content. REQUIREMENTS The app requires devices with a 64-bit processor. xBlock is for everyone: - Help to stay focussed and not being tempted to look for porn - Protect your kids from looking at porn - Addicted to pornography and wants to reboot If you find inappropriate (adult) content, that is not blocked by safari, please drop us a line. We will fix it: SOCIAL

Ver 1.13
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Have you ever seen pictures where a door is used as a framing effect? #framed has been especially designed to facilitate this effect except that the door is your device. #framed is simply there to save you time as you can hide the buttons in-app with the eye button, keeping the image high resolution, no need to save, no need to set the picture as lock screen in case you wanted the date and time as you can personalise with filters and more, no risk to loose your current wallpaper, no need to edit further. You can of course use #framed with any phone. Easy to use: Take a picture of what you want in the frame. Edit the picture with filters, emojis, date & time, location, text. Any text is customisable with different font style. Apply color. Hide all the buttons with the eye button. Then use another device to take a picture like the one in the preview, this is mainly the purpose of this app. Pro Tip: Use it with a friend to get access to two devices. Even better if the second device is a high end camera or simply has portrait mode. Cool to use as inception effect for video transition as well. We would love to see your pics! Share with us on social media! Links in the app. We are also happy to answer any request. Disclaimer: We insist on the fact that you need two devices to successfully have the same end result as in the preview. ie: a phone with the app, plus any camera. One app is enough but another camera is essential.

Ver 1.0
TimeHer - Time Your Girlfriend
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I am sick of waiting for my girlfriend. How much time have I spent standing there with empty eyes doing nothing? What's the average time which she is bullying me by? TimeHer is here to help you to track her sloppiness. Later, you can post the result on social network and make her to think about it. What a punishment. Review how your girlfriend reliable is. Time her!

Ver 2.5.1
Wallax Wallpaper Fix
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Are your photos zoomed in when setting as wallpaper? Wallax app has 100s of options to solves the wallpaper zooming issue. Featured in as No 1. Choice for Best Wallpaper Apps ============================================== "One of my favorite wallpaper apps and one of the first apps to fix the wallpaper issue in iOS 7. Wallax is hands down the best option." - iMore Features ====== - Scale & Resize your wallpapers on black, white, color, gradient or blurred background. - Fix your wallpaper in few taps. - Make minimal wallpapers by using Color, Gradient, Pattern, Bokeh and Text options. - Add Following Effects + Refection - Adds reflection to make your photos to fit the correct wallpaper size. + Tile Photo - Repeats the photo to make a wallpaper. + Frames - Combine two or more photos to make a wallpaper. + Shapes - Mask your photo to predefined shapes to make wallpapers. + Blur, Bokeh, Text, Adjustment, Filters, Colorize, Pattern, Splash Effects

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Create a bill easily. With scanning the barcode and find your save products. Sending to the printer or to the email address to save it for yourself. Choose the contacts to add it automatically to the bill. The bill is editing by yourself and save the data in your iCloud.