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PepCalc - Peptide Calculator

Version: 49.3
Category: Health & Fitness
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** The #1 peptide reconstitution calculator app! As featured on leading podcasts including Ben Greenfield, Data Driven Radio, and more! **

PepCalc is the easiest, most accurate way to calculate peptide reconstitution amounts in each unit or tick mark.


• Fully configurable inputs: Select volume, units, tick marks, quantity of peptide(s), volume of sterile or bacteriostatic water, and desired amount

• Instrument type selection: Choose between U100 and U40 and PepCalc will automatically set the correct volume, or choose "other" for complete control of the inputs

• SUPPORTS MULTI-PEPTIDE BLENDS: Working with a peptide blend? Optionally add additional peptides and PepCalc will compute all amounts

• Saved protocols with notes: Name and save your favorite peptide reconstitution calculations for easy recall, including notes. No more unnecessary retyping!

• Dark mode support

• No signup required and no ads!
• Saved protocols. Our most requested feature! You can now name and save your favorite reconstitution calculations for easy recall, along with notes. No more unnecessary retyping.