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3D Global Temperature
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Ver 2.2.0
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The absolutely incredible app, the kind of magic at your hands and powerful weather station at your pocket. Unbelievable 3D Earth image in that app will attract your attention and you can forget, what the main feature of that app, is a weather forecasting. Detailed current weather conditions, detailed hourly and daily weather forecasts for the whole world, attractive weather maps with many weather layers, weather radar animations, fast locations search, its all and beautiful user interface make that app is one of the bests on the store. Get the new experience when you drive the real Earth on the screen of your device. Smooth animations, 100% real images of planet provided by NASA, this a very amazing! Enjoy the very beautiful app. We really happy hear the feedback from you.

Ver 4.5
Storm Alert for Watch
8 day(s) ago
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You can see trends of atmospheric pressures change on your Watch complications. You do not need an internet connection to use this application. You can use it in the mountains, forest, or on the sea where there is no GSM mobile coverage. This app works best with with Apple Watch Series 3 (use build in barometric sensor) Watch Series 0, 1 or 2 do not has bulid in barometric sensor so this app requires iPhone (6 or later). Reading of barometric pressure is make every 1 hour. Knowing the tendency of pressure (rise or fall), you can to some extent anticipate change in the weather. A rapid fall of air pressure is a sign for bad weather. A slow and constand increase is a sign for an improvement of the weather conditions, A rapid incease is a sign for a shorter period of better weather and a sign for strong winds. Pressure changes also affect our health eg high atmospheric pressure increases blood pressure and its coagulation. Low atmospheric pressure can cause headaches or migraines, disturbed concentration and irritability so it is good to know how barometric pressure is changing.

Ver 1.3
Fishing Barometer
38 day(s) ago
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When you go fishing, it is very important to know how to recognize the optimal weather conditions. Temperature, atmospheric pressure, lunar phases and wind are all factors that should not be underestimated. Wherever you are this "Fishing Barometer" gives you the local Atmospheric Pressure indicating the condition of the fishing trip. Make sure you have turned on your device's location services and are connected to the Internet. At this point the App will detect your geographical position. The display will show the name of the location, the current atmospheric pressure, condition of the fishing trip and the weather conditions. You have the possibility to choose the Barometer inside your device (if present) or to use the service offered by to detect the atmospheric pressure of your city. [Main features] - Measurement of atmospheric pressure in real time - Condition of the fishing trip: great, good, poor - Main needle (current pressure) and reference needle (previous pressure) - Support internal device Barometer - Possibility to select the internal or external Barometer - Units of measurement supported in hpa, mbar, mmHg, torr, inch - Possibility to keep track of the last reading of atmospheric pressure - Location detection - Reveal weather conditions - Map current location - Search for City - Save favorite places (without limits) - Reliability in its use (data from - Intuitive graphics - Easy to use [Unit of measure] You can easily choose to see the measured atmospheric pressure in hpa, mbar, mmHg, torr and inch. [Supported Languages] English, Italian, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Dutch, Finnish, Danish, Russian, Swedish, Norwegian, Japanese and Chinese. [Support] If you like the App, leave a review on the App Store. For suggestions contact us at, or visit