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Zeeon synth
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Articulation Station Pro
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Ver 3.0
Fishing Deluxe - Best Fishing Times Calendar
3 hour(s) ago
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Based on 998 reviews. (998 reviews)
SALE 30% OFF! The app gives you the best fishing times for your location, so you can plan fishing trips much better! What people say: …For years I've owned hundreds of dollar worth apps but not many of them are staying long in the home screen. But not this one, it's a mainstay, it's one of my most favorite app, it's a fish killer! A well designed app and a best friend for outdoorsman. How does it work? Best fishing times are calculated based on the information about the Moon and the Sun. Always know best fishing days and specific times with Fishing Deluxe! What people say: …This fishing app stand alone at the top. I use it for freshwater fishing and it's right on point with the best bite times. The last time I used it I couldn't bait my hook fast enough to keep up. Highlights: --------------------------------------------------------------- - Best Fishing Times for Your Specific Location - Fishing Spots, Photos and Records - Moon and Sun Data - Fishing Calendar - Weather Forecast - Automatic Location on the Map - Flashlight with blinking mode - Works with no Internet connection - Help Guide and User Manual -------------------------------------------------------------- BEST TIME TO GO FISHING Get a forecast for best fishing times for your specific location. Display them in three different ways: on a calendar, time chart and dial. FISHING CALENDAR When best days for fishing are displayed on a calendar the more bars you have on a day, the better it is. Double tap on any day to add daily notes. POWERFUL FORECAST The app provides you the best fishing time for any past or future time and any location. WEATHER Not only you get the best fishing dates and times, but also you will be always ready for any weather conditions with the weather forecast: get temperature for the next five days, humidity, cloudiness, wind and pressure. FISHING SPOTS Shows your position and store your favorite fishing spots on the map. You can also display your spots on our Fishing Deluxe web site: KEEP YOUR FISHING RECORDS Store photos of your catches along with best fishing spots and weather conditions, and later use this valuable information for your reference next time you go fishing. MOON AND SUN DATA Display Moon and Sun information on a calendar: - Daylight length: know when to be ready to use a flashlight - Moon phases, Moon rise and Moon set times - Sunrise and Sunset times AUTOMATIC LOCATION ON MAP Always know where you are - the app automatically uses GPS to tell you your location on the map and where you need to go to get to your fishing spots. To set a location manually tap on the location box on the top and set your position on the map. SHARE THE BEST MOMENT OF YOUR FISHING TRIPS Just click and share photos of your best catches with your friends – it is that easy! FLASHLIGHT Turn it on and never be in the dark. Set up the blink rate and choose continuous or intermittent mode of operation. EASY HELP GUIDE For each screen the app has a help page as well as a user manual with FAQ: JUST WORKS – EVERYWHERE! Many apps require Internet connection to start working. With Fishing Deluxe you can go to any fishing spot without Internet and still get the best fishing time! EXTRA FEATURES With in app purchase enjoy new features: tides forecast, offline maps, compass and track recording. SCREENSHOTS VIDEO FISHING SPOTS ON THE WEB You can also map of your fishing spots on our website: USER MANUAL IMPORTANT NOTES While recording tracks the app uses GPS in background mode. It may dramatically decrease battery life. Your support would greatly help us to improve the application. We appreciate your suggestions - email our support team how we can make the app even better!

Ver 3.1
Solar Monitor 3
32 day(s) ago
$9.99 -> $4.99
Based on 13 reviews. (13 reviews)
At a glance you acquire the current solar and geomagnetic activity. High resolution images of the Sun are taking your breath away. The Sun is being displayed in near real-time. Minute-by-minute updates of solar wind speed, density, sunspot number are provided. Diagrams and animations make Solar Monitor a professional tool, pushing the latest space weather alerts directly to your device. Solar wind speed is rising to 600 km/sec, then it continues to rise to 700 km/sec. Color changes from yellow to red. Push Alert: X-CLASS-FLARE! Aurora hunters hit the road. Solar Monitor is predicting a strong geomagnetic storm. This leads to spectacular Aurora Borealis lights. Suddenly: ALERT! Kp-Index=7. STRONG STORM! It will be exciting... Solar Monitor provides its users with an extraordinary experience. Rely on it, as thousands of friends of the Sun do around the world. You will be delighted to become an owner of this new advanced technology! Overview: • Live Alert System - pushing space weather alerts directly to your device • High resolution - near real-time - SDO/NASA images of the Sun • Latest space weather reports and messages • Minute-by-minute updating solar wind speed, density, x-ray flux, kp, IMF, sunspot number... • Many different diagrams with either bright or dark background • SDO/LASCO animation and much more

Ver 1.1
Tides for Fishermen
61 day(s) ago
$1.99 -> $.99
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Tides for Fishermen a simple way to view tides on your mobile device. Worldwide tidal estimates for current and next day. Make sure you have turned on your device's location services and the Internet connection. At this point the App will detect your geographical position. The display will show the name of the seaside location, the weather conditions and the current tide level. The app automatically chooses the direction of the nearest place with sea, but you can add favorite locations and see the tides for the places that interest you. The data is provided by [ Features ] • Real-time tide • Real-time weather conditions • Automatic full-scale tide • Supports maximum tide level from +20m and minimum -20m • Graph tide today (remaining hours of the day) and tomorrow (24 hours) • Tide forecast every 30 minutes • Indications of the next tides high and low with level and time • Favorite places, without limits • Tide level in Centimeters (cm), Meters (m) and Inches (inch) • Tide data from • Favorite places • Intuitive graphics • Ease to use [ Unit of measure ] You can easily choose to see the tidal level in centimeters, meters or inches. [ Compatibility ] • Devices: all iPhone, iPad and iPod. • iOS: 10.0 or higher. [ Supported Languages ] • English, Italian, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Chinese and Japanese. [ Support ] If you need help, do not hesitate to contact us at, or visit our official website If you like the App, do not forget to leave us a review on the App Store.

Ver 1.0.10
Best Fishing Times Calendar
67 day(s) ago
$2.99 -> $1.99
Based on 181 reviews. (181 reviews)
If you are looking for the most accurate and simple app to find the best fish feeding times, you've come to the right place. App Features: * Solunar forecast calendar * Easy-to-read graphs displaying the best fishing times * High-resolution moon phase imagery * NOAA mapping data overlays (details below) * 7-day NWS weather forecast, including wave forecast * 7-day tide forecast * Detailed weather forecast discussion reports * Automatically saves your favorite fishing spots * Data directly from the US Naval Observatory Solunar Forecast Includes: - Moonrise - Moonset - Moon overhead - Moon underfoot - Sunrise - Sunset - Moon phase NOAA Charts (Map Overlays): - Sea Surface Temperature - Significant Wave Height - Wind Speed & Direction - Air Temperature - 12-Hour Rain Probability - HD Weather Radar (NEXRAD) - Lightning Strike Density - Raster Navigational Charts (RNC) 7-day NWS Weather Forecast Summary: - Click any point on the map - Text summary forecast - Weather, waves, sky, wind, rain ** Available for iPad and iPhone with single purchase** Lastly, please feel free to contact me with questions, feedback, feature requests and bug reports at Enjoy.