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Ask the Spirit Guides Oracle

Version: 1.0
Category: Lifestyle
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Ask the Spirit Guides Oracle app is here to help you find answers to your questions while you connect with nature. As you journey through life, the Spirit Guides and Totem Animals in this card deck will give you guidance about relationships, romance, career and all of life’s challenges.

The Spirit Guides in this app appear when you require answers. Their advice is as varied as nature itself. They may remind you about the importance of cooperation and unity, or tell you to walk your own path. The guides might counsel you to slow down and have patience or encourage you to take immediate action. The answers of the guides are rarely a simple yes or no. Your Spirit Guides are much more complex than that. They can help you face challenges and answer your questions when it is most needed.

The Spirit Guides in this Beauty Everywhere oracle app can help you connect with your own inner wisdom. The messages within these cards can magnify your natural intuitive abilities and aid you in navigating the twisting, and often surprising, paths of life. These supportive and truth-telling guides will help you understand, clarify or see your situations and questions in an insightful way.


- Give readings anywhere, anytime
- Choose between different types of readings
- Save your readings to review at any time
- Email readings to friends
- Browse the entire deck of cards
- Flip cards over to read each card's meaning
- Get the most out of your deck with the complete guidebook
- Set a daily reminder for a reading
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