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iOrnament Pro – art, fun, calm

Version: 2.0.3
Category: Graphics & Design
2 day(s) ago
Price: $6.99

Based on 425 reviews. (425 reviews)
iOrnament Pro combines beauty, structure and creativity.
You create, you play…you are blown away by your own designs.
A colourful and sparkling treat for digital creatives!

Creating stunning ornamental patterns and mandalas are the focus of this App.
The first steps in iOrnament Pro are as easy as moving your finger over the screen...they can lead to an amazing creative journey... leading to beautiful pieces of art. The fun is in the discovery!

No matter whether you are a casual doodler, a design professional, a child, a craftsperson, or just seeking for a relaxing soothing drawing experience, iOrnament will make your creative juices flow and unleash your inner artist. Get your fingers and pencil ready for a new drawing experience!

Main features:
While you draw on the iPad iOrnament Pro repeats your strokes by rules of symmetry. Highly expressive pens, effects like gold, silver or glitter create a rich variety of styles. Whether you go for highly artistic calligraphy, strict geometric constructions, or just casual doodling iOrnament offers a suitable tool set to create extraordinary designs.

For the Artist
Full support of all possible symmetry patterns and highly expressive pens allow for the creation of stunning patterns. The possibility of image import brings real world elements into the world of pattern creation. Realistic effect pens, precise brushes seamless patterns and the mathematically precise symmetries make it possible to create crisp geometric drawings and glamorous jewellery likewise.

For kids of all ages
First of all: its fun! Starting at the age of four kids can dive into joyful and creative play for hours. Playing in iOrnament is a creative and satisfying experience starting from the very first stroke. Vivid color palettes, glitter, gold, mandalas, varieties of shapes, and much more offer an endless playground of discovery. And while playing children learn basics about the maths of symmetry.

For meditation
Drawing in iOrnament connects your left and the right brain: the creative and the structural. This leads to a very calming and relaxing drawing experience with even therapeutic effects. It is like playing a flute in a big room with a great echo. You create something, it comes back from all directions and you react to your own creations. Ornamental structures and symmetries can be helpful to focus and relax at the same time.

For teaching
iOrnament gives access to all mathematical possible planar ornament groups. And even spherical and hyperbolic symmetries. It contains an interactive tutorial explaining the maths behind it and can be used to trigger an exciting journey in the border of art and maths. Suitable for both maths and art classes.

For experimenting
Life is exploration and the best way of learning is playing. The possibilities of iOrnament are endless. Go on your own creative journey and find your own unique way of using this app.

Some feature highlights:

– glitter and gold pens and brushes
– advanced color support
– photorealistic textures
– hyperrealistic sparkles
– image import
– video and time lapse export
– advanced layer functions
– on board help center
– stroke and color post-editing
– many versatile stroke properties
– clean and well-structured UI
– embossing effect
– dynamic responsive pens
– patterns on the sphere
– local mandala symmetries
– Escheresque color symmetries
– calligraphy pens and brushes
– mesmerising geometric deformations
– 3D paper models via the iOrnament Crafter

The predecessor App iOrnament was featured in Apple Retail Stores and used by Apple for graphics on their website and at the WWDC.
Contains a Easter Special in the export menu