Puffin Browser Pro
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Solunar Best Fishing Times
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WallPicture2 - Art room design
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Health & Fitness
Ver 5.9.1
Fit-Stitch Progress Tracker
2 day(s) ago
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Based on 293 reviews. (293 reviews)
Fit-stitch makes awesome, customizable before & after pictures in a few taps. What people are saying about Fit-Stitch: "This app is fantastic! Track your progress, include a passcode to protect your pictures, it's private and the reminders are great!!!" by Fritziemeilo "Perfect app!!! Love this app! Allows me to track my progress and see before and after pics!!! Then I can share with social media or friends through text message!! So simple to use!!!!" by Good nurse79 Start a collection of progress photos that stores your weight and date and use the reminder feature to stay on track. You probably think that measuring your weight and body fat is a good way to track your fitness progress but really those metrics can be misleading. You could be losing muscle and gaining fat or vice versa, how will you know by only looking at how your weight is changing? The most honest measurements you can take are pictures. Fit-stitch uses both of these measurements so you can see how you’re really progressing. With Fit-Stitch, you can create Before & After pictures to capture your ongoing fitness transformation. Studies have shown that tracking your progress increases the success rate of fitness training, resulting in more people staying on track and achieving better results. People are busy and usually forget to track their progress - that’s why Fit-stitch has built-in reminders.

Health & Fitness
Ver 1.14.01
Starting Strength Official
3 day(s) ago
$34.99 -> $28.99*
Based on 2134 reviews. (2134 reviews)
------ The Official Starting Strength App * 4.8 Star Average Rating ------- The Starting Strength Method is the fastest, most efficient and straightforward way to increase total body strength for complete beginners. ====== Here's some reviews from our users 5/5 "What do you get when you combine the best method to get stronger with detailed instructional videos, thorough explanations AND an actual day to day program? THIS APP! Finally! Perfect for both beginners and experienced lifters and worth much more than the price I paid for. Thank you Starting Strength! 5/5 "I've tried 2-3 other apps. I've kept paper logs. Nothing has been easier to use than this app. I couldn't figure out why I couldn't enter my warm up sets...its because you don't need to! You enter your work set weight and it tells you exactly what to load on the warmup-ups..." 5/5 "Wonderful, straight-forward way to keep DOING THE PROGRAM. A simple and clear way to apply the SS principles and track your work.” 5/5 "Like others, I was on the fence about buying this app to help kickstart my starting strength program. This app deserves it's high average rating, and you should pull the trigger if you are reading this.” 5/5 "I tried a few free apps before buying this app, this one is well worth the money. Best app out there for barbell training" ====== Mark Rippetoe's "Starting Strength" has sold over 500,000 copies worldwide and considered the most productive method in existence for anyone beginning a strength training program. "The best book ever written on strength training" - Jim Wendler, champion powerlifter. ++++++++++ Features: - Complete, easy-to-follow instructions for performing the basic barbell exercises: the squat, press, deadlift, bench press and power clean. - Walks you through the famous Starting Strength Novice Program -- shows you how to start, what weight to add and when to add extra exercises. - Enough programs to get you through the first year of training including accessory exercises of chinups and back extensions. - Designed for use at the gym with quick access to multiple angle videos and photo instructions of each exercise. - Lift instructions and diagrams from the Starting Strength Book by Mark Rippetoe. - Interactive logging tools journal your strength progression. - Warmup and workset calculator shows you exactly how many plates to put on each side of the bar. - Workset Rest Timer, customisable for each exercise. - Customise your progression for each exercise. - Add and save additional notes for each workout, and access previous notes easily. - Never lose your training data again! Cloud Sync backs up your training log data and restores it across multiple devices. - Download training log data as CSV (requires account) - Helpful hints and tutorials help you learn and progress safely. - How to program the basic exercises into the most effective program for long-term progress. - Metric (kgs) or Imperials (lbs), and change at any time. Have any comments, questions or suggestions? Please email us at

Health & Fitness
Ver 5.4
Pinnacle Climb Log
6 day(s) ago
$4.99 -> $3.99
Based on 247 reviews. (247 reviews)
Log your Rock Climbing workouts on Apple Watch or iPhone. Only one tap to log a climb and one long tap to log an attempt. Track your progress at the gym, capture heart rate information, calories burned and analyze and compare the workouts on your phone. The Today Widget allows you to track your climbs without having to unlock your phone. The Apple Watch app works completely offline, leave your phone in your bag and sync your workouts when you're done. Healthkit Integration: Pinnacle integrates with the Activities and Health App on your phone to show your heart rate during your climbing workouts and contribute to the Activity rings. Locations: Pinnacle can also track the location of your workouts using the GPS on your Apple Watch or iPhone if available. Compatible with Strava: Sync your workouts to your Strava profile including heart rate, energy burned, location, and max difficulty. One time purchase includes unlimited syncing of climbs. Works with Boulder, Top Rope, Lead, and Trad routes. Supports the Hueco V, Fontainebleau, Dan-Kyu, and Brazilian scales for bouldering and the Yosemite Decimal (USA), France, UIAA, Great Britain, Australia, Brazilian scales for rope climbing.

Health & Fitness
Ver 2.10.1
Find Your Fitbit - Super Fast!
8 day(s) ago
$5.99 -> $4.99
Based on 3918 reviews. (3918 reviews)
HOW IT WORKS Fitbit Finder makes finding your lost Fitbit really fast. - Launch the App - See and select your Fitbit* - (If you are having trouble and no Fitbit is being displayed, please read the instructions and try to disconnect you Fitbit from your iPhone/iPad Bluetooth.) - Walk around slowly. As you move closer to Fitbit you lost the signal will go up and the indicator will change from Cold to Warmer. - When you are near your Fitbit the indicator will display Hot. It's as simple as that. You found your lost Fitbit! - The app cannot find Fitbit's that have a dead battery or are more than 80-100ft away from your iPhone/iPad Read the app instructions for more help. For support go to - Please email us before posting any negative review. SEE WHAT OUR USERS ARE SAYING: 5/5 by MamaBearof01 - "Would have NEVER found it without you! - I took my tracker out of its charger in my car and it went flying! Spent an hour cleaning and vacuuming my car to no avail. Knew my tracker was somewhere because I could still connect to it. Using your app I located its EXACT location! Took out the center console and it was there underneath tucked in the edge of the carpet. THANK YOU!!!“ 5/5 by Nuclear Anemone – "Whew! Found it! - Thanks to this app, I found my Fitbit in minutes. At first, I couldn't get a reading, then after pressing 'help', following the simple steps, and trying again--voila! Great app!!" 5/5 by Cathro HMFC – "Found - Downloaded the App five minutes later found my Fitbit" 5/5 by DWodarczyk – "Worth It - My couch swallowed my Fitbit last week and I have not been able to find it. I didn't want to rip my whole couch apart! This app is so precise and showed me right where my Fitbit was. Definitely worth three bucks." - • Click "All Reviews" to see more positive reviews from users •• Don't go to the store to buy another Fitbit! "Fitbit Finder" is the best app to find your band in minutes! Soon you will be counting your steps again. WHY USE THIS APP - Find your Fitbit fast, before it's battery dies. - Don't waste hundreds of dollars buying a new Fitbit. - Don't waste hours looking for your lost Fitbit when it can be FAST. - It's like insurance for Fitbits. - Easy and fun to use. Anyone, of any age, can use the app. WHY WE’RE THE BETTER “FIND MY FITBIT” APP - The original, most reliable, and best-reviewed "Find my Fitbit" app on the market. - The best accuracy and precision among similar apps. - The only one with audio feedback. - Easy to use and reliable, features an easy Hot/Warm/Cold display as well as a detailed signal graph. - Shows you the exact signal of your Fitbit. - Find my Fitbit is optimized for the Bluetooth internals of Fitbit devices. FEATURES - Hot, Warm & Cold indicator - Unique Fitbit identifier - Sound feedback so you don't need to keep looking at the app - Can find any Fitbit that has battery and is in range - Full signal information so you can find it faster - Works both indoors and outdoors - Optimized for Fitbit devices - User-friendly and easy to use. No technical knowledge is required. FIND US AT Fitbit is a registered trademark and service mark of Fitbit, Inc. Fitbit Finder is designed for use with the Fitbit platform. This product is not put out by Fitbit, and Fitbit does not service or warrant the functionality of this product.