ARIDA: Backland's Awakening
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Block vs Block II
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Video Joiner & Trimmer Pro
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GoCoEdit - Code & Text Editor
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Version: 2.7.1
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AirCoaster is the unexpected and implausible intersection of rollercoaster building and visual art.

In the hands of a skilled user, the track editor transforms into a unique tool for crafting thrilling, psychedelic motion experiences.

Browse our collection of tracks uploaded by our community of dedicated users, some of whom have used AirCoaster since it was first created for the iPhone 3G and the first iPad. Perhaps you might be inspired to build something of your own and take AirCoaster to whole new other level.


• Experience rides in full immersive 3D on the Apple Vision Pro.
• All new 3D HDR engine rewritten from scratch using Apple's Metal technology.
• Manage your rollercoaster files in iCloud.
• Many new track editor features added at the request of our most experienced users, including riding tracks from the current segment, moving trees up and down, and more!
• Tracks, tunnels and supports can now be made translucent for more creative possibilities.
• Select, copy, paste multiple trees at once.
• Rotating the camera in the track editor now intelligently keeps your content centered.
• Double tap on any segment or tree to center the camera on that element.
• Share web links to your favorite online tracks.
• Visit our community-run Discord server to collaborate on tracks and share tips and tricks.
Fixes a crash in the track editor affecting very large roller coaster setups when adding a new segment to the end of a track.

NEW IN 2.7

A one-time in-app purchase is available to unlock all the features in the app. If you bought the app while it was still a paid app, you will retain full access to the app - no further in-app purchase is necessary. Contact us at if you experience any issues.