VinoCell - wine cellar manager
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Bolt browser: Files downloader
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She Sees Red Interactive Movie
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Note - Beautiful Notes App
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Photo & Video
Ver 2.0
Unfavorite Photos
2 day(s) ago
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Based on 233 reviews. (233 reviews)
Are you tired of removing your favorite photos/videos one by one? If that is the case, you just found what you're looking for: This app can remove multiple or even all photos from your Favorites album in a blink of an eye! You can also filter your favorites by Album and/or by Media Type. Neat, right?

Photo & Video
Ver 2.0
Reeflex Pro Camera
2 day(s) ago
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Based on 147 reviews. (147 reviews)
Reeflex is the best photography app on the App Store designed for enthusiasts, creatives, and professional photographers! The app provides pro-level DSLR features directly on your iPhone while being extremely intuitive and easy to use. — Professional Tools for Everyone — Reeflex offers two main capture modes - the main one for classic still photography and the IAP long exposure photography mode - providing a rich set of professional tools for full manual control over focus, exposure, and white balance. The live histograms combined with the zebra stripes allow you to precisely monitor your exposure. The focus peaking is a powerful guide for adjusting the focus on your subject. By a simple two-finger tap on the viewfinder, Reeflex also allows you to independently adjust focus and exposure, moving two reticles across the scene. Reeflex allows shooting in HEIF, JPG, TIFF, or RAW on all iPhone models. You can also shoot in the Apple ProRAW* format and 48MP*** on compatible devices. — Slow Shutter Mode (IAP) — Reeflex offers the best long-exposure tools on the App Store. Enjoy the flexibility of manual controls and watch the picture forming on the screen. Select either Motion Blur or Light Trails modes to make people disappear, give moving water & cloudy skies a smooth silky appearance, or transform busy roads and starry skies into stunning rivers of light. Long Exposure on iPhone has never been easier than now! — Honorable Mentions — Only a few days after its launch Reeflex was listed as “Must Have APPS - You Never Heard About” by the highly popular iReviews YouTube channel. Reeflex Pro Camera is now a top-tier camera app vastly acclaimed among the iPhone photography community worldwide, being featured by some as the "best camera app" for 2022 across several youtube channels and mobile photography magazines (,, — MAIN FEATURES — • Still photography mode with full manual controls (ISO, shutter speed, focus, and white balance) • Automated Focus and Exposure reticles (AF/AE) • Luma and RGB zebra stripes • Live luma and RGB histograms • Advanced focus peaking • Support for multiple cameras • JPEG, HEIF, or TIFF as processed formats • Apple’s ProRAW* and RAW** support • Wide Angle camera 48MP support*** • GPS location in photos’ metadata • Gyroscopic tiltmeter • Extended digital zoom up to 10x • Integrated camera roll • Color-blind users' support: customization of focus peaking colors • Tutorials, tips, and detailed explanations are available in the settings section — SLOW SHUTTER MODES (in-app purchase) — • Motion blur mode: blur movement, from silky waterfalls to dreamy cloudy skies • Light trails mode: transform busy roads and starry skies into stunning rivers of light • Wide range of long-exposure capture durations, from 0.5 seconds up to 2 hours • Bulb mode - select a custom long-exposure capture duration • Live Preview - allows you to monitor the long-exposure capture — REMARKS — *ProRAW is only supported on iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max, iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max, iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. On other iPhone devices, when the RAW format is selected, photos will be saved in the standard Bayer RAW format. Note: RAW format requires an iPhone 6s or later. **On devices older than iPhone 12, hence from iPhone 11 and prior, the RAW format is not supported on the Ultrawide camera ***48MP is only supported on the main Wide Angle camera on the latest iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. Note: RAW format does only support 12MP. — GET IN TOUCH — We'd love to hear from you! If you do have any ideas on new features or improvements, please email us at: To stay up to date and receive regular updates, subscribe to our newsletter: Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter: @ReeflexCamera — USEFUL LINKS — App Tutorial: Frequently Asked Questions:

Photo & Video
Ver 16.0.2
4 day(s) ago
$16.99 -> $12.99*
Based on 5038 reviews. (5038 reviews)
ProCamera is the leading professional photo and video camera app on iOS, catering to enthusiasts, creatives, and pros. For over 12 years, ProCamera has helped its users get the very most out of the iPhone camera. ––– LOVED BY MILLIONS OF USERS ––– The New York Times: "The high-end crowd swears by it" National Geographic: "A must-have travel app" ––– BY PHOTOGRAPHERS, FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS ––– ProCamera is designed as a go-to camera app that is easy to use in everyday situations, yet deep and multifunctional when needed for special occasions and professional use cases. It offers maximum control over your iPhone camera, but it’s never in the way of capturing the image. Not only does ProCamera bring pro-level DSLR camera features but it also provides a high-end video recording mode and a comprehensive photo editing suite, incl. (Pro) RAW and depth editing. It’s our ongoing mission to make the iPhone the only camera you will ever need. This is why every aspect of ProCamera has been designed to perfectly capture the moment each time you tap the shutter button. ––– MAIN FEATURES ––– • Manual, Semi-Automatic, and Automatic Mode • Independent Focus & Exposure control • Manual Focus with Focus Peaking • Exposure Compensation with Zebra Stripes • Portrait Mode for bokeh depth of field effect (incl. Depth Preview) • Dual & Triple Lens support • RAW, TIFF, JPG & HEIF support • ProRAW capture & editing (iPhone 12 Pro and up) • Manual White Balance (Color Temperature & Tint) • Self-Timer & Intervalometer • Selfie Mode with display flash • AIS Image Stabilization on/off • EXIF/Metadata Viewer • Live Histogram • Digital Zoom • Adjustable Fill-Light (Torch) • Rapid Fire Mode • Apple Watch Remote Control • Various Aspect Ratios (16:9, 5:4,…) • Code Scanner (QR, Barcode,…) • Powerful Photo Album with full iCloud integration • Album Selector • Gray Card Calibration • Lightbox • 3D Tiltmeter ––– VIDEO FEATURES ––– • HD & UHD 4K Video (from 24 fps to HFR) • Manual Controls: Exposure, Focus, White Balance • Continuous Video Focus on/off • High Bitrate Recording • H.265 (HEVC) Support • Audiometer • Stereo Audio (iPhone XS and up) • Support for bluetooth/lightning/USB Microphones (Apple AirPods, Shure MV88 and MV88+, etc.) • Dolby Vision HDR Video: up to 30 fps on iPhone 12 (mini) and up to 60 fps on iPhone 12 Pro (Max) …and much, much more! Visit for a complete list. ––– PROCAMERA UP ––– ProCamera Up is an optional subscription upgrade that unlocks exclusive premium features: AUTO PERSPECTIVE CORRECT Using the built-in gyroscope of the iPhone in conjunction with a patented technology enables you to capture photos that are free from perspective distortion. This groundbreaking feature includes a live preview as well as a dedicated editing studio. Also included in ProCamera Up: • Exposure Bracketing to increase Dynamic Range • Safeguarded Private Lightbox folder • Specialty Photo Filter Sets The subscription will automatically renew (1 month/1 year), unless cancelled up to 24 hours before the end of the current period. To manage your subscription, go to Settings > iTunes Account & App Store > Apple ID > Subscriptions. The subscription fee will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. Terms & Conditions: ––– FEEDBACK & SUPPORT ––– If you have questions or suggestions, please let us know via in-app support or email us at Visit and subscribe our newsletter for the latest information about ProCamera.

Photo & Video
Ver 2.5.6
4 day(s) ago
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Based on 222 reviews. (222 reviews)
LightTrac is a must have tool for all outdoor photographers. Quickly determine at what time and location the light conditions are perfect to shoot your subjects outdoors. The elevation and angle of Sun changes throughout the year depending on the location, date as well as the time of day. LightTrac calculates both the elevation and angle of Sun and Moon for any date & time, for any place on earth and plots it on top of a satellite map. Armed with this information and with an extremely easy to use interface, you can now plan your photo shoot even several months ahead of time and position yourself at the right spot at the right time for that perfect shot. Whether you are a nature or landscape photographer, a real-estate or architecture photographer, a wedding or sports photographer you will simply love what LightTrac has to offer. LightTrac is an invaluable not just useful to photographers, but also to architects, real-estate buyers, solar panel owners/installers, gardeners, travelers or for any outdoor person interested in knowing any info about the Sun or the Moon. Features • Universal app works on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch • Scout for new locations using a map for the perfect sunlight angle or for a backdrop with a rising/setting moon • Find Angle and Elevation of Sun for any location and time • Find Angle and Elevation of Moon for any location and time • Find Sunrise, Sunset and Twilight times for any day • Find Moonrise, Moonset and Moon Phase for any day • View exact date and time when Full moon, New moon, First quarter and Last quarter occurs • View elevation chart and azimuth chart for Sun and Moon • View the length of shadow for any elevation at any time • Integrated compass view on the iPad • Search locations by address, city or zipcode • Save multiple locations and switch between them easily • Use address book to pick locations from your contact's addresses • Share your saved locations easily with fellow photographers via email • Easily export your locations to KML file to view on other apps • Does automatic timezone detection • Available in English, German, French & Japanese. What others say about LightTrac ? "LightTrac is phenomenal" – Adorama TV "An amazing application. 5 stars out of 5" – Cameratown "I rate things pretty hard but give this app a solid 4.5 out of 5 stars." – DigitalPhotoBuzz "A true blessing" – Knowphoto "Best money I've spent in a long time." – PhotoGeekNews

Photo & Video
Ver 4.5.0
CropSize - Image Size Editor
7 day(s) ago
$3.99 -> $2.99
Based on 322 reviews. (322 reviews)
Perfect app for precise photo editing and resizing with a focus on improved user control, informative user interface, high quality results and automation.  Offers over 75 features for Crop, Edit, Resize, Filter, Metadata and other tools for single photo and group of photos. "CropSize is a photo editing app with some powerful features to make it a step above the rest." - Ryan Poolos, PHOTO CROP: • Scale, Move, Resize crop frame using one and two finger gestures in all directions • Specify crop position and size using keyboard • Adjust crop position and size using one-pixel-correction(*) (tap marker) • Rotate image in the range 0-360° in any direction with 1° accuracy • Specify rotation angle using keyboard (long press slider) • Set crop aspect ratio using standard and user defined presets (long press Ratio button) • Use crop in default and Inverse Crop modes • Get all actual information about exact position, size, rotation angle, etc • Get file size estimation for current crop state PHOTO RESIZE: • Resize in 4 different resizing modes: Stretch, Insert, Clip and Canvas Size • Specify a new size up to 9000 x 9000 pixels using keyboard • Set size in pixels, inches and centimetres • Set a new size using standard and user defined size presets • Adjust position using gestures and one-pixel-correction(*) for Insert, Clip and Canvas Size • Resize proportionally using percent slider • Specify relative size using keyboard (long press slider) • Preview in actual size • Get all actual information about exact size, position, percent, etc • Get file size estimation for current state of image PHOTO FILTER: • Use a set of beautiful photo filters and effects, including Saturation, Contrast, Chrome, Bloom, Vignette, Sepia, Sharpen, Blur, etc • Apply unlimited number of filters and effects during any single editing session • Change filter intensity using horizontal slide gesture within the image • Zoom, move, view before/after using two finger gestures BATCH PROCESSING: • Apply all edits to all selected photos directly at the end of an editing session • Apply all edits “in one click” to all selected photos using Programs(**) GENERAL FEATURES: • Select main units of measurement: Pixels, Inches, Centimetres (settings controlled) • Flip and 90° rotate image in any direction using one-finger swipe gestures on the main and batch screens • Undo/Redo unlimited number of steps • Get detailed and actual information about the image: image size, file size, file format, full photo metadata, file size estimation and more • Preview image at almost every stage of editing PHOTO METADATA: • View full photo metadata: Basic, TIFF, EXIF, JFIF, PNG, GPS, IPTC (load screen) • Edit DPI, Creation Date, IPTC metadata (metadata screen) • Preserve/remove GPS, EXIF, TIFF, IPTC, JFIF metadata (metadata screen) IMPORT AND EXPORT: • Select photo(s) using the built-in Photo Library and Camera • Open up to 50 photos shared with CropSize from outside • Compress images using formats JPEG, PNG, TIFF, HEIC, Auto • Set a compression quality when JPEG or HEIC is selected • Specify a filename or filename pattern for the editing results • Select metadata profile to be used for export • Save photo(s) to Photo Library, Files, etc • Share photo(s) via Email, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, iMessage, etc • Perform all other standard tasks such as Copy, Print, etc (*) One-pixel-correction is a CropSize unique tool that allows user to move or resize an editing frame in a specific direction by one pixel for each user click or tick while the button is pressed. (**) Program is a CropSize unique tool that allows user to save entire editing session to the app storage and then use it at any time to apply all saved edits to a new photo or batch of photos. ————————— Features overview: Website: Guides: