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GRE Vocabulary Cartoons

Version: 1.0.22
Category: Education
2 day(s) ago
Price: $2.99

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Learn GRE vocabulary quickly and actually have fun doing it with my cartoon flashcards! I bet this app will make you smile or laugh at least once.

My name is Vince Kotchian, and I've been a GRE prep tutor since 2008. In this app, I've created flashcards for over 1300 GRE words and 160 word roots. Each vocab flashcard has a silly cartoon, a clear definition of the word with an example sentence, and a memorable mnemonic to make it easier to remember the word.

Here's a mnemonic example so you know what I'm talking about: "prodigal" means "wasteful". The prodigal Prada gal spent $1500 on a pair of Prada boots. Get it? :)

The app's smart spaced repetition system shows you words when you need to review them to make your GRE vocabulary studying more efficient and effective. There's also a streak feature to help keep you motivated to use the app consistently. Download it today and start improving your GRE verbal score!

Got a question, complaint, or suggestion regarding this app? Email Vince directly at
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