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Video Joiner & Trimmer Pro
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JAX SR: Phaser

Version: 3.31
Category: Music
11 day(s) ago
Price: $9.99

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Note: Currently a time limited intro price is active, for all early adopters.

There is a TestFlight demo available at :
The manual is here :

The JAX SR Series are AudioUnits (AUv3), which allow to select a frequency range for effect processing.
This one provides a classic phaser modulation effect with optional direct MIDI control assignment to the parameters.

If (especially) modulation effects are applied to the entire frequency range,
this usually will introduce negative side effects. The JAX [SR] Series allow a selective frequency range and dynamic adjustment of the mix easily.

More information can be found on the product website at:
Please note, that AudioUnits (AUv3) require a supporting host application to perform.

This build (like all our latest releases) is truly 'universal', meaning, the audio unit is available for:

- MacOS (Apple Silicon)
- iOS (all actual iPhones)
- iPadOS (all actual iPads)
- visionOS (Apple Vision Pro)

MacOS 10.15++
iOS 14.0++
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