Puffin Browser Pro
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Solunar Best Fishing Times
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WallPicture2 - Art room design
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Ver 2.0
Funny Goat Sounds
5 day(s) ago
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Funny Soundboard board and game app for Goat sounds. Funny Goat Scream, yells, laughing and weird noises made by funny goats.

Ver 5.0
Santa Messages
6 day(s) ago
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Welcome to Santa Messages Over 1000 names for personal messages from Santa to your children. A selection of fun free messages from Santa. You can also schedule a call to treat your children to a surprise message from Santa. "Santa said he would call with a message in a moment" "really?" "Yes" 'ring ring' When you play the personalised message it pretends that you about to receive a message from Santa HQ to add to the effect. Choose from over 1000 names. Check to see if your child's name is listed to personalise the message. As you can imagine, Santa has been very busy making sure as many children are included, however the Elves at the workshop know we may have missed one or two. So, we make it easy for you to submit names which which can add to regular updates. If you include your email address with your name suggestion, you never know, Santa may just record a personal message and send it to you anyway as a thank you. Don't forget you can listen to Santa Radio on the app too. For press and corporate enquires get in touch through the Santa Radio website.