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Muscles & Kinesiology
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Physiology & Pathology
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Human Anatomy Atlas 2024
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Newcomer: Language Immersion

Version: 1.01
Category: Education
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Price: $24.99

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Language Immersion: Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Newcomer. This game offers English speakers an opportunity for beginner - intermediate language learners to practice and improve their Spanish, French, or Italian. You'll find yourself visiting vibrant villages and communicating about a large variety of topics with native speakers.

- Improve your target language communication skills
- learn over 100 vocabulary words
- gain exposure to hundreds of target language sentences
- (Beginner Mode) understand how to communicate 32 fundamental phrases
- (Intermediate Mode) improve speaking about a wide-range of topics
- improve your ability to understand pronunciation

- Two modes: beginner & intermediate
- Communication methods: sentence building (beginner), writing (intermediate), speaking (intermediate)
- Support systems: instant translation, chunk translation, phrasebook, dictionary lookup, instant grammar feedback, analyze pronunciation
- Learning methods: Task-based language learning, spaced repetition vocab review

Your journey through the game will take you from village to village, embarking on various quests, battling local bosses, trading and interacting with diverse characters! The ultimate goal? Use the power of your new language to overcome the Dark Crimson, and save the world of Newcomer.
- Updated the player's beginner Italian phrases to mostly informal versions.