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Defter Notes

Version: 1.0.1
Category: Productivity
6 day(s) ago
Price: $9.99

Based on 2 reviews. (2 reviews)
Defter Notes is your new iPad app for handwritten note-taking & spatial organizing. It's loved by academics, students, journal keepers, planner makers, writers, architects, illustrators, and productivity-focused creatives as well as professionals working with complex subjects.

Multiple page stacks and PDF support

- Defter Notes' unique and powerful PDF and page stacks are ideal for reading and research.
- Cross-reference multiple documents, side by side.
- Add sticky notes, annotate, insert or remove pages.

Your notes, documents, and files are right where you need them

- Organize documents right in your note-taking space.
- Drag and drop files, images, URLs in split view.
- Unlimited blank pages, sticky notes, and nested space folders.
- Interact just as you do with real papers. You are not limited to sizes or orientations.
- Everything in your space is draggable.
- Rotate, zoom, move on your virtual desk freely.
- Clean and intuitive interface, made for iPad and Apple Pencil.

Digital handwritten notes

- Write handwritten notes on your iPad with Apple Pencil.
- Draft, sketch, note with ease.
- Pen, pencil, marker, and eraser. A palette for 8 favorite colors.
- The expandable and moveable radial toolset keeps everything easily manageable.
- Automatically saves size and color settings for each tool.
- Lasso to select, move and duplicate handwritten notes.
- Customizable to your style of note-taking.

Focus on your productivity, in a creative way

- Nested folder spaces for deep hierarchy. Not just for your notes, for attached documents as well.
- Simple interface: drag icons to create pages, sticky notes, attachments, stacks, and text boxes.
- Advanced palm recognition, works flawlessly with Apple Pencil.
- Double-tap on Apple Pencil to toggle writing tools.
- Tap with two fingers to undo, three fingers to redo.
- Use Scribble to name new spaces and fill text boxes. To use Scribble you will need iPadOS 14 or higher and use Apple Pencil.
- Continuous auto-save.
- Easily import PDF files, swipe on the bar of your stacks for quick page flipping.

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Graphite gray theme
New Paper sizes: a5, a6, b6, b7, us legal
Maximum and minimum sticky notes' size extended
Pages are now editable in stacks
Minor interface updates
Stack thumbnail bugfix